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looking for group cha schedule for pledges

Them Dems just didn't Brett on this

Brettcha attacked his 4th amendment record

I can't resist a good funny

yeah buddy

the dems need a minute to Brettch their breath

not me man. I'm rallying my people up here in my neck o' the woods

I feel the Irish as a nation are too quick to bow to the pressures of globalization or islamization or whatever you want to term it. The Portrayal of "Ford" in Shameless (who is a carefree Irish socialist who calls repeatedly for the dissolution of his culture) sums it up pretty well.

Maybe they should investigate Dr. Ford's alleged CIA ties while they are at it.

I agree. They seem to (regardless of your opinion of the behavior in the video) to on a cultural level welcome oblivion.

Ask him if Anderson Cooper lies as unconvincingly in person.

Of course she does. She has to have her enforcers surround her so she can better dictate reality.

and of course illustrate the left's hypocrisy of "self defense for some"

self defense through subcontracting

They would if it contained "hatespeech." I hear it's easily communicable.

Probably their pallid demeanor and the fact that its 15 degrees cooler in their presence. Thats how I detect pure evil.

I doubt it. Tucker carries.

One of the many reasons I except him in my general contempt for FOXNEWS is Tucker in General. Not afraid to speak his mind on immigration, guns and cultural marxism.

I'm sure he reports there but does he live there full time?

and if I were Tucker I'd have a gun regardless. Better to ask for forgiveness than beg for your life.

Cenk is bad but Anna Casparian is sooo much worse.

He is. He deserves much respect from Our sector.

@TV and I agree. Neoconservatism and liberalism both stink of white death and thats mostly whats on the menu at FOX

They just want to put us to sleep with stories of the egalitarian republic while the other side wants to batter us with the non-whitetopia

@NateDahl76 I understand that. I guess what I'm saying is I'd acquire on "by other means" which always seems to be the preferred method in those states anyway. Saul Alinsky tactic of living by the enemies rule so they can no longer abide or whatever.

And I like to think Tucker is the same as me in that regard.

Hey Fam!!! . New to server. Ive got water and wastewater treatment experience. State licensed and what not. Anyone got any questions or wanna talk shop I'm here.

The Cult of White Genocide

A video I made about Great Millstone Hebrew Israelites.

@Deleted User @ThisIsChris Thanks. I have electrical and mechanics skills especially in terms of working 30 HP pumps, 3 phase electric....etc if you want to add those as well Some ways I feel we can fight back against the spread of Indigenous People's Day.

@Asatru Artist - MD Really? It didn't look like that to me from the pictures of LA....

@Asatru Artist - MD I agree insomuch as we are the new native americans.

I agree...settler built this land not the noble savage

But we do share their fate if we are not careful it would seem

I'm still new here so I'm not sure how to take that icon yet lol

I'm partial to Apone in Aliens....."Look in to my eye...."

Thank you. I'm honored to be here. I look forward to working toward and achieving our common goal.


I intend to yes.

Is it in the pledge room?

I see it. Thanks.

I'm sure it'll be somewhat self explanatory

Thanks for the help either way.

Ha ha I think so. that's something I said yesterday in fact. Everyone here seems rather intelligent so far.

Gotcha. Gonna go chill with the wife before the mmet up..Thanks again and I'm sure we will chat again Some ways I feel we can all fight back against th ethnic plunder of Our culture.

keeping mexico in kek

Top Notch

Oregon Trail

Thanks! Great Session!

War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Everything is racist

thats my guiding light when in doubt

a marginally marginalized species

I'm an intense guy. Deal with it.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I also ran through a good week of AmRen articles for my normie friends which will lead to them joining.

But lets focus on the flag and my personal demeanor.

yeah thats me

so now you know

were gonna need to be pretty brave to acomplish what we want

just for you I never will

lol thanks

all flannels must be nationalized

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN and if I may be frank I feel there are enough youtube content creators that drone on with facts and figures about how right we are but there arent enough that just take the gloves off and get to the point.

Wypipo be dyin an sheet

@NateDahl76 If I wanna do science I'll go to work lol

I'm in there

like swimwear

can someone explain a few of these custom emojis to me?

I dont get them

ok. what does he mean lol?

He indirectly supports globalism while supporting a jewish state

hasnt he said hatespeech can be a crime?

might wanna verify that but I think I read some quotes

@Matthias Didn't realize there was an absolute definition of normal. You do realize a huge part of why we are "winning" is a man who yells in the white house yes?

@ophiuchus I'm sorry, are the AmRen articles I ran through incorrect? we are misguided if so...

please remove me from this server as well. According to leadership I am "unhinged" don't want my passionate nature to spread

fucking group is a joke

patrick casey is boring

Am i out yet

fireside chats should be for everyone

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