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2017-06-06 03:27:01 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  


2017-06-06 03:49:40 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #gear_and_attire]  


2017-06-06 03:50:08 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #gear_and_attire]  

take back your mall-land

2017-06-06 03:57:01 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #gear_and_attire]  

nah only spotted cow

2017-06-06 04:09:00 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #midwest_region]  

first post best post.

Anyway, anyone in the midwest 'planning' on going?

2017-06-06 04:41:21 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #self_promotion]  


anyone from wi going?

lol well I drove 16 hrs for charlottesville 1.0 so I don't really feel like driving again so just checking

Eh, my town to south bend IN takes the same time as my town to muskegon via ferry, thanks for the offer though

Not the most appropriate place to ask but is anyone going to the March against Sharia in St Paul tomorrow?

hold up, you mean the cheese reich.

2017-06-26 02:34:29 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

the cringe

2017-06-26 02:34:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

is karaoke white

2017-07-03 05:09:14 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

guess hes not as based as we thought

2017-07-03 05:27:28 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

lol his arm will be fine in 6 weeks


@Welt - MI thanks for the offer but I'm bringing 2 wi guys down.

what exactly is considered very near MI? @Hand Banana

When are you leaving? @Nicklis - OH

2017-07-23 14:41:43 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Hello everyone, member of Identity Evropa and part of the future Wisconsin Cheesereich

2017-07-24 00:44:01 UTC [Midwest #wisconsin]  


2017-07-24 00:46:12 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Andrew Williams You won't get knifed by antifa (hopefully :^) :^) ), but I am going with 2 other wisconsin lads and it will be the biggest alt right event in american history. Anyone who has the ability to go, NEEDS to go.

2017-07-24 00:47:27 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Hell yeah

2017-07-24 00:48:05 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Are you going down @IdentityIndiana ?

2017-07-24 00:52:37 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Cool, I'm staying in a house with some northeast IE guys but after the event theres going to be a party house that afaik is tbd

2017-07-24 00:52:43 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Are you in the cville 2.0 server?

2017-07-24 00:55:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

the event organiser jason kessler throws links up on pol every now and then about the event

2017-07-24 00:55:11 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Any of you been to Cville 1.0?

2017-07-24 00:55:58 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Yeah it was pretty secret for a few months before hand.

2017-07-24 00:56:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I think only IE and Vanguard America really knew about it

2017-07-24 00:56:27 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That was a fun event

2017-07-24 00:58:34 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Yes sir

2017-07-24 01:01:48 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Lol yeah I worked the thursday before hand, so i got up at 9amish that day, worked till 7, drove to Waukesha Wi to pick a guy up, drive all the way to PA to pick up a guy, and from there down to VA

2017-07-24 01:02:06 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

About 35 hours of being awake and 20 minutes of sleep

2017-07-24 01:02:31 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-24 01:02:41 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

you'll find out how much of a nog jew i am

2017-07-24 20:59:10 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Looks about right from graphs I have seen, wonder how much those FIB's would go up if the nogs got offed

I'm a manager at a McDonalds, I"m the real cook :^) :^) :^)

Pinning certain posts or making files and pinning them or something

2017-07-25 02:14:35 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'm already ubermensch

2017-07-25 02:15:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

where at little nigga

2017-07-25 02:16:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

FIBs are bad

2017-07-25 02:17:35 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Atlas what part of the state you in?

2017-07-25 02:18:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

marathon county

2017-07-25 02:18:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

so you live near the airfield, must get pretty noisy sometimes

2017-07-25 02:20:05 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

lol well not quite but pretty close

2017-07-25 02:20:40 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

what a wasteful use of time

2017-07-25 02:21:25 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

if you aren't in IE you're C U C K 's

2017-07-25 02:27:41 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Not alot of IA boys in IE either

2017-07-25 02:29:34 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

We do have an underage server, how long ago was it?

2017-07-25 02:30:23 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

your age?

2017-07-25 02:30:43 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

underage b&

2017-07-25 02:30:53 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Identity Evropa

2017-07-25 02:31:11 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

The fastest growing Identitarian movement in the US

2017-07-25 02:32:05 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

yeah, i met nathan

2017-07-25 02:32:07 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

fuckin based

2017-07-25 02:32:18 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I also met richard spencer, mike enoch, matt heimbach

2017-07-25 02:33:28 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Otherwise hes aesthetic af and he is very persistant about imagry and the cause.

2017-07-25 02:33:46 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Ignore all the shill threads about richard being an implant

2017-07-25 02:33:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

thats jsut shareblue shilling

2017-07-25 02:35:07 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

albeit we were all drunk

2017-07-25 02:35:49 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

You can't be 1488 in public, at least not yet

2017-07-25 02:37:17 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

i.e., you cant have a western nation if the majority population isnt of western descent

2017-07-25 02:38:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

If you aren't bettering your body to represent your race you do not deserve to be in an identitarian movement

2017-07-25 02:39:17 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

>put melon in the street

2017-07-25 02:39:19 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

>carpet bomb

2017-07-25 02:39:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

ez kiddo

2017-07-25 02:40:45 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I do, subhuman filth not only ruin the future ethnostate, they ruin the world

2017-07-25 02:40:55 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Those of low IQ bring nothing to the world except poverty and disease

2017-07-25 02:43:29 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

All great nations secured the future, not waited them out

2017-07-25 02:44:07 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

>muh holohoax

2017-07-25 02:44:17 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

poltards are fucking stupid

2017-07-25 02:44:34 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

thats why I stopped browsing months ago

2017-07-25 02:44:50 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Which part

2017-07-25 02:45:41 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

They would cause destruction and not leave

2017-07-25 02:46:17 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

White business' and homes would be damaged and we do nothing for ourselves except maybe creating a few jobs to fix them

2017-07-25 02:47:55 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

>cut off gibs

2017-07-25 02:47:58 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

>loot grocery store

2017-07-25 02:48:04 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

You think of a but not b

2017-07-25 02:48:37 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

4chan is bad, 8ch is bad

2017-07-25 02:48:45 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

For all I know any of you could be niggers

2017-07-25 02:48:51 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

There's no actual vetting process here

2017-07-25 02:48:53 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

besides email

I wouldn't say its that oudated, early 2000's modeling. Bathrooms change styles so often. My parents did the bathroom last year and already are redoing it againt his year

Personal preference really

i find it strange that in left pic the door moulding doesnt match the floor moulding

just looks wierd

2017-07-25 07:47:41 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I was doing one of those stupid quizzes on facebook that pop up every now and then, this one is "what is your ww2" job, some of the questions are cucky and some answers dont have variety, then THIS comes up

2017-07-25 07:47:54 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]

2017-07-26 14:51:47 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

@Mack Albion Yeah murdoch murdoch got shoahed about 5 days ago

no I don't think they are limited, heard you can buy at the door too

2017-08-01 18:53:37 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

oy vey

2017-08-03 19:19:58 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Minnesota police didn't enforce during march against shariah--amd they were prepared

2017-08-03 19:20:28 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

albeit it was 300 antifa against 12 of us...

2017-08-03 19:20:52 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

not a boomer so no

2017-08-03 19:22:10 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

we'll see when the time comes

2017-08-03 19:39:51 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

>when you can't wear bullet proof vest so you opt for tactical jock strap :^) :^)

2017-08-05 17:29:52 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

damn i was gonna post but i forgot i got banned from T_D a year ago

2017-08-06 21:02:30 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #virginia_laws]  

Uniting together for our common cause is the best weapon we can bring

2017-08-07 22:37:17 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Who cares about appealing

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