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IE hasn't really pushed the non-college part of its membership.

Are there guidelines to the emojis?

The Robert Putnam study has been replicated a number of times. The most consistent result was that Robert Putnam was right. Th second most consistent result was that, once you controlled for Hispanic and Africans, diversity had no effect.

Asian women are far left, East Asian men are slightly Trumpian, South Asian men are the most beta-cucked individuals on the planet

How they get that "immigrants commit less crime" is by excluding those born in the US. Second generation immigrants rebound to racial norms

@Jacob It jives with other studies that have found that immigrants of all racial groups perform better than natives. Being an immigrant is a strong environmental effect that vanishes in one generation

@Jacob Chanda Chisala has entire series on Unz that would provide a lot of fodder for a blogger

Immigrants will actually admit that they made society worse but they coach it in "you deserve to lose your privilege"

@Sam Southern - TN Luckily, yellows have a low TFR. China is a decade away from massive population greying and India will join them in the 2080s. We can win the demographic game against them.

But immigrant children crash HARD, Hispanics constantly lament their sons become potatoes (in both shape and color)

No non-white immigrants are our allies. But their kids don't speak mandarin.

<insert Empire of Dust clip here>

@Jacob But will they leave when America is no longer the #1 economy?

China #1 economy in mid-2030s. India #2 economy in 2050s. Might be a white pill, might not.

If by support you mean free trade, yes.

So, what exactly is a fireside?

So, we're tuning in for the state of the organization?

@SuperTomPerry -RI Does that mean I have to bring marshmallows to this shindig?

The breaking point for white people is apparently 7 dollars a gallon.

It converts to 7 dollars a gallon from liters

Dont use your real birthday either. Thats the holy trinity of doxxing

@Reinhard Wolff Do you think the US will collapse?

@Reinhard Wolff How will the US deal with the debt when it gets extremely high in 2033?

colleges are majority women now

Monarchy is the most heavenly form of government

The great chain of being extends from God down to the King down to the family patriarch

Monarchy is not fascism and fascism is not attempt to make a secular Monarchy.

Neither is Monachy totalitarian as the rings of hierarchy were, are, clearly defined and limited

There's a big debate around the role of the Aristocracy and the role it plays in a monarchy. Not a lot of love for the merchant class

The problem is that all the monarchs have a hatred for the ideology that unseated them: nationalism. The Hapsburgs are BIG EU supporters.

The prince married a half-black American divorcee because the Queen needed a colored member of the family to parade around multi-racial England.

absolute power doesn't exist. Even the absolute monarch had his head chopped off by peasants. Its more honest than what we have now

Once the aristocracy lost the ear of the monarch, it was only a matter of time before the monarchy lost his head.

Thats a funny thing to say as we watch the Trump presidency be strangled by the Deep State

It's not LARPing so much as critique of democracy in the abstract. The upside of autocracy is the ability to affect change quickly. Democracy is meant to make change much harder. The Lows are higher but the highs are lower, as it were.

The King of Jordan basically is Jocko

None of this will matter when we are all stuffed into pleasure pods to live in our own personal matrix

The Dem donor class would never allow it

I was thinking Tom Steyer specifically

The POC ascendency's birthrate could be tanked by encouraging the over education of POC women. It might be a trade we'd have to make

Free POC college for immigration moratorium could be possible. Tad accelerationist though.

Why did they get rid of live meetups?

And who is the patron saint of our knightly order?

And then he goes to live with the goats in Utah

Once you chase someone down, you are the aggressor in most states

@Reinhard Wolff Why is there a ban on taking pictures of flyers at night?

How will we confirm when attendance has been taken?

@Reinhard Wolff what exactly is this lawsuit that's been mentioned occasionally?

What is the stance on Southern Nationalism? Too toxic?

Too Divisive/Regionalism?

Molly will probably never come over to Identitarianism. He cant lose his youtube channel and they would surely ban him if he went too far.

Vermont saw a large migration of New Yorkers and Bostonians to the southern, and urban, part of the state. You are probably encountering old stock Vermonters.

I suggest reading up on the colonization of America. It's a fascinating subject that will be useful in crafting a new narrative about Whites and America. American Nations by Colin Woodard is highly suggested.

Still going to the gym M-W-F. I've about doubled what I was lifting but I haven't lost a single pound.

@VinceChaos I am eating like shit. It's fast food everyday, two meals a day. I'm slammed at work.

I guess thats February's goal

Can you go to LOPF if you are a pledge?

White supremacism means whites having ANY political power or wealth in any capacity

Plus, just read it out Southern Poverty Law Center, you can just see them marching with MLK. (they were actually founded in the early 70s way after the civil rights movements)

Sometimes I get a dream where I am sitting in my kindergarten class but as a high school student, and then I realize I'm a grown man and wake up.

@Jacob no, but every time I'm freaking out because I didn't do my homework.

@ExternalPepsi That's a very common dream for soldiers and cops but it's a gun and the trigger wont pull

Wait, @sigruna14 isn't an AI?

I thought @sigruna14 was in Patrick's bathroom

K/J pop videos are far better than the music. Pretty colors, cute girls.

I actually lost my yellow fever from watching too much K-pop.

@DixieBoy76 - KY go on boy, save those white genes

Can a culture survive without statues? I have seriously had to question this recently.

I thought that was a requirement. Isn't that what the video interview is for?

I cannot imagine what conflu would do to a newborn.

Matteo is not the head of government. He isn't even in the leading coalition party.

He's pretty safe from public opinion on the economy.

I, for one, am loyal to our true founding document: the Articles of Confederation.

I remember buying uncensored Tenchi Muyo from the Dollar General.

It is so sad watching Old Dominion fall in real time.

That chart is a damning indictment of capitalism. The argument about drug companies poisoning people just to sell them vaccines actually played out with empty calories

Just a reminder that most of the job growth in the country went to immigrants.

Dems took the house. Ain't nothing getting passed except "invade more countries Orange man!"

Imagine if we could just get 5% more of the white woman vote.

@Jacob I think there was some research into the topic. Women like social programs. Historically, women financed the Nazi party. The big sticking point seems to be the "cruelty" of Republican austerity.

You have to balance the long term goal: white women should get married young and be stay at home moms against the short term goal: vote Republican.

Give it a generation

On the topic of Ethiopia, what's the over-under on China's colonization driving the African's north?

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