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Greetings fellas



What is the meaning of the pledge role?

Thanks bro, hail Odin 👀

Eric Striker is my fave TRS affiliate at this point

How long until Tucker supports secession from the Sodom below

My roots are deeply Confederate and I sympathize that way in spirit but there's the case to be made that it was a rich man's war and poor man's fight for the protraction of slavery which hurt average White families and the development of the South. And it's a real question what the racial outcome in an independent CSA would have been. On the one hand slavery would have bred many more negroes on the land for decades longer but on the other hand Southerners were more racially woke and would have kept them suppressed if not deported all of them, which honestly I question the physical possibility of

Do you all believe that the lands of North America can ever be enchanted for us and our blood the way Europe is or will we always essentially be wandering Europeans

Immigration, even European, did not help with a blood and soil ethnogenesis. Right now we might be living the cataclysmic origin story of the American folk who come to be

Who knows

Fair, I am speaking from a deracinated point of view. I'm just White and my region is just a zone. Anglo-Americana resonates but it's gone from here now

Quebecois stand far and above in intact organic identity amongst Euro-North Americans

Probably because they speak another language, primarily

Yeah, as 25% face Swede visiting MN anywhere near a major metropolitan area is blackpilling

Even the small town I visit now

Has brown faces creeping in in greater numbers every year

Do you know of the disappearing Tangier Island accent?

It is simultaneously whitepilling to see these little ethnies are extant and blackpilling because they are so fragile and will certainly go culturally extinct if this current order does not first

My grandfather had a sort of half way American half way Stockholm accent

By way of being second generation

Right, the context is that Spanish is linguistic warfare

If we make immigration a thing again it should be understood for the sake of cohesion and civilizational self confidence that we speak English and our core culture is English-derived

A federation authoritatively united in outward policy but with a good measure of regional and local autonomy would be most desirable imo

Right, and in international dealings the most immediate level is White North America which would justify a superstate united in military, trade policy, borders, etc

Retaining strong local autonomy

The question is; is there a way to get the balance right and have a vast continental state without stepping on local toes or are the libertarians right that any state will expand itself maximally

But! Have you gotten amazing restaurants covered?

@Nemets Old gold

Oh, prob saw it 2015

@ophiuchus oh yeah it is


She's going in for a *sip*

Ruminating on who is possibly a Jew also creates the impression that Jews are the same as white people and difficult to distinguish

60-70% is very low in my book and they nonetheless genetically cluster and function as aliens

It is different from the Middle Eastern Farmer component in Europeans

No it's still a major component especially in S Euro

All that must be impressed upon curious normies is that they are not just another white group

In group preference doesn't really capture it though, Jews in America today marry out at what, 60-70%? and there's nothing wrong with in group preference.

With the JQ we're talking about an insidious blending in and rotting from the foundations not simple in group preference and competition

I'm simply saying a majority of American Jewry now miscegenate with goyim and that's something to be thinking about going into the future

So, not to cause a stir, but what's the deal with Spencer and IE

I don't follow movement drama

But why the latent tension

He actually said that did he? @TylerHess

@NateDahl76 Yeah I was asking Tyler about the too middle class comment

Hah, I see what he's probably bemoaning when he says middle class and it's a good thing. Intelligent pragmatism

Has IE received any former TWP members following that glorious display of the meaning of white trash


On a certain level respect is extended to anyone who puts his neck out for this but that doesn't mean they can do no wrong

This unfounded physical confidence is a funny trend amongst left wing kids

Bunch a nadzee :DDDDD

Oh wow there are consequences for physicality against stronger men????

But we're all equal


Y'all saw this right https://youtu.be/ZIxs6vFIlNw

Possibly the gayest possible thing

Weaponize Asian men against WMAF

I did a while back and they were talking about chasing white women

Fuck them

At a certain point we need a name and to stick with it. Taking on "baggage" is just a function of its use in the passage of time

Anyone who listens to us for five minutes knows we're White Nationalists

Better to be who we are than scurry around looking for strange new words to euphemize it as if we're ashamed

Bring conservatives to us not us to them

That's ridiculous dude

If you're not explicit on race what is even the purpose of any of this

How many times since the 50s have we learned the lesson that masking our true intentions does not work except to actually degrade those intentions into what we wanted to overcome in the first place (the mainstream right)

Right, one should be as optics friendly as possible *within* explicit White advocacy toward an ethnostate, or else what are we really doing here @ThisIsChris

@ThisIsChris What more could we want? Who else will struggle for the ideal for us?

An effective radical vanguard should act as a center of gravity for everyone very broadly on our side, not as an ideological prostitute pulled this way and that by who we "need" to appease

@ThisIsChris An ideal is a frame of reference that gives "important" or "unimportant" their meanings

In the truly long game, only an ethnostate addresses the conditions necessary for our guaranteed existence. I see it as a victory in itself that ethnostate has entered the lexicon of the politically minded

@ThisIsChris One can have immediate goals like securing the border and freedom of association, increasing our birthrate and decreasing that of the colored, etc, and these are all good, but if we're serious about our indefinite existence we can never lose sight of the fact that races only exist at all because of isolation, and anything less than an ethnostate means some measure of mixture every generation until we're gone as a distinct people

I'm thinking to myself, what is the plan for Europeans 10,000 years down the road?

The ruling elite game, which is the best we can hope for outside an ethnostate, does not work, empirically. Look at Indians. Look at Persians. Look at South Americans. @ThisIsChris

Why not go "all out", if we can? No one will aim for it for us. We can talk about where we are presently, and what to do about it, but without a true ideal, what can we say we are actually moving towards? Can we struggle for something less than what we really want in our hearts? @ThisIsChris

What you're putting forward as an endgame just fails to inspire and I think most likeminded to us would agree @ThisIsChris

The ethnostate is the ideal, no doubt, its plausibility right now is out there but nothing great is easily or quickly gained. And it is great. A dream. A hope. Unlike trying to make it work amongst a teeming brown empire

I like how you call blacks Bantus

I think you underestimate the power and actually necessity of having an absolutist ideal. At the bottom of a hole it serves as a point of reference as to what "better" would be. Better would be more whites, less non whites, more promotion of tradition and less of degeneracy, more of health and less of sickness, etc. Don't get blinders on about immediate smaller issues or else the effort is all for nothing in the end @ThisIsChris

@ThisIsChris But they all are only desirable within a framework wherein the implicit ideal is the ethnostate

What do you put forward as peak white flourishing instead?

Just making it work somehow?


When we know what the best thing for our people really is

What I really want to impress is that no one will stake that radical ideal for us. And the more we promote it the more acceptable everyone a little more lenient looks, pulling the overton window our way

Cause like, if ethnostate guys are a fact of politics, by comparison just being hard on immigration looks moderate

"Any foreseeable time and place"

What are we even laboring for then

If you can't foresee any time and place

where a white nation for whites is plausible

So you want plausibility but fewer specifics. I guess the ideal on that view is just "Shit be how it is"

Not really though? The fact the word ethnostate is even in the political vocabulary now is a victory

Well are we trying to accomplish something or be non threatening?

What about the guys we really want to whom ethnostate sounds appealing? Who do they join? Idiot wn 1.0 type groups?

I joined IE because I see it as the most plausible vehicle for the existence and flourishing of our people, which in the end necessitates absolute homogeneity

@ThisIsChris Wellbeing in any sense that makes, well, sense, implies a range of minimal and maximal wellbeing. What is your idea of maximal wellbeing if not a place by and for us and us alone for our interests alone

That's my last word on it

I completely agree with that @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

@ThisIsChris I actually agree with all of that but none of it necessitates walking back on what the end result of our values being realized would be

Which isn't to say shove it in people's faces, but don't contradict it

Who cares? Do we need that guy's permission? Do we need anyone's permission but our own?

Europeans living in Europe are not automatically superior to us

The only response required is "no you're wrong lol"

Martin Sellner has said he's fine with Jewish influence and miscegenation hasn't he

Silence is better than active cuckoldry

IIRC when GI in Germany were covered by some outlet they said miscegenation is a personal choice they wouldn't hinder

Idk if it was Sellner

Yeah, that's like baseline

Then they could stay silent or talk around it

Any miscegenation at all is a problem @Virgil

He didn't have to say the at large bit

You then

Even if we ended all non white immigration miscegenation would be an existential threat, so yes

People use capitalism to mean two different things. The first is simply primarily private ownership of the means of production which all the "socialist" W Euro countries have. The second and more common usage in these circles is rule of capital, global laissez faire, etc

I'm not super familiar on what specifically could qualify as hate speech but it would be better to remain silent on the more illegal positions to take than actively contradict them

Retake Hidden Leaf Village


Now this is music


Citing Vox Day <:really:453005408064241674>

Intermittent fasting feels good but it makes me lose weight which is actually bad in my case as a skele

Trying to lift to get big

Yeah same, but I need to stay on my diet game or I stay lank

At least skeletal structure is broad so don't look gay even when skinny

How short

I am 6' king of manlets

6'2" irl manlet cutoff

Yeah dude I bet you pack on visible muscle easy

I was a manlet till about 17 then suddenly grew three inches in the last two years

How tall is Wood Ape

OK, this is epic.

This is actually about ethics in games journalism, when all is said and done

Do you lift @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

It would be pretty epic to be 6'9" *and* big

Based boomer

Didn't IE used to have an upper age limit? Anyway, glad to have based boomers

@NateDahl76 I'm 12 and what is this

Oh I didn't mean to sound that way at all

Oh so that *is* peter sweden, I was wondering if Ian just bore a resemblance....

Visiting the Cornish homeland next Summer

Specifically the village from which I get my surname

**VERY** indigenous European

More Peter Sweden videos with horrified open mouth bug face thumbnails will finally awaken Evropeans


cringe and also bluepilled

Tbh I should have signed up for IE under the name Peanut Arbuckle

Going to be Odin for Halloween actually

"Hate" will be the next "racism", discredited by overuse

It's already a cliche


Tbh he looks a bit like my Swedish family fug

What if Peter Sweden is a cousin

In fact yes

In fact no they are so trad they play no games because games are degenerate

Their only socially acceptable pastime is purity spiraling against Germanic invaders


No you have it backwards, Kernowyon are the true Brits

Anglo Saxons are kraut invaders 😂

Devon is right next to Cornwall ye

Well no

The average white person in America has 0

The minority who have any Amerindian pull it up a little

It's actually good that the impure self segregate that way though imo

You're Cherokee? Alright thanks for telling us

Usually it's a lot more than that if they bandy it about

That's not how statistics work

the average individual white american has none. some have a little

those with some pull up the whole average

when you aggregate the majority with none and the minority with some


You didn't even address what I said

What I said is a fact

When you aggregate a bunch of 100s and some 98s you end up with less than 100 average even if the average individual is actually 100

Get it?

This isn't tism lol

It's basic statistical literacy

The meme that white Americans all have a bit of negro and amerindian is false

That's why this matters

Stop spreading it

Phil's not even addressing what I said

There is a difference between mean and actual average which you are ignoring

Do you know what outliers are

That's not what I said


All life on Earth share a root

That's not the contention


All life has shared dna

why are you arguing this framed this way

just weakens white id

Whatever bro

I've seen some who appear unmixed in Minnesota

Like, the same as the first photographs of Indians

Ojibwe for one

Some looked mestizo

OK well, more Indio than Mestizo like

I wonder if there are any 100% SSA slave descendants left

I never saw an American Indian for the first like fifteen years of my life

you see this line?

that's the economy's econominess

Ancestors have been here for over 400 years and no Indian or Negro blood

But muh epic 52% face meme

Did someone say it's shitposting time




<:thinkplant:359034245777457173> <:thinkplant:359034245777457173> <:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

Truly Dyeus Pater has blessed us on this day

Sky guy

Dwayne must be the coolest boomer in the country




Is 1998 millennial or zoomer

I feel more millennial

than zoomer like these flossing fortnite kids now

damn it get off my lawn

need to order that book

Sounds promising

152 pages sounds like one maybe one and a half hours

but ye

Comprehension is infinitely more important than speed

God I hope that's true @Max Hetling

We wuz even better than God

We wuz God 2

Gods 2


The next level of We Wuz is that the reason Africa was never anything is because they were actually White people

We WUZ NOT African

Africans were actually white

which is why africa is shit

Do Hit or Miss I Guess They Never Miss Huh

The boomer take on NazBol is that of course NS and Bolshevism are the same

Boomers are NazBol gang

Generally they feel they have to

I wrote an anti trans essay and got top marks from an absolute catlady once

How active is the MN scene

I have a friend I want to recommend to the org up there

A good one for Christbros

Keep in mind Jews are vastly disproportionately represented and counted as white

Of course not

What cut of the 40% gentile though

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