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2018-11-18 06:21:42 UTC

pill: White trash is what will be the only (diminishing) remnant of our people if we don't culturally prevail

2018-11-18 06:22:03 UTC

Maybe soy boys and trannies for the wealthier remnant whites

2018-11-18 06:22:04 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD If we're talking about the extremes, sure, I'll take a nice black gentleman over an absolutely abysmal white guy. However, if we're talking about a slightly below average white guy compared to a slightly above average black guy, I'll take the white guy. His flaws are bearable and I'll have more to relate with him on.

It's really dumb that liberals use this as a gotcha question against us, because, in real life, that's not the choice we're going to be making.

2018-11-18 06:22:16 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN And yet that's any minority Democrat's stereotype of us. White trash

2018-11-18 06:23:20 UTC

Kind of an unfortunate reality but miscegenation is incredibly common among white trash women

2018-11-18 06:23:31 UTC

>living next to white trash

2018-11-18 06:24:12 UTC

>I doubt it

2018-11-18 06:24:30 UTC

My town is 80% white and has a per capita income of $12,566

2018-11-18 06:24:36 UTC

no problem with the white people here

2018-11-18 06:24:50 UTC


2018-11-18 06:25:03 UTC


2018-11-18 06:25:06 UTC

$1,000 a month

2018-11-18 06:25:11 UTC

that's rough

2018-11-18 06:25:11 UTC

yabba dabba do

2018-11-18 06:25:35 UTC

literally foot peddling your car around

2018-11-18 06:25:37 UTC

For comparison, Seattle is $30,306, so about 3 times higher

2018-11-18 06:25:52 UTC

I'd expect more from Seattle

2018-11-18 06:25:58 UTC

keep in mind this is per capita, not household

2018-11-18 06:25:59 UTC

How can anyone live in the city on that salary

2018-11-18 06:26:04 UTC

Guys, is America really that bad off?

2018-11-18 06:26:25 UTC

household income is fake and gay because you can have a household with 20 people in it

2018-11-18 06:26:28 UTC

I'm no millionaire, but I'd like to think some people were upping those numbers

2018-11-18 06:26:42 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I think it counts kids into the formula

2018-11-18 06:26:48 UTC

which makes sense, because they cost money

2018-11-18 06:27:12 UTC

Its 17,665 where I live

2018-11-18 06:27:24 UTC

Raising a child from 0-18 costs around 200k, from what I've read

2018-11-18 06:28:26 UTC

Per capita income is an areas total income divided by population

2018-11-18 06:29:13 UTC

Okay, unfamiliar with the metric

2018-11-18 06:29:17 UTC

Per capita in my neighborhood is 51k

2018-11-18 06:29:22 UTC

That makes sense actually with consideration for children.

2018-11-18 06:29:23 UTC

City in general is 29k

2018-11-18 06:29:37 UTC

Iโ€™m also in the only majority white neighborhood in the city

2018-11-18 06:29:46 UTC

This neighborhood be rayciss

2018-11-18 06:30:33 UTC

Median household income in my town is $31,004. Seattle is $83,476.

2018-11-18 06:30:58 UTC


2018-11-18 06:31:10 UTC

Also, the per capita number I used was old. It's $16,086 in my town now.

2018-11-18 06:31:19 UTC

46k household here

2018-11-18 06:31:43 UTC

I moved near a wealthy area so I could start a service based business--but I didn't look at household income, I just saw it was white and saw nice houses and assumed

2018-11-18 06:31:49 UTC

>tfw right

2018-11-18 06:32:02 UTC

It really do be like that

2018-11-18 06:32:16 UTC

Pay attention to how the public areas in neighborhoods are maintained

2018-11-18 06:32:18 UTC

$48,686 per capita income in Seattle vs $16,086 in my town

2018-11-18 06:32:35 UTC

It really didn't even dawn on me to look it up, it was simply trusted instinct

2018-11-18 06:32:36 UTC

No kids in Seattle I guess

2018-11-18 06:32:36 UTC

The nicer the street lamps and the more flowers the more Caucasian it is

2018-11-18 06:32:36 UTC

Seattle has a poverty rate of 13% vs 40% here

2018-11-18 06:33:11 UTC

Will someone explain to me why poor areas have to look the way they do

2018-11-18 06:33:19 UTC

Tfw never have to worry in my 99.17% white village

2018-11-18 06:33:20 UTC

@Jacob look familiar?

2018-11-18 06:33:26 UTC

โ€œIโ€™m poor therefore I canโ€™t not throw old furniture out in my lawnโ€

2018-11-18 06:33:31 UTC

@Auf WI No, scroll up and look at the difference in median household income. It's still way higher in Seattle.

2018-11-18 06:33:58 UTC

Is there a worse look than a dirty, chipped, white plastic chair in your lawn?

2018-11-18 06:34:00 UTC

@ophiuchus Perhaps they are poor because they don't take pride in those types of things.

2018-11-18 06:34:27 UTC

@Flint Yes, except Seattle doesn't have trains

2018-11-18 06:34:32 UTC

@godric it's in the backyard its fine

2018-11-18 06:34:34 UTC

@ophiuchus become who you are

2018-11-18 06:35:15 UTC

Time to have an old couch on the porch

2018-11-18 06:35:16 UTC

Seattle vs where I live

2018-11-18 06:35:37 UTC

@Auf WI who would even sit in such an abomination though? I dont need to absorb BPAs through my glutes

2018-11-18 06:36:18 UTC

If I could Iโ€™d pass an ordinance that makes having your house look like complete ass for a span of one year a misdemeanor

2018-11-18 06:36:32 UTC

Household income in Seattle is higher now than that chart shows, probably because of all the technology companies. That's why the number I posted earlier was different.

2018-11-18 06:36:40 UTC

Gotta watch the venison on the grill

2018-11-18 06:36:57 UTC

@godric Just what the Chinese intended

2018-11-18 06:37:07 UTC

Anyway, despite all this, Seattle is gross, while my town is pretty great

2018-11-18 06:37:19 UTC

oooh it'd be interesting to compare Spokane to this

2018-11-18 06:37:57 UTC

concerning degrading housing:I think that's the point of an HOA, but something tells me an HOA would be meeting would be deadly in the ghetto

2018-11-18 06:38:19 UTC

@Axel I consider anything that inhibits the gloriousness of my glutes to be an act of war

2018-11-18 06:38:24 UTC

A crime of war

2018-11-18 06:38:31 UTC

there is almost zero Eastern Europeans here

2018-11-18 06:38:59 UTC

All in all income doesnt matter though, when you consider living costs. I can afford housing here easily but if I were in, say, Seattle, I would not be in a good position

2018-11-18 06:39:20 UTC

I added Spokane to the comparison, check it out @ophiuchus

First collumn is Spokane, second is Seattle, third is where I live

2018-11-18 06:39:38 UTC

@godric I guess skinny jeans are a hate crime then ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-11-18 06:39:43 UTC

There are a bunch of Ukrainians in Alberta for some reason, afaik thatโ€™s the only strong Eastern European northwest area

2018-11-18 06:39:52 UTC

There's a site I posted yesterday when we were talking about grocery bills

2018-11-18 06:39:56 UTC


2018-11-18 06:40:03 UTC

it tells you relative cost of cities

2018-11-18 06:40:13 UTC

@Jacob seems about right

2018-11-18 06:40:34 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I grew up around a decent amount of Ukrainians when I lived in Western Washington. I heard there's some Slavs in Spokane, too. But my particular town has almost none.

2018-11-18 06:40:56 UTC

This is one of the only states that taxes groceries

2018-11-18 06:40:59 UTC

Big gay

2018-11-18 06:41:10 UTC

@Axel flaunt not your ignorance child. There is no point to having a butt that people can't see.

2018-11-18 06:41:13 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD thereโ€™s not a ton of work over there

2018-11-18 06:41:14 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD It's a rural college town

2018-11-18 06:41:42 UTC

I just want to move to a moderately wealthy town in New Hampshire or something

2018-11-18 06:41:57 UTC

This is a map of "Polish-Americans". Not very many anywhere in Washington. @Asatru Artist - MD

2018-11-18 06:42:04 UTC

@godric Good point. Obviously you've thought this through much better than I have.

2018-11-18 06:42:15 UTC

I have no idea what my parents were thinking choosing Washington out of all places

2018-11-18 06:42:35 UTC

Washington has a surprising amount of nords

2018-11-18 06:42:50 UTC

I mean it's a nice state I guess, but you'd think my parents would want to live around their own people

2018-11-18 06:43:00 UTC

@Jacob since youโ€™ve got a like pole/American duality going on, maybe you should consider living in a heavily polish city or something in the US

2018-11-18 06:43:01 UTC

@Jacob those maps seem to be more about *when* your ancestors immigrated here rather than from where they immigrated. it just so happens that immigration seems to be in waves from the same places at the same time.

2018-11-18 06:43:09 UTC

Like Chicago but not actually Chicago

2018-11-18 06:43:39 UTC

So Polish Americans are concentrated in the same places where Italian Americans, Irish Americans, and other turn of the century immigration descendents are located

2018-11-18 06:43:51 UTC

Anything in a 50 mile radius of Chicago should be off limits

2018-11-18 06:44:03 UTC

@ophiuchus Yes, I've thought about that, but, to be completely honest, I don't like Polish immigrants. Poland seems to do a pretty good job at sending its worst.

2018-11-18 06:45:02 UTC

@ThisIsChris That's a good point, however, the Midwest is fairly well known for having Polish communities. There's a lot of Polish stuff in Chicago from what I know, and a few other cities out there.

2018-11-18 06:45:24 UTC

Goodnight everyone

2018-11-18 06:45:33 UTC

Good thing I'm not polish or I'd be a bit sweaty now

2018-11-18 06:45:52 UTC

what does that mean?

2018-11-18 06:46:08 UTC

Dearborn used to be Polish

2018-11-18 06:46:36 UTC

Well you clearly have a disdain to polish people

2018-11-18 06:46:45 UTC

Gary is where its at

2018-11-18 06:47:16 UTC

Self hating pole

2018-11-18 06:47:16 UTC

@Auf WI Gary Indiana Ga-ry In-diana Gary Indianaaaaa ๐ŸŽต

2018-11-18 06:47:17 UTC


2018-11-18 06:47:27 UTC

This is interesting. Kind of crazy how there's supposedly a town that's 65% of Polish descent in the US. @ThisIsChris

2018-11-18 06:47:45 UTC

@Auf WI @Asatru Artist - MD I'm not a self hating Polak, just a self hating child of immigrants lol

2018-11-18 06:47:46 UTC

According to the 2000 census, the only plurality Polish county was Luzcerne county, PA (Wilkes-Barre area)

2018-11-18 06:48:06 UTC


2018-11-18 06:48:10 UTC

there should be none

2018-11-18 06:48:16 UTC

every county should be majority American

2018-11-18 06:48:21 UTC

That area is still pretty white, although Hazelton is lost to Hispanics

2018-11-18 06:49:02 UTC

"American" ethnicity is generally a proxy for pre-American Revolution British ancestry

2018-11-18 06:49:31 UTC

Should be able to move to Poland pretty easily

2018-11-18 06:50:11 UTC

I had a friend with the last name Pollack. He was Jewish. Not sure if it's normally a Jewish name

2018-11-18 06:50:29 UTC

@ThisIsChris I'm gonna do the city my family lives in wait a second

2018-11-18 06:50:50 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I mean I can tell you where Polack jokes come from but I'd get in trouble

2018-11-18 06:51:03 UTC

European ethnicity surnames are a Jewish thing

2018-11-18 06:51:08 UTC

Like English

2018-11-18 06:51:19 UTC

I get along well with Jews. They're less inclined towards binge drinking which is what most people at my school do for fun

2018-11-18 06:51:54 UTC

I would imagine Krakรณw is more expensive than other cities but let's find out @ThisIsChris

2018-11-18 06:52:01 UTC

Yeah Jews also have a huge persecution complex.

2018-11-18 06:52:22 UTC

huh, looks pretty similar

2018-11-18 06:52:29 UTC

My coworker: "I'm Jewish"
Me: "I know"
Them: "..."

2018-11-18 06:53:05 UTC

It would be interesting how cost of living would compare once you adjust for how much less money I'd make @ThisIsChris

2018-11-18 06:53:10 UTC

@Jacob If you move there then you would be twice as rich

2018-11-18 06:53:11 UTC

goodnight frens

2018-11-18 06:53:46 UTC

@ThisIsChris I told myself I'd move to Poland once I reach $20,000. I was at like $17,000 at the height of Bitcoin.

2018-11-18 06:53:51 UTC

in savings

2018-11-18 06:54:07 UTC

lol too bad it crashed

2018-11-18 06:54:07 UTC

The one went to public school in South Florida and would always talk about how the Haitians fought with everybody. He seemed to view it as more a religious than ethnic identity. Perhaps he was used to being called white devil by his black and brown classmates

2018-11-18 06:54:13 UTC

Lol do you have a bitcoin still?

2018-11-18 06:54:37 UTC


2018-11-18 06:54:48 UTC

I have alt coins though

2018-11-18 06:54:53 UTC

There was a fork recently, not sure if there's any extra cash to squeeze out of that

2018-11-18 06:55:20 UTC

I just put in the first non famous big city in Poland that came to mind

2018-11-18 06:55:30 UTC

@Jacob just move to ลรณdลบ

2018-11-18 06:55:46 UTC

Gdaล„sk is on the Baltic Sea, so I imagine it isn't too poor

2018-11-18 06:56:25 UTC

Eastern Europe has problems for sure, but when you factor in purchasing power, it's not that much poorer than some parts of Western Europe and America

2018-11-18 06:57:03 UTC

It looks hwhite to me

2018-11-18 06:57:19 UTC

@Jacob I know my company outsources some software development to Poland, so yes. And you would be a huge asset as a native English speaker.

2018-11-18 06:57:22 UTC

The fact that the president of Poland spoke to a march that was partially organized by ultra-nationalists is awesome

2018-11-18 06:57:39 UTC

and a communications minor ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-11-18 06:58:15 UTC

Gamers... rise up!

2018-11-18 06:58:47 UTC


2018-11-18 06:58:51 UTC

okay this is insane

2018-11-18 06:58:55 UTC


2018-11-18 06:59:39 UTC

Doesn't even look like a bad city

2018-11-18 06:59:44 UTC

yeah, and you get to live around Polish ppl all day

2018-11-18 07:00:21 UTC

you'll probably forget what color are black people

2018-11-18 07:00:57 UTC

Guys, all of Orange County, CA turned blue

2018-11-18 07:01:09 UTC

That used to be the Red island in So Cal

2018-11-18 07:01:13 UTC


2018-11-18 07:02:02 UTC

That's... actually really surprising

2018-11-18 07:02:31 UTC

That state is done

2018-11-18 07:02:54 UTC

The state of both Nixon and Regan.

2018-11-18 07:03:05 UTC

It's in Eastern Poland, too, which is the more right wing part

2018-11-18 07:03:08 UTC

Yeah, Regan gave amnesty

2018-11-18 07:03:12 UTC

It was red until then

2018-11-18 07:03:35 UTC

the last time CA went red was for Regan and *that's* what he did

2018-11-18 07:03:45 UTC

Did you guys know that there is an organization pushing for amnesty for illegals in Poland?

2018-11-18 07:03:47 UTC

No hero of mine

2018-11-18 07:03:51 UTC

Now *that's* a blackpill

2018-11-18 07:04:37 UTC

@Jacob Yup. Last year in "ArtForum" magazine they were focusing in on how Poland is too white, etc--that's how I know they would gun for Poland

2018-11-18 07:04:55 UTC

The lefty publications always signal to their base first

2018-11-18 07:05:00 UTC

Well, at least Poland only has white illegals for now

2018-11-18 07:05:04 UTC

from Ukraine

2018-11-18 07:05:10 UTC

but still a horrible step

2018-11-18 07:05:28 UTC

Alright fam, heading to bed. See ya

2018-11-18 07:10:27 UTC

@ThisIsChris "Currently the city's population is 97% Polish, 2.5% Belarusian and 0.5% of a number of minorities including Russians, Lipka Tatars, Ukrainians and Romani."

2018-11-18 07:10:37 UTC

You know, that sounds like some minorities I could live with

2018-11-18 07:11:25 UTC

@Jacob Yeah except the Romani

2018-11-18 07:11:59 UTC

ya but they're a fraction of .5% lol

2018-11-18 07:12:12 UTC

along with 3 other groups

2018-11-18 07:12:25 UTC

there's probably like 2 of them in the whole city

2018-11-18 07:12:56 UTC

If gypsies are 0.1% of the population, they'll commit 25% of the crime

2018-11-18 07:13:30 UTC

But still Lodz sounds ideal.

2018-11-18 07:14:00 UTC

Biaล‚ystok used to be 76% Jewish

2018-11-18 07:14:05 UTC

wonder what happened to them

2018-11-18 07:17:00 UTC

@ThisIsChris Do you know if there's a way to quickly flip the percentage on that website, so it shows how much richer I'd be in one city, rather than how much poorer I'd be in one?

2018-11-18 07:17:13 UTC

I mean I guess I can calculate it myself but it would be cool if there's a button

2018-11-18 07:17:42 UTC

No I think it chooses

2018-11-18 07:18:38 UTC

wait, if it's 46% cheaper, how much richer would I be?

2018-11-18 07:19:00 UTC

about 2x

2018-11-18 07:19:39 UTC


2018-11-18 07:20:09 UTC

that's weird how it's 46% cheaper, but the other way around, Spokane is 84% more expensive

2018-11-18 07:20:15 UTC

I figured out how to flip it

2018-11-18 07:20:20 UTC

does that math check out?

2018-11-18 07:21:39 UTC
2018-11-18 07:21:50 UTC
2018-11-18 07:22:18 UTC

84% is approx. 1 / (1 - .46)

2018-11-18 07:22:33 UTC


2018-11-18 07:23:37 UTC

Being instantly twice as rich sounds fun

2018-11-18 07:24:35 UTC

My dad had a friend who worked for Amazon and got transferred to Poland. I was told that while living there, he still received his American salary. @ThisIsChris

2018-11-18 07:25:19 UTC

So he got to send his kids to private schools and live by the beach and everything

2018-11-18 11:32:14 UTC

Good morning IE

2018-11-18 14:03:20 UTC
2018-11-18 14:09:32 UTC


2018-11-18 14:23:28 UTC

You know I had to do it to em

2018-11-18 14:29:38 UTC

2018-11-18 14:49:07 UTC

Enjoying some good music this morning:

2018-11-18 15:31:57 UTC

Defend the Rockies!

2018-11-18 15:34:33 UTC

@NateDahl76 what am I looking at here? I think I know but Iโ€™m not sure

2018-11-18 15:35:58 UTC

IQ distribution by race, African and European American

2018-11-18 15:36:28 UTC

2018-11-18 15:36:32 UTC

I knew it

2018-11-18 15:36:43 UTC

Love it

2018-11-18 15:36:50 UTC


2018-11-18 15:39:27 UTC

Tfw my all white church prayed for the โ€œpoor and weary Central American migrants, may they find the refuge they seekโ€

2018-11-18 15:39:31 UTC

Itโ€™s just so tiresome

2018-11-18 15:39:37 UTC

I want my community back

2018-11-18 15:40:30 UTC

That is quite unfortunate, Sam. Sorry you must deal with that irksome trash.

2018-11-18 15:41:59 UTC

Praying for them to fix their own countries is fine w me. Praying for them to find refuge here is super frustrating. The rank and file here disagree w the sentiment, but the leadership does nothing but corrupt on the issue I guess

2018-11-18 15:42:08 UTC

At least theyโ€™re traditional on the homo question

2018-11-18 15:42:19 UTC

Make your own denomination

2018-11-18 15:42:40 UTC

IE Mega church

2018-11-18 15:43:12 UTC

Mass immigration is in no way a humanitarian solution. There are 5 Billion people poorer than the average Mexican. Bringing in a million is way too much, and doesnโ€™t change anything for them as a whole.

2018-11-18 15:43:53 UTC

Reminds me of the gumball guy using candy to prove how immigration wonโ€™t solve global poverty

2018-11-18 15:45:56 UTC

Exactly. Great video to show Christians. Follow it up with โ€œwe have to teach a man to fish, not give him the fishโ€. This will appeal to their โ€˜bootstrapsโ€™ mentality.

2018-11-18 15:46:16 UTC


2018-11-18 15:46:50 UTC

And theyโ€™ll agree and all will be well and then next month go on a mission to Africa

2018-11-18 15:49:29 UTC

Today Iโ€™ve found myself falling down multiple conspiracy theory rabbit holes

2018-11-18 15:49:40 UTC

IE banner drop in Africa when?

2018-11-18 15:49:53 UTC


2018-11-18 16:04:26 UTC

[37] Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. [38] This is the first and great commandment. [39] And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

2018-11-18 16:04:46 UTC

This literally means neighbor, if it meant neighboring nations it would have said that

2018-11-18 16:04:54 UTC

It means community and people

2018-11-18 16:06:20 UTC

How about a mission "trip" to solve poverty and drug use in our own communities

2018-11-18 16:06:35 UTC

This tbh fam

2018-11-18 16:06:45 UTC

For whites, yes absolutely.

2018-11-18 16:07:41 UTC

Some prots do missions to Ireland ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-11-18 16:07:58 UTC

Well said Aldaz

2018-11-18 16:08:12 UTC

Ireland might as well be Africa at this point <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-18 16:10:14 UTC

Lol thatโ€™s definitely an exaggeration

2018-11-18 16:11:42 UTC

Irish nationalists are some of the toughest guys and girls I know. They're a passionate people and will turn hard when they turn I think. Same with Scandinavians

2018-11-18 16:12:00 UTC

Idk the same about Anglos, they're more staid and ironic

2018-11-18 16:13:02 UTC

Currently about 10% of the Irish population is non native

2018-11-18 16:13:03 UTC

Anglos are the best nationalist.

2018-11-18 16:21:44 UTC


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