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@Reinhard Wolff So will you still be able to get into an amateur MMA match?

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🎧 F

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@Reinhard Wolff Can we send a bouquet of flowers and a "thank you from Identity Evropa" card to the "TODAY Show"? I feel like we owe them something after so many applications today.

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@Reinhard Wolff My hand is in the toaster and it won't turn on how do I remedy this with all due haste? Good with cameras, toasters not so much.

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put your other hand in there

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to dislodge the first one

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@Reinhard Wolff baby update: still no baby. Hopefully tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for your kind words!

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@FACINEMA Stuff some bread in there with your hand, works every time.

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@Goldstein Riots Thank you you truly are my greatest ally

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Infiltrators make it clear they have no clue what we're about at all lol

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@Reinhard Wolff what is required to be an interviewer

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"Analytical" <:patrickvikernes:423301225749151744>

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@Reinhard Wolff Congratulations on fantastic interview. You performed well against the media NPCs, and are an example to us all. What is IE's policy, should any of us ever be encountered by the media. Is any individual member allowed to speak to the media on IE's behalf or are we supposed to refer them to you or someone else?

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@FACINEMAomg what are you up to now silly ?😂

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How do you expose an infiltrator?
Ask what they like about white people

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@celticflame Hand toast is the true paleo.

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@Reinhard Wolff what happened to the park cleanup interviews and all that

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@Reinhard Wolff in the interview they referred to us as “pro white” in a tone of voice obviously meant to convey that they meant it as a condemnation. do you think that actually helped us because it publicly betrays on television that they are anti white?

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Lol yes it is @Goldstein Riots

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@Reinhard Wolff Does the interviewer have to be on video chat?

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@Reinhard Wolff what activities do you do to keep yourself grounded and focused?

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We live in a society

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He's going to find out that you play destiny 2

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That's what I found when I googled you

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don't show our cards or be *too* mean to the media if they're helping us

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@Reinhard Wolff patrjust don't fracture your ankle like someone i know did