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Welcome @Texlahoma - TX ! Go ahead and read the <#405211244023382016> <#388558559752880139> and <#371705962224025610> , and your state coordinator should be in touch shortly. @greg_p - TX

Welcome @TheCrimsonSea ! Take a few moments to read through <#405211244023382016> <#388558559752880139> and <#371705962224025610>.

@Mike-Va Welcome aboard! Please set an avatar, and then read <#405211244023382016> , <#388558559752880139> and <#371705962224025610>

@Matthias should be in touch shortly.

Welcome @Bill Inu

Please take a moment to read <#405211244023382016>, <#371705962224025610> , and <#388558559752880139> .

Your regional coordinator will reach out to you shortly. @AltRightMick

@Belle Dobbs - FL welcome! Please take a moment to read <#405211244023382016> , <#388558559752880139> , and <#371705962224025610> . Also please set an avatar for your profile. Your regional coordinator will be in touch shortly.

@John O -

Bowling Green, KY

@Nicolas Meski welcome! Please take a moment to read <#405211244023382016> , <#388558559752880139> , and <#371705962224025610> . Also please set an avatar for your profile. Your regional coordinator will be in touch shortly.

@wayne peek

Welcome @Jackson Stoneman ! Be sure to read <#405211244023382016> and <#371705962224025610> . @Andreas Cincinnatus should be in touch soon.

Louisville, KY

As part of our state showcase we toured Old Forrester Distillery and flyered downtown.

Louisville, KY cont

@wayne peek agreed. I was very happy with how it turned out. Notice on the bottom back side of the bottle there's a custom label as well. Was able to get that mailed a couple weeks prior to the distillery trip. πŸ‘Œ

Keep it spooky πŸ‘»

Glasgow, Ky

@Brunswick Halloween. You mean the entire month of October. 😎

We should have a light hearted carve-off. All in good fun

@Goose what @ophiuchus said. You cut right under the skin to carve your design, then scoop as deep as you need, without piercing completely, for light to shine through. A $10 wood carving kit is good enough.

@Arnold sorry for the confusion 🀦

@Deleted User should be in touch shortly

Love it

Henderson, KY

Welcome @Marty Robbins πŸ‘Œ

Everyone welcome @Marty Robbins from Kentucky. New pledge!

Low Hollow Trail

Bowling Green, Ky

Welcome @HersheyDaniels , new pledge from Indiana!

Welcome <@462246881741766676> , new pledge from Kentucky!

Welcome @Hector , new pledge from Kentucky!

Louisville, KY

University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Welcome <@509029025466023967> , new pledge from Kentucky!

Welcome @netgearblackhawk , new pledge from Virginia!

Owensboro, KY

Owensboro, KY cont

Owensboro, KY cont

Welcome @godric , new pledge from Ohio!

Owensboro Community and Technical College

@Marty Robbins great job! There are some good shots in there

Welcome @Barbie , new pledge from Kentucky!

Bout to hit double digits with irl active members. Need 2 more.

Welcome @CLW !

Evansville, IN

Riverwalk / Big Four Bridge
Louisville, KY

Highlands District
Louisville, KY

Welcome @SeanVV , new pledge from North Carolina!

*flyers once...

Open Facebook comments from the WKU article. I'd appreciate some dissenting voices.

Damn you guys are quick 😎

Welcome <@519366646805299200> , new pledge from Kentucky!

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL gotta say I'm partial to this gem

@Sam Southern - TN yeah, I took it as unironic hysteria.

@Clayton_H_ATX I'd be thrilled if some random in the county is level-headed and witty about it all. πŸ˜‚

welcome @azjk , new pledge from Illinois!

Welcome <@520676451083616270> , new pledge from Michigan

2018-12-14 05:30:32 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-12-14 05:32:08 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thanks @CarletonJ ! Hello all πŸ‘‹

Henderson County Public Library

Crescent Hill District
Louisville, KY

Lower Highlands
Louisville, KY

Welcome @OttoVonBismarck , new pledge from Oregon!

Bowling Green, KY

If you guys take night pictures with the Xmas flyers, highly recommended you play with the focus (foreground vs background) before taking pic, and then the light and color settings afterwards. The default pics might have too much glare, be too dim, etc. But you can make them look really swell without edging into cringe Instagram filter if you take a few moments to figure out your phone's camera.

Welcome @Markus.viktor , new pledge from AZ!

@Conway - OK wow, that was surprisingly even-handed coverage. Great job.

Alright let's try this again. Welcome @Furious , new pledge from Colorado!

@Argument of Perigee

Henderson, KY

Bardstown, KY

Ill bring extra spats

welcome @Lucretius , new pledge from Arkansas!

2019-01-02 04:34:26 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

@Tron Greg was really on fire the last half of 2018. Looking forward to his new collection.

Members of the Kentucky chapter hiked and cleaned up litter at Mammoth Cave National Park

Low Hollow Trail

Welcome @JayDon , new pledge from North Carolina!

Welcome @Michi , new pledge from Illinois

Welcome @Nome Sayings , another new pledge from Illinois!

Members of the Kentucky chapter recognized Law Enforcement Appreciation Day by delivering gift baskets to local police departments.


@Barbie @gregor-KY @Marty Robbins @RevStench @KYKrieger <@462246881741766676> @MrsGloopGod

All participated in this, either hand delivering or contributing to the arrangement and expense.

St. Matthews


Welcome @RPOLBZ , new pledge from Alabama!

Welcome @Mr Snow , new pledge from Illinois!

Welcome @Hrodwulf , new pledge from Virginia!

Take two seconds and leave positive feedback for Paul's Fruit Market

Scratch that. Reviews disabled after a few trickled in πŸ‘Ž

@DaddyPaddy - FL impossible to rank. Here are some recents:

We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism - John Derbyshire
Kill The Boer - Ernst Roets
Faustian Man in a Multi-cultural Age - Ricardo Duchesne
Alien Nation - Peter Brimelow
New Right vs Old Right - Greg Johnson
Waking Up from the American Dream - Gregory Hood

@DaddyPaddy - FL If you are looking for something apolitical too, I'll recommend David Sedaris. He does humorous, often tear-jerking personal essays. Probably a leftist, but he keeps it out of his writing so... enjoyable still. I'm reading his current, 'Calypso' right now, though I'd start with 'Naked' or 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'.

@apronandlace the cheapest Scotch brand of double sided is actually better than higher durability because it doesn't have the backing.

@apronandlace this stuff

Well there is a protective layer that you just pull out; it's the first several inches of the tape. But you shouldn't be constantly separating a barrier attached to the double-sided. If that makes sense. Just pull the first 6 or so inches off the roll until there is no longer ink printed on the tape. Then it should just be exposed double-sided.

Even more Jeffersonville, IN

Louisville, KY

Rocks look slick guys and gals! πŸ‘

For National Blood Donor Month, members of the Kentucky chapter donated blood at a local bank

Somerset, KY

Pulaski County Park
Somerset, KY

Somerset, KY

I'm just going down @wayne peek's list. Let's see how bold he gets in February

@Sam Anderson bring gi too, you'll be surprised at the mythology that will develop from grass stains on it.

Mitch McConnell Park
Bowling Green, KY

With <@462246881741766676>

Cumberland Riverwalk
Clarksville, TN

Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, TN

Covington, KY

With @Marty Robbins and @Barbie

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

With @Marty Robbins and @Barbie

2019-01-28 20:53:58 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@DaddyPaddy - FL The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker

2019-01-29 02:34:30 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@everyone any bjj guys going to LOPF, be sure to bring gi and no-gi gear. Somewhere, somehow I'm trying to roll, and also make connections for future training meetups.

2019-01-29 02:37:30 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Of all the self-indulgences, that has to be a forgivable one

Owensboro, KY

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY

University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY

w/ @Virgil @Marty Robbins

@FlyingDutchmann it was the running theme of the Library 2nd floor 🀷

"Patrick Casey, who identifies himself as the executive director of Identity Evropa, said members wanted β€œto let the university β€” and the world β€” know that we will NOT be stopped.”..."

@Brunswick goes with UK in Lexington, KY

@Bogl - CA πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Those look amazing

"...The group's propaganda items have been distributed in other cities in Kentucky recently, including Louisville, Bowling Green and Paducah.

According to news reports, Identity Evropa items have also been posted in public areas at the University of Southern Indiana and in the Haynie's Corner area of downtown Evansville...."

2019-02-21 22:45:24 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Agreed with @Jacob . Johnson has a lot of great material. I recommend Old Right vs New Right. Also the collection from Counter Currents "Alternative Right" serves as a good historical snapshot piece with a good dose of criticism as well.

Sam Francis - Essential Writings on Race <<< a nice, quick read.


2019-02-21 22:46:30 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Also it's a bit dated but Peter Brimelow's 'Alien Nation' does a good job breaking down a lot of bogus claims about our immigration history and demography.

2019-02-21 22:47:49 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I purchased Identity Rising and was very off put by the guy's writing style. Put down less than 15% through. Could just be my personal taste.

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY

w/ @Andrew-KY

Henderson Community College
Henderson, KY

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