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I was interviewed by @John O -


2018-06-23 15:57:28 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

hot mike > star child


โ€œhometownโ€ mine too. very sad.

I want the name to stay the same.

coming to houston for a few days. Any houston goys got labour day plans?


@Wotan Reborn clear the planet!

ridding a bike you didnโ€™t steal is mad white.

(((rats))) american tale

the mice were fleeing the Khazars


the blacks are the true Israelites !

@fgtveassassin everyone thereโ€™s a (((survivor)))

in walmart lol

what body fat percentage does one have to be for the calendar?

donโ€™t trust any dna tests.

โ€œweโ€™re totally gana save the white raceโ€

Armenians are white

s@ThisIsChris she was Albanian

Italians literally invited white. There is no Sicilian question.

Would someone kindly repost the defend the rockies info?

what is the IE recommended body fat percentage?

what is the IE recommended body fat percentage?

change IEโ€™s name to Oswald Moseley fan club now!

@Reinhard Wolff what is your most autistic political opinion?

aliens. thatโ€™s pretty autistic

@Steve - NJ if it werenโ€™t for the music, it wouldnโ€™t be obvious that one is supposed to think โ€œpro whiteโ€ is ghoulish.

lord Patrick, second earl virginia

if i win the lottery iโ€™m outbidding soros at next papal election


@ThisIsChris like jesus?

@Reinhard Wolff in the interview they referred to us as โ€œpro whiteโ€ in a tone of voice obviously meant to convey that they meant it as a condemnation. do you think that actually helped us because it publicly betrays on television that they are anti white?

First Man is one of the best movies Iโ€™ve ever seen.

2018-10-24 02:06:15 UTC [Fitness #general]  

iโ€™m going to switch from bike to stairmaster tomorrow


a n t i c i p a t i o n

steak for dinner

@SuperTomPerry -RI in the beginning was the word?

@SuperTomPerry -RI the bible verse you posted


we should commission composers

set Kipling to music

hi ian

2018-12-03 05:07:21 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

i am lifting with a new trainer tomorrow. i hope he can teach me some good stuff


@Reinhard Wolff Do you think itโ€™s important for identitarians to take an interest in classical music?

@Papa Pizzagate Philip Glass creates such a sense of urgency or consistency in some of his music. I put it on and I can accomplish anything in no time.

I just realized iโ€™ve been subconsciously shaving so as to have the same sideburns as Murdock and Dr Murdock

Can anybody explain what exactly the kid who stared at the indian did wrong?

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