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2018-11-14 00:57:41 UTC  

nice, is that like a country area?

2018-11-14 00:58:01 UTC  

It's where Stockton is

2018-11-14 00:58:05 UTC  

It's poor and flat

2018-11-14 00:58:07 UTC  

im from WI but moved out to the north bay for a job at the time, close to SF. i hate this area lol

2018-11-14 00:58:32 UTC  

how are the rents?

2018-11-14 00:58:36 UTC  

Most people think the Central Valley is, but it's more like one giant suburb tbh

2018-11-14 00:58:52 UTC  

out here its around 2200 for a 2 bed room

2018-11-14 00:58:56 UTC  

its crazy

2018-11-14 00:58:58 UTC  

Central Valley gang. @Nico The Great - CA

2018-11-14 00:59:01 UTC  

Trac homes as long as the eye can see

2018-11-14 00:59:04 UTC  

Yeah but don't go to Stockton, the crime rates are pretty bad there

2018-11-14 00:59:34 UTC  

i might be moving back to wi, im not sure yet things are kind of up in the air

2018-11-14 00:59:39 UTC  

Perhaps I'll be seeing Walt then. If things go well for me though, I'll probably see if I can visit the other chapters in CA too

2018-11-14 01:00:11 UTC  

We need some peeps to talk in here

2018-11-14 01:00:45 UTC  

Ty pat

2018-11-14 01:03:27 UTC  

Can’t hear anything?

2018-11-14 01:03:46 UTC  

sounds good on my end

2018-11-14 01:03:56 UTC  


2018-11-14 01:04:12 UTC  

@Recombined There's another 'Mick' now? Going to be a bit confusing at meet-ups with a Mick and Mik now haha.

2018-11-14 01:04:36 UTC  

@giuseppe398 try disconnecting and reconnecting

2018-11-14 01:04:51 UTC  

All right class, pay attention <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-11-14 01:05:17 UTC  

you might have your headphones muted, try clicking on the icon on the lower left of your screen

2018-11-14 01:06:30 UTC  

Also, to any mods, I came here for some comfy background while I work, already finished my pledge stuff a long time ago obviously but should I still even have access to this channel?

2018-11-14 01:06:32 UTC  

I just heard Spencer say the same thing last night

2018-11-14 01:07:39 UTC  

@Recombined Perhaps I can go by Mike.

2018-11-14 01:07:41 UTC  

Namely, that the term “Alt Right” is no longer viable

2018-11-14 01:09:41 UTC  

Ok, finally, can hear! 😭

2018-11-14 01:09:43 UTC  

@Mikolas What are the chances, right? We'll work something out I'm sure

2018-11-14 01:10:47 UTC  

there are like 5 micks

2018-11-14 01:12:45 UTC  

And that being pro-white it normal and necessary

2018-11-14 01:14:11 UTC  

Moike Moike Moike

2018-11-14 01:14:11 UTC  

@Mikolas That's fine, and yes you will still have access to this channel. Other full members stop by some time as well. We'll see in our files that you've attended before.

2018-11-14 01:19:33 UTC  
2018-11-14 01:20:48 UTC  

so easy to have words taken out of context

2018-11-14 01:24:58 UTC  

Isnt it stick to public universities, avoid private? @Reinhard Wolff

2018-11-14 01:25:41 UTC  

Yes, @Reinhard Wolff meant to only flyer public universities

2018-11-14 01:25:42 UTC  

“European roots, American greatness!”

2018-11-14 01:26:37 UTC  
2018-11-14 01:30:09 UTC  

Epic gamer fashy goys btfo eternally

2018-11-14 01:45:26 UTC  

crazy people out there

2018-11-14 01:53:10 UTC  

I’m currently on for the Pledge orientation, but I might have to get off once we get close to the Q/A. I’ve got some other time-sensitive things I need to get done tonight. I’ve read through the guidebook already, and I think I’ve had any questions I had answered by that and by what Patrick has talked about. Am I going to be penalized for that? @Danimal876