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I'll do that

i havn't gotten to it yet. I need to though

I just joined the utah crew πŸ˜„

Oh no

Still removed it

No I removed it

Gosh darn

I've read the rules again. My bad

Posting memes can be very addicting. We all make mistakes

@ThisIsChris I looked you guys up after being extremely redpilled for a long period of time.

I knew of the identitarians in Europe and wondered of identitarian groups existed here

Yeah we aren't Europe but we are still Europeans. It's hard to deal with

Our identity is an extention of Europe and not actual Europe

That's how I see it

oh dang youtube is down

this cannot be!!1

are they deleting right wing channels?


What should I do if I'm not sure?

@Tyler0317 if I can make the orientation

I love ham

I like bacon too haha

yeah i noticed but bacon is a good replacement haha

fortnite is pro white?

a good whitepill

I would not have become pro white if i didn't go to college

disco it

@Deleted User I didn't mute you haha

@Selma in do time we will.

@Selma You're welcome

@Selma did you attend any other tournaments?

@Selma any other gaming tournaments

@Selma ah. i see.

But those nuts on a freaking donut

I have a great respect for italians

looks like gab is dead guys

only place we can have free speech is gone

they probably won't

i sure hope that 10 million can do something.

@Nerv - VA is that the afd leader?

wot you can buy freaking games on discord now?

wel yeah

ha the new group name πŸ˜„

Saw 6 mixed race couples last week. Saw a white blond chick and her black boyfriend on the train recently. I freaking hate modern western civilization.

Anyone here concerned over this?


What's the idea?

Or a dindu

So I guess it's okay for asians to colonize but not evil whitey

i have no idea what i just logged into

viva la revolution!!!

raise the spider army for the europa!!!

mm muh ladeh

oh my

oh my

@Rabbidsith What are you talking about?

@Rabbidsith haha that's not womens clothing

oy vey i'm spooked!!!

That mic is steamy

i still play video games gosh darnet


I always hated it!!!1

oy ya wot m8


his mic sounds fine

If i chew on ice will you chew me out?

that's exactly what a fed would say

seeing tons of white babies will be a huge white pill

Lauren is a coal burner anyway

i want plate armor

why doesn't she join the Canadian identitarians.?

@CarletonJ yeah if she really means it

oy yeh!!!


If you don't wear i tie we will force you to cut all ties with us

Aw man i can't read the lusty argonian maid

aw darnet

@Reinhard Wolff what about above 80% white?

oh by

oh boy


i really need to get some food but i don't want to miss this

Maybe @Selma should work for Fedex

You don't use slow shovels you use flame flowers

You're fine

god tier

you can outjew the jew

i'll join when i get tastey food

How is it even remotely hateful?

We just want to exist

@YourFundamentalTheorum ha you made me chuckle

@Rabbidsith do it again

What's going to happen now that the dems have the house?

I read some things I got confused


So we won?

The right still has the house?

@John Bud - IL john fox news is only a cuckservitives news network. I'm not surprised.

@Axel ap true

@Axel he even asked if diversity is really our strength. Honestly I like tucker Carlson but I just don't like fox news in general. To civic for me

did we keep the house? I'm doing homework and i have not been keeping track


this is going to create problems

@YourFundamentalTheorum that's why i didn't bother voting. The left are multicultural fools and the right are shills and softies

glad i have you guys to keep me going

the black pill this week has been harsh

but the house finalizes law

they libs can turn down anything now

will we still get the wall?

the longer this happens the less white America will be. Stop all immigration

glass the nation

halo style

We are so screwed


having Muslims in our government is a big deal and a huge cause for concern

I'm so bummed out right now

Yeah I fear for Minnesota

@Selma excellent

Dang this guy is legit

Tucker Carlson is freaking awesome

I think he's secretly on our side

I heard him ask on the news if diversity is really our strength and the left went nuts haha

No question about it

I wish I was able to make it to DR

I'd say they are neck and neck

Wot in tarnation

I hate it when they put multiple races in medieval movies. It's so out of place and wrong.

I was just trying to agree. I wasn't advocating for it.

I deleted the comment anyways

@Goose glub glub

We all know that race/ ethnicity is way more than skin color

Civic nationalists don't even have a plan

They will only complain and do nothing about it


Murdoch Murdoch is the best

UK is signing the un migration pact

Atleast spongebob ended before he died

He got to complete it

I read somewhere that it ended

dang you guys stay up late

πŸ˜„ happens to us all haha

gosh darn

if we had a say we would gene edit people to be more white haha

Wish it was this way

That sounds fun

It's because they are showing what's natural

The total opposite of what's happening now

Yeah and it's so discouraging to see it in progress

I see mixed race couples and trannies all the time

I guess It's why I'm here too

@Gimlet @Rabbidsith @Aaron O'regan Salt Lake City Utah 1 in front of the eagle gate and one in 2 in front of the Capitol


Edited photos because why not.


@Rabbidsith oh look they also mentioned the ADL In the article as well. Just like the university of utah.

That was a typo

I fixed it.

I hate how typos can really change the context of a sentence.

With the un migration pact around the corner we have to

It's almost like the un migration pact is the nail in the coffin

Expect revolts from here on out

The 2 week revolt in France started it all

Sadly there has been violence

So much for Christmas

Maceys too

And I love maceys

So let down

I'm discouraged when I see it

Both advertising and in real life

It's even infesting tv shows

In thor the gate keeper is supposed to be white and yet he's black

My family eats it all up

All npcs

Atleast I'm open about my views

Yeah it bugs me to see other races in nordic lore

It's nordic lore

Not a multi cultural festival

I'm not pagan but I atleast respect the ancients lore

And traders too

They fought for the eastern Roman empire too

The replacement of our history in government buildings as we speak

@Hakujin - CA even worse :(

Yeah it is

I miss the 2000s. Things where more simple back then. No hatespeech censorship, no crazy sjws, no diversity quotas, slower nonewhite immigration, no knowledge of our replacement. Times back then where simpler and my ignorance of our demise was bliss. Over the past few years things have changed significantly and it saddens me deeply.

@unclefesterr I never lived in California. Where I live the demographic change is recent.

Yeah Utah 5 years ago was very different. Still had nonewhites but it was so different.

I'm only stating how fast things have changed

Been living in Utah since 2000

I see mixed race couples all over saltlake city as well

It's basically an extention of California

Super leftist and filled with all sorts of degeneracy

And I thought race mixing was super rare

I doubt it is now

I see it way too much to think it's rare

We will be worse in 100 years

By 2100 we will less than 20%

Common percentages are happening in Europe as well

England too

Probably Sweden and Germany

It's the same in all western nations

Heck even poland is starting to accept African immigrants

I agree

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