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It's great to hear good music for us that isn't quite so overpoweringly loud.

Welcome @Michi ! We have a membership orientation in the pledge hall voice chatroom here at 8:00 PM EST, in one hour. Hopefully you can make it.

@Jacob As pozzed as the series was, House of Cards brought this up in their show where a justice was obviously suffering from Alzheimer's as he asked questions during a hearing.

Our founders simply didn't have to deal with the kinds of issues we deal with now. Problem is, the country is too divided for its government to act decisively to meet these new challenges.

@Nome Sayings Your avatar is awesome btw, I have a wooden engraving that looks just like that

We are so lucky to have Trump as President.

Welcome @Alec - OH ! Good to have another active man among us

Welcome @nord !

The next pledge orientation should be January 26 at 8 PM EST

So Gillette is going woke and hopefully broke with a new ad. Now I need to get new razors..

Welcome @Erik90-LA ! Glad to have you here

Welcome @JayT-MO !

Should be in just a few minutes now

Nice to see you all here!

It's so white-pilling to see a new wave of pledges go through their orientation

Unfortunately it's too late to attend.

The next orientation should be on the second Tuesday of February @Alec - OH

And @nord , I'll conduct your second interview as there is not yet a state coordinator for Oregon

@Conway - OK Sounds good, thanks for letting me know

You'll have to do a second interview with your state coordinator. That would be Goose from LA

Yep, you've attended the whole thing

I'll be marking everyone's attendance

Welcome @The Lion !

Likewise. Sounds like we're getting some solid new members.

Regarding the extremism rule, I'm glad we're making that commitment. One thing I've been thinking about is how White advocates should really embrace democracy- a democracy centered around the "demos", or ethnically-defined people. Plus, democracy is essentially an inevitability these days. Our race is too educated and intelligent to be allowed little to no say, as in other systems of government. Maybe other systems made sense in the past, when this wasn't the case and so many were illiterate.

@Ian Where we are now, I'd have to argue that there is a lot more tied into the word "democracy" than mobs. It's also a much more emotionally salient word as it references the people. Republicanism is a word only used a fraction of the time as much as democracy, and sounds too vested in one American political party. The idea of someone representing your interests doesn't pull at the heartstrings the way that government deriving its legitimacy from "the people" does.

The system as it is now is thoroughly anti-democratic. It's against the people themselves. We are the ones fighting for a more perfect union, for justice, domestic tranquility, and for ourselves and our posterity

I think it can. Israel defines itself as Jewish and democratic.

Our ancestors just weren't explicit enough about our racial identity.

But democracy doesn't have to necessarily mean direct referendums on things.

In a big way, it had to get bigger @Ian . The average voter gets a small say, but the upper classes have the means and the ability to have a larger say.

If the average person didn't have a say at all, most governments would collapse from revolutions.

I just see this big, valuable word that should be ours to shape the definition of.

One that is thoroughly rooted in the American psyche.

That's a hard call, @TIDE , though you might be right

Although the controllers are having to run at full steam right now to try and stop people like us, and it seems like we keep breaking through because the truth is on our side

The next one is this coming Wednesday at noon EST.

Welcome @Colleen !

Welcome @Josh-MD ! Glad to have you here. Set an avatar when you get a chance

Glad I'm not watching this apparent train wreck

Welcome @Daphne !

Thanks for attending, everyone. If you have already done your second interview, get in touch with your interviewer and they should grant the member tag and get you full IE access.


I would go with your second interviewer as they will be sure that you successfully completed it

Welcome @heather !

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