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Had a long face to face conversation about race realism last night with an old friend who finds it morally detestable. But the conversation still happened and by the end he "appreciated my perspective" and consented he might come around to the idea in time. We are winning by inches!

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She has to go back.

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Steve King just replied to the Defend Europa twitter account

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***hungary is our friend***

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One of my favoirte Murdoch Murdoch episodes, always reminds me of what we're doing and why it's necessary

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Wow, Tomi Lahren turning into a shitlordess.

2017-11-24 02:08:07 UTC Seems like a pretty hip hostel to those that travel to Poland

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Wtf, I love Squatamalans now.

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Close the Borders, Not the Streets

2017-11-25 01:28:30 UTC  

Selma, AL has a population of 20k and it is orders of magnitude more violent than Iceland or Japan.

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Must be all those rednecks /s

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I remember debating shitlibs on FB about it. They blamed it on racism, of course. They really didn't get it, when I tried to explain that for every Selman, there were 6,000 Japanese and yet the 20,000 Selmans still committed more murders than all the 120,000,000 Japanese.

2017-11-25 04:53:51 UTC  

Friendly reminder that selma sucks so bad they tried to charge people to walk across the bridge when they did the commemoration of the historical bridge crossing there

2017-11-25 04:54:15 UTC  

I've also heard they tried to pass a law to keep white business owners from leaving but I don't think I've properly sourced it

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@givemetheafd I love it how half of the parliament explodes in hisses when he mentions raising birth rates.

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They’re all communists

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Ireland rising for reconquista!

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*Chosaint Érin*

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The Emerald Isle🇮🇪🇮🇪

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I've got people in my college republican group talking about how ISIS is a branch of the Israeli army and claiming that Abu Bakr al Bagdhadi is a Mossad agent lmao

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woke VA state senator naming Soros

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