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Hello Everyone! I'm nina, looking forward to getting to know you guys

Thanks so much @Asatru Artist - MD @NateDahl76 @Isabella Locke-MT Really glad to find a like-minded community and to hear that the maine chapter is growing

@Isabella Locke-MT I'm glad I'm not the only woman here!

@StevePines -WA Focus on cultural and emotional points rather than politics, that gets most women

Most women just want safety and to not have to worry about defending anything, unless there's an imminent threat on the doorstep many women will choose to ignore rather than fight

Goes for betas too. I think the key would be showing that there is a threat, just not an overtly obvious one to her, and what you're doing is to protect her in the long run

I feel like having the feminine influence helps broaden the appeal to more people, too many alpha males creates a very specific line of thinking and range of arguments. I do like this organization for that reason, listening to the emotional blabbering from hippies I know is painful sometimes but there's a reason so many support their whole "love and peace" stance.

Can't deny Enoch is awesome but Mosley speeches hit me so hard, all time favorite speaker

@Vertical Yellow vests are reminding me of the French Revolution, I like that there's people who care enough to start protesting but where is this going to go for the french in the long run? Will this be what gives the globalists the excuse to bring down the hammer on france and repress civilian power completely?

If that's what takes to wake people up faster. Better have militant immigrants to make people see the truth than a slow incorporation of friendly brown people

the advantage europe has is their nonwhites are for the most part still foreign, whereas here theyve been integrated for so long its hard to pull the populations apart

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Thanks! I think so too, I'm enjoying my first white winter up north

@Virgil I'm enjoying the novelty of it so far, the only thing I mind is being constantly a little sick from lack of sunlight. But people are great, landscape is beautiful, and I learned moose is delicious

@Goose I've been loading up on the delicious white beverage of our people to make up for lack of vitamin D

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Nothing like communing with nature and photographing feces to start your day off right

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Don't get me wrong I'm interested in the kind of thing too, I just couldn't resist teasing

@Vertical Checked out varg's video on the france shutdown but he didnt have much input besides showing the empty roads and that he supported the yellow vests

Morning everyone!

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