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Oy vey I need to be vetted

Pretty cool tutorial for the DIYer. May come in handy for any future ANTIFA encounters

RWDS uniform

I love that man

Google number?

This was on 8ch today. Definitely relevant

@Thomas Ryan yes the context was the Breitbart chick but it applies here I think.

I got in an argument with a 3%er during the Jeff Davis protest. Same basic shit as this " I hate nazis blah blah blah"

It has a picture with Mr Implicit Dick

I play Pubg with Graham. Cool guy

Hang on is this for real?

Is this "our" Will Fears?

Keep in mind that article was linked by UT Antifa so it may just be a guy with the same name

He showed up to the Robert E Lee protest in NOLA. Didn't know he was a nigger tier loon

Stabbing your ex is some shitskin behavior

The one I linked above

Someone with the same name? Not sure how we'd verify

Or was he a suspect and exonerated

Uh what?

Dude that's some seriously fucked up shit

Whether it's him or not we shouldn't be tolerating nigger tier behavior

The same way we don't tolerate sodomite

I had to check and see if I was even in the Vanguard channel

I understand but he's at a lot of events that Vanguard would be at

But if it's not our concern then whatever

Look I understand that it may just be someone who has the same name and the fact he's not in jail indicates he wasn't convicted

But it appears to me that that sort of behavior is tolerated as long as he's helping Vanguard and associated idiological groups? I find that to be pretty shit tbh

If I'm misinterpreting what you're saying then just say so. I hope I am

Not sure if allowed but AntiCom LA is meeting at Bulldog mid city at 7pm on Friday

@everyone here is a workout/nutrition plan for those who are new to lifting. @Alex - LA and I talked about it during the BR meetup.

@TheDriver it applies to chubby guys too

Fun Fact: South Africa has a white ethnostate,_Northern_Cape

Trannys banned from the military lmao

@Thomas Ryan what are the topics being covered?

Fucking hell

Woah did a really long post just get deleted?

Ah there it is again

Seems like it


Define faggotry

Not everyone had the opportunity to go. I was out at training for work

Otherwise I would have and I've been to IRL rallies local to me Robert E Lee for example

Gorilla warfare


Was told to remove my VA bracelet at work today. Apparently someone complained

Surprised someone recognized it tbh

My super wasn't upset with me he just told me not to wear it at work. Said specifically it had nothing to do with my behavior.

I'll make sure to lodge a complaint if I see any fucking blm shit around

My super is a cool guy though we've drank together and discussed things. Pretty sure he knows I'm quite a bit further right than anyone else around here.

60 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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