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2018-12-09 08:28:38 UTC  

It's hilarious to see these lefties glorify it

2018-12-09 08:30:04 UTC  

Oh and open borders screw up any socialistic system, so if they want it to even remotely function, they'll close them

2018-12-09 08:30:35 UTC  

Probably part of the reason why the more hardline internationalists like Trotsky got purged when the communists got any real power

2018-12-09 08:31:24 UTC  

Modern leftists would go to the gulag. Of course, their version of communism was brought to the US by Jewish intellectuals who were more Trotskite and not Stalinist

2018-12-09 08:31:57 UTC  

well... also it was somewhat within the Soviet Union's interest to promote this kind of stuff in the US as a form of subversion

2018-12-09 08:32:59 UTC  

Interesting how they had closed borders at home, but all their buddies in the US supported open borders. Rly makes you think 🤔

2018-12-09 08:34:09 UTC  

It's also interesting how both the far right and the far left have people in their ranks that would immediately get cracked down on if any real far left or far right government took power

2018-12-09 08:35:10 UTC  

If the far left took over a country, Antifa would get gulag'ed, and if the far right took over, guys like NSM or Azov probably wouldn't have it too nice

2018-12-09 08:39:59 UTC  

Fringes of politics attract particular types of people, namely disaffected young men.

2018-12-09 08:41:23 UTC  

For many, it's less about some carefully thought out ideology and more just fighting "the system" which they blame (fairly or not) for their position in life. Luckily, we have well adjusted people too because our ideas are correct, but vetting the wignats is crucial

2018-12-09 08:42:55 UTC  

I think there's two reasons we get weird people. One is that since diversity is bad for social cohesion, the most affected people will be socially awkward people, so we're always going to get a disproportionate amount of socially awkward people, and the other is just that people who have nothing to lose are more likely to support fringe ideologies publicly.

2018-12-09 08:54:03 UTC  

Normalize the Radicals to Radicalize the Normies

2018-12-09 12:24:08 UTC  

@Trashboat no, Bryden didn't get our roster. He's just trying to rile people up.

2018-12-09 13:46:08 UTC  

Yo how do I get added to the fitness server

2018-12-09 14:32:39 UTC  

@Will - MD can get you in

2018-12-09 15:03:05 UTC  

Will someone add me to the fitness serve? @Will - MD

2018-12-09 15:16:24 UTC  

We are hoping to get a cable system after Henry is born

2018-12-09 15:24:49 UTC  

There's also a few hiking groups here and one specifically for moms

2018-12-09 15:55:17 UTC  

That's good news from the FBI. People don't realize how little law enforcement wants to be involved in politics. If people are a criminal threat, they'll take notice. Otherwise they have other things to deal with.

2018-12-09 15:56:11 UTC  

Rise and Grind, Fvtvre Amervca 💪

2018-12-09 16:32:02 UTC  

Cold morning in Utah!

2018-12-09 16:32:53 UTC  

Good morning

2018-12-09 16:34:11 UTC  

Just decorated my tree 🌲 this morning 🎄

2018-12-09 16:34:49 UTC  

My tree has two ornaments and a star...very sad and pathetic looking

2018-12-09 16:35:06 UTC  

but it was $20 and got thrown in with some baby clothes I bought

2018-12-09 17:39:47 UTC

2018-12-09 17:53:12 UTC  


2018-12-09 17:53:18 UTC  

This is ripe

2018-12-09 17:53:58 UTC  

Notch emboldened by Molyneux

2018-12-09 17:56:38 UTC  

The replies to that tweet are like his lolbert fans having an identity crisis lol

2018-12-09 17:58:01 UTC  

Notch is a gamer right?

2018-12-09 17:58:21 UTC  

He made Minecraft

2018-12-09 17:58:43 UTC  

Bout to be MeinKraft if current trends continue

2018-12-09 18:00:05 UTC  

Ohhh okay

2018-12-09 18:05:37 UTC  

@Tyler0317 That looks about right. But at least I have a tree.

2018-12-09 18:16:32 UTC  

@Isabella Locke-MT Our cats eat our tree and destroy the ornaments every year, so we have resorted to just decorating our drapes in the living room this year.

2018-12-09 18:17:25 UTC  

>assuming they won't attack the decorations on the drapes

2018-12-09 18:24:06 UTC  

Happy Hanukkah