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Hello, good to be with you

Hello all

I hate living in a majority black city

I'm a web developer and digital marketing consultant, if you guys have a business and want to hire in-group, let me know and I'd be glad to help you out ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

hoping to be able to help IE quite a lot in this area, plus I've also worked in cybersecurity.

twitter shoahed in 5 days following first ban

not even sure i will remake... they give no rationale for what is abusive behavior and at most i have made some jokes that only leftists consider offensive. yet they allow violent rhetoric against whites, males, republicans, etc... it's exhausting

no explanation this time, last time i disparaged "pregnant men" and apparently that was too offensive

great interview! one of the best yet


if any entrepreneurs / executives need help with web development or digital marketing, get @ me

I'll join the company - Web developer / Digital marketer / Cybersecurity analyst

i can't hear either

it's not undeafen

i checked my audio settings and i hear join noises but no audio

that worked >_>

can we tell people that we are IE members? if so, in what circumstances and what is not allowed?

(((international finance)))

should be obvious @Sacramento

shitpost on twitter or somewhere else

so Trump called himself a Nationalist during today's rally

Drumpf is responsible for everything!

the bombs had ISIS flags on them

and also didn't have any postmark over the stamps.. so it wasn't mailed

the return address was so that "it would get through the mail"

but it wasn't even mailed.. there's no postmark over the stamps

it was hand delivered ~_~

probably there as a decoy for when people don't buy it they can just pivot to "oh it was ISIS, nvm" but leftists will still lash out against Trump supporters



it should be disarmed before photographing too, no?

this is the most transparent hoax ever lmao

Whoโ€™s talked to frame in the last couple days? He made his videos private

tfw no baby

@Reinhard Wolff can we setup a business / work / careers section for people to network?

@Reinhard Wolff can we setup a business / work / careers section for people to network?

early voted as soon as the polls opened

Tesla just got downgraded today on safety ratings

transhumanism is akin to transgenderism

what a terrible day




v cute

the white pills are wearing off fam :\

@Deleted User gov scott reinstated voting for felons recently

@Asatru Artist - MD yea but the main problem is all the normies who actively work against their own people...

it's considered honorable to kiss ass and placate your superiors to maintain a mediocre wage in this country... there is no respect for the truth or those who fight to discover and defend it... they are essentially unwitting traitors to themselves and everything they claim to care about

every demonic atheist takes great joy in applying deception to win political points and disgust those they consider "establishment" like poor whites, christians, working class... they sell pictures of their naked bodies on the internet

trump issued an executive order to block asylum requests @Deleted User

yesterday, it may not be in effect yet though

mattis is sending military ++ NG to border as we speak

the climb gets steeper every passing day

if we survive until 2020 the new census should rollback a lot of demographic issues with regard to voting, since undocumented immigrants won't be counted, which changes the tally for representatives in the bigger urban areas especially

Trump will push for RealID and require for voting i'm sure...

Doolittle seems like a nutjob

i read over his blog

he has some good points, but his overall philosophy seems really unhinged, and he calls for violence a lot

it's boomerism

johnson is a homo that bends to J-interests, but he also does some good work

i'm not against anybody in this movement, i just don't see many viable leaders to valorize out there

working on it

i'd like to setup a publishing company but i'm still working on a kernel for a long term vision

surprised cynthia mckinney made it on to heel turn today lmao

fascism is the merger of state and corporate power

capitalism is far from what we know it as today

capitalism is also the methodology to bring true communism as a final order

capitalism achieves an equilibrium through labor, commodity, and price balancing until a communism is achieved - it's written in a two volume book by Marx

most socialism is fascism, merger of state and corporate power... it's not really communism

most people never actually read marx, but it's true

the main problem we have is corruption at the highest levels, and increasing restrictions on the lower levels of society - if the law was applied judiciously, we wouldn't have near the level of crisis we are at

trump applying a heavy handed application of American law is the best way for us to preserve what we've built and also prepare for a future that is possible for whites within society. if he can't make it, it's very very dark down the road from here

the more populists that rise up, the more normalized his behavior will be on a global level - he expressed support for Salvini's revoking immigrant citizenship and other similar strategies

one of the most interesting debates in American history, but also one of the least discussed, was the debate with Cleveland and McKinley about bimetalism

if we never introduced silver into the treasury, we wouldn't have diluted our economic position and likely would have never gotten into a lot of the other escalations in foreign affairs. it was the first major loss on the trail to fiat currency and federal reserve status quo

research bimetalism and gresham's law, grover cleveland & william mckinley

the rest was a result of greed, but americans decided bimetalism was not good for our nation's future, and for good reason.

it's only esoteric because it's not taught in schools... but it's one of the most important debates in american history with a huge result on the current outcome

@Nemets the main argument was that silver was more accessible to commoners, but introducing silver to the reserve was the main kickstart for deflation in the greenback

grover cleveland was one of our most consequential presidents, but he was swept under the rug of american history

@Nemets that's correct. that's why i would indict greed as the culprit against our own best interest.


@Nemets necessary doesn't follow, it just facilitated quicker growth, which was the engine for global growth, and much of the problems we have today - economic accelerationism

i guess so, but it doesn't really matter anymore now, does it? lol

we have such a shitshow on our hands to try to manage, there's no way to put the toothpaste back in the tube

that's why fascism is basically destined, whether from the right or from the left... it's unsustainable

global growth peaked about a month ago, we're going to see sharp declines in our economy and emerging markets as well... it's going to be the pretext for drastic political action

the main attribute to consider is applying authenticity to future political aims, or else it will only increase the velocity of the spin cycle of history

we MUST root out corruption in all forms, or it doesn't really matter because it will only be another revolution - we need an EVOLUTION to escape this churn cycle

america financed and supported the rise of fascism, it's deeply embedded in our history

that doesn't mean it's the same or similar to past historical movements

where is that @Valaska ? i asked about it the otherday but i don't see it

Probably ad tracking

Iโ€™m an SEO and Iโ€™d love to pick up work if I could. If you need help learning about it or see an offer let me know ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Thereโ€™s a lot of reasons not to trade but if you want some pointers let me know, Iโ€™ve been in for quite a while but Iโ€™m typically risk off or focused on commodities

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