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Ardubinston 2016-11-14 23:38:20 [Montreal Storm #general]

I hear the tories pay well and aren't globalist shills.

Posporo 2016-12-13 23:51:03 [GabberHangout #general]

but theyre both globalist bs

bb22 2016-12-14 20:44:33 [GabberHangout #general]

im all for nationalist movements in any nation, if they want to put their own culture and people ahead of the globalist community

Bowling King 2016-12-16 06:18:40 [GabberHangout #general]

my ancestors are smiling at me globalist can you say the same

oh fuck these globalist and destabilization BS

Hes a globalist puppet

Slav 2016-12-16 10:13:33 [GabberHangout #general]

I dislike the globalist secular ones

globalists lose

Slav 2016-12-17 23:08:54 [GabberHangout #general]

They are a globalist country, in or out of the EU.

MrGoat 2016-12-18 21:15:30 [GabberHangout #general]

Globalist Leeches = JEWS - soros is a jew
WN = Identitarian
RACE = Culture

Bloodborn 2016-12-18 21:34:44 [GabberHangout #general]

Or Globalist Elites.

Globalist vampires. Globalist Mafia. Leeches are TOO small. whatever a globalist is, it has to be something VERY BAD.

Bloodborn 2016-12-18 21:47:02 [GabberHangout #general]

Alt-Right simply is everything on the right that isn't in the Establishment Globalist Right.

Jossi 2016-12-18 21:56:46 [GabberHangout #general]

Infogalactic: β€œThe Alt-Right is a collection of right-wing individuals and groups who reject the globalist and "invade the world, invite the world" ideologies of mainstream conservative and center-right parties in the Western world in favor of an ideology grounded in science, history, reality, and the right of genetically similar peoples to exist and govern themselves.”

Bloodborn 2016-12-18 22:10:44 [GabberHangout #general]

Globalists Globalists Globalists.

Globalist = Joooos

Globalist Leeches = JEWS
WN = Identitarian
RACE = Culture

yeah, Globalist Leeches control porn today

no Globalist Leeches there

UB3ARCAT 2016-12-19 00:05:32 [GabberHangout #general]

Lasst nur merkel und ihre globalisten assasieren und dann den vierten riech wieder herstellen @HeimatFreiheitTradition

MrGoat 2016-12-19 19:20:15 [GabberHangout #general]

the globalists just want to keep touching little boys.

MrGoat 2016-12-19 20:14:51 [GabberHangout #general]

globalist do it too

The Alt-Right is a collection of right-wing individuals and groups who reject the globalist and "invade the world, invite the world" ideologies of mainstream conservative and center-right parties in the Western world in favor of an ideology grounded in science, history, reality, and the right of genetically similar peoples to exist and govern themselves.


MrGoat 2016-12-24 16:45:15 [GabberHangout #general]

you globalists

this is how the Globalists win

Jossi 2016-12-28 00:45:00 [GabberHangout #general]

I have to thank you @HeimatFreiheitTradition if for no other reason than I came up with a cool new novel (needs a title) about corporate espionage, nationalism, and traditional love set in Prague in the 21st Century in a huge globalist corporation. it's about a man falling for a woman and they take down the globalists together ❀ ❀ ❀


czar 2016-12-28 05:02:05 [GabberHangout #general]

i need funding to battle the globalists - every alex jones ever

ratoj9 2016-12-28 12:04:30 [GabberHangout #general]

@Posporo The Right has always had infighting more so than the herd-minded Left. The dream of a Trump presidency has manifested but it doesn't mean to sit back & assume Trump is our lord emperor gladiator who will slay the globalist dragon. His victory is a step in the right direction, yet like every other politician, we have to make sure he fulfills his campaign promises and be critical of any decision that we may disagree with.

czar 2016-12-29 00:21:02 [GabberHangout #general]

fountainhead spammed for 30 minutes straight and got #StopGlobalists trending @everyone

czar 2016-12-29 02:01:23 [GabberHangout #general]


MrGoat 2016-12-29 03:47:16 [GabberHangout #general]


DaFaKing 2016-12-29 19:32:23 [GabberHangout #general]

A globalist agenda.

Posporo 2016-12-30 01:35:48 [GabberHangout #general]

nothing wrong with being a jew, its the zionist and globalist jews that are the problem

czar 2016-12-30 05:31:10 [GabberHangout #general]


MrGoat 2017-01-01 03:29:48 [GabberHangout #general]

weak minded globalist

DaFaKing 2017-01-01 03:31:18 [GabberHangout #general]

Truth and facts distorts the globalists agenda.

You've come to the wrong neighborhood, globalist

Its "secular" enough to not scare the globalists too much

The globalist want robots

The globalists want everybody to be Beige πŸ˜‰

The globalists want war and the bitter leftists who blame Putin for Hilary's list

Favourite left wing globalist mantra - "We can't let this happen in front of our own eyes !"

Bloodborn 2017-01-14 23:59:39 [GabberHangout #general]

I'm talking about Globalists

Bloodborn 2017-01-15 06:04:16 [GabberHangout #general]

A 'globalist' citizen?

Bloodborn 2017-01-15 06:15:21 [GabberHangout #general]

Alright, well then... the globalists won't like what I have to say about prisoners next πŸ˜›

tribes77 2017-01-15 21:11:16 [GabberHangout #general]

Globalist race bait 101

But it will give you that sour taste once you realize that you are essentially living in a globalist shithole, not a proper country

tribes77 2017-01-18 00:51:34 [GabberHangout #general]

Isn't classifying every1 a race what the globalists want for us to be divided and conquered tho ?

BlackSalami 2017-01-18 15:40:55 [GabberHangout #general]

so there is this (((globalist))) in my group for a class

TheSlavPill 2017-01-18 21:14:16 [GabberHangout #general]

because the EU are the ones who are still the most globalistic muslimophilic and serb hating political force today

Bloodborn 2017-01-18 21:38:54 [GabberHangout #general]

The Populist Tide is Rising! Let the Globalists Drown!

frankvl 2017-01-19 22:24:17 [GabberHangout #general]

the first step is pulling out of globalist bullshit

its as globalist as it gets "international waters"

Bloodborn 2017-01-20 20:35:58 [GabberHangout #general]

So, Western 'Communism' is entirely globalist... and Eastern Communism is entirely based on the nationstate...

TheSlavPill 2017-01-20 23:35:18 [GabberHangout #lounge]

and globalist anti whites

Use terms that are interchangeable, the definition of 'jew' with Globalist.

Collectivism gets a bad rap from those on the right, or centrists who at least reject communism. But tribalism is the default state of people and ultimately tribalism is a form of collectivism. It’s inevitable that collectivism will expand when presented with an outside threat. Every layer of identity is built upon the bedrock of family and tribalism. The (((globalists))) in charge of Europe and the west in general have tried to build the fourth floor (planetary solidarity) without completing the third and using materials (Africans & Arabs) not suitable for the construction of multi-storey buildings. In their time of need Europeans peoples will build the third floor (Pan-Europeanism) or they will perish. The people who invade our countries identify themselves first and foremost as Muslims. This Pan-Islamic identity must be rebuffed by a united front if we have any chance to survive.

Kombat-Unit 2017-01-31 06:07:52 [tradworker #tradworker]

Milton Friedman was a kike who is responsible for facilitating globalist economics in USA and the de-industrialization of the entire western world.

we just have to stop being fucking globalist jew owned morons

Karling 2017-02-03 15:53:32 [Anticom #general]

we're supposed to be fighting against pedophile globalist puppets not become them

well what do you think all these fucking globalists and kikes will do to keep their hold over countries

because it benefits the globalists and those in real power

but the globalists dont need to

Odalist Refrain 2017-02-05 22:15:33 [Anticom #general]

@Anticom LR Easy on the globalist rhetoric there, Shlomo.

jello 2017-02-05 22:24:06 [Anticom #general]

antifa is funded by globalists who want them to get violent

GunsNdrums 2017-02-06 13:46:02 [Anticom #general]

yea we do thanks to trudeau the ultimate globalist

and other globalist shilling

OmarKhan 2017-02-08 00:41:45 [Anticom #general]

Economically I don't like national socialism, on a cultural level it's way better than globalist communists

Prophet Of Kek 2017-02-14 00:30:06 [Anticom #general]

I'd rather that than globalist kikes

Prophet Of Kek 2017-02-14 00:30:52 [Anticom #general]

It was the globalist ones who took advantage

Slav 2017-02-15 00:39:53 [GabberHangout #general]

The Conservative party will rule Britain for the foreseeable future, and they are the worst globalists currently in power anywhere

EcoDIckmcgee 2017-02-15 16:39:47 [Anticom #general]

The antithesis of globalism, you'll be shocked in seeing globalist libertarians

Void 2017-02-15 16:40:18 [Anticom #general]

globalist libertarianism at least makes some sense

Void 2017-02-15 18:55:37 [Anticom #general]

we globalist chat now

πŸ…±arD 2017-02-16 01:23:22 [Anticom #general]

Mods HATE him!
Pol anon brings down the entire globalist system with one easy thread!

Not sure. Regardless, that doesn't mean we can't work together to defeat our common enemy: the globalists.

Deafmute 2017-02-21 04:03:58 [Montreal Storm #general]

aka (((globalists)))

Dangerlurking 2017-02-28 16:30:35 [Anticom #general]

>Admitting that your company is globalist marxist jews

Rasenemus 2017-02-28 16:51:23 [Anticom #general]

it's not globalist marxist

Void 2017-02-28 17:12:15 [Anticom #general]

I think the globalist tops goal largely is, but the lower people like her probably are idealogues

James_Coney - LA 2017-03-02 22:44:59 [Anticom #general]

Fuck the globalist kikes

Miomio 2017-03-04 20:54:42 [Anticom #general]

Globalist confirmed

Yankee 2017-03-06 01:47:25 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

@here "globalists"

Koba 2017-03-06 01:48:00 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

he just ignores it and sees the negative side of the jews as globalists

asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk 2017-03-07 01:51:19 [Anticom #general]

antfa is communist working for globalist captialisets

GoGo 2017-03-07 04:48:32 [Anticom #general]

Ripped his shirt off and screamed about globalists

Slav 2017-03-11 21:26:43 [GabberHangout #general]

I'd rather live under the Ottoman Empire (and god knows I hate Turks) than become a globalist liberal hellhole

Lord Joe 2017-03-11 22:39:01 [Anticom #general]

the globalist understood this

Meme Dealer 2017-03-13 01:03:29 [Anticom #general]

Exactly, it was a chame the EU destroyed most peoples hopes of that. A real brotherhood would not be trusted because of the globalists financers in brussles

Platz 2017-03-15 12:55:48 [Anticom #general]

Throw the gates open wide so refugees can flood into the neighborhoods of people voting for globalists

Convo 2017-03-15 21:45:29 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

do you WANT me to be mind vibrated by the globalistS?

πŸ…±arD 2017-03-16 01:03:10 [Anticom #general]

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little globalist? I'll have you know gets over 11 million hits a month, and

πŸ…±arD 2017-03-16 01:03:55 [Anticom #general]

Think again, globalist. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of alt-rightists across the world and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, globalist.

Dangerlurking 2017-03-17 16:35:57 [Anticom #general]


Verm 2017-03-18 01:09:04 [Anticom #general]

The PVV is controlled opposition, but it acts as a nice distractor from the real threat to the globalist left wing.

Convo 2017-03-18 14:35:07 [Vibrant Diversity #general]


Koba 2017-03-18 14:37:24 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

To frame the globalists as jews

Convo 2017-03-18 14:38:03 [Vibrant Diversity #general]


Convo 2017-03-18 17:21:22 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

is he also a globalist

Koba 2017-03-18 21:51:13 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

dont trust those race traitor globalist kike scum

esgee 2017-03-19 16:15:36 [Anticom #general]

to muslims, jews and globalists

Accipiter 2017-03-19 19:31:32 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

(((Globalist banks))) were a mistake

he is a globalist though

James_Coney - LA 2017-03-21 15:29:37 [Anticom #general]

My great great great grandfather was a Spanish Knight and he'd be rolling in his grave if he heard half the shit this globalist cuck Pope says.

James_Coney - LA 2017-03-21 16:21:47 [Anticom #general]

Deus vulting through Rome to behead the globalist infiltrator!

Heliodromus Shingen 2017-03-22 00:56:30 [Anticom #general]

Jewish globalists know how this all works

we must destroy the globalist kikes

James_Coney - LA 2017-03-22 15:11:09 [Anticom #general]

So it was globalist assassin's not just pissed off in belted Pakis?

It would be interesting to see him vs enoch in conversation of Styx's version of nationalism vs why ours is important. However I would imagine that styx agrees entirely with all of it on a pragmatic/tactical standpoint, but just sees more value into more mass appeal for what he does. At least that's what I get from talking with him. He also sees value in attacking jews who are disprotiantly the elite globalists but that we tend to not address the non-jewish ones who cause just as much issues which is a valid critique. If Styx is the new center-right then great because that means we win.

Styx, "I don't think I have. I didn't even know therightstuff existed until a few months before the ruckus with Enoch. I've listened to a few episodes since and I enjoy it. You're right that we are fighting the same globalists and (((globalists))). As long as we continue to push the overton window back to the right we'll continue to win the culture war for gen Z. "

Convo 2017-03-22 20:40:47 [Vibrant Diversity #general]


at the moment I would be willing to ally with Hotep or Commies or literally anyone that is anti globalist and anti immigration

asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk 2017-03-27 01:37:32 [Anticom #general]

fascism is better applied country to country not something you can do globaly, due to a whole hoset of cultural, enviormental, genetic and economic factors. but commies think there ideal applies to everybody and that there stronger together. but besides that we primarly need to be upstanding citizens who point out the fact that (((antifa))) is the cause of more issues and apart of a larger globalist agenda to bring everybody down to proverty. or something similar

Accipiter 2017-03-30 17:34:45 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

The (((EU))) shouldn't be messing in the affairs of Americans, fucking (((Globalists)))

@RedRightHand globalist_fanfic.txt

Andy 2017-03-30 22:06:59 [Anticom #general]

>It all backfires on China and Globalists

Convo 2017-04-03 00:43:45 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

If we are talking seriously about taking back local communities from corporate hegemony, we have be able to confront the fact that many of these communities are going to be based around shared identities and values that are diametrically at odds with the neoliberal, globalist, multicultural (really monocultural) corporate status-quo.

Calling people "racist" for wanting to form intentional communities based around shared identity and values is simply a cop-out, and indicative of government and corporatist social conditioning.

Left unexamined here is the a priori moral assumption that diversity or multiculturalism is necessarily a social good, and that any social conflict or bad outcomes it creates are the result of moral failings of the people themselves, not as a result of conflicts inherent to the neoliberal corporate multicultural project.

This is typically coupled with the religious incantation that we must overcome feelings of preference or kinship for racial and ethnic in-groups, but why? This is never examined, and I think this is due to social programming.

Renaar 2017-04-03 17:10:29 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

>be russia
>death to gays
>don't take shit from the whole globalist world
>stop international adoption because of pizzagate while world claims it's fake news
Hell yeah

Renaar 2017-04-03 19:35:18 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Anti globalists strong against muzzies

Renaar 2017-04-03 19:59:37 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Globalist shills obviously

Renaar 2017-04-04 05:18:03 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

globalists shills, globalist shills everywhere

Renaar 2017-04-04 05:21:13 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

no the globalists are the borg trying to assimilate all cultures to non-culture, they command the lower race of mudslimes

πŸ…±arD 2017-04-04 05:34:53 [Anticom #general]

@James_Coney - LA your wife = globalist reptile confirmed

A Really Bad Goy 2017-04-04 05:55:40 [Anticom #general]

I am or I support
Nationalist vs Globalist: Nationalist
Traditional vs Modern: Modern
Libertarian vs Authoritarian: Libertarian
Individualist vs Collectivist: Individualist
Capitalist vs Socialist: Capitalist
Unrestricted Reproductive Rights vs Eugenics: Eugenics
2nd Amendment vs Gun Control: 2nd Amendment
Cannabis Legal vs Cannabis Illegal: Cannabis Legal
Gay Rights vs Traditional Values: Gay Rights
Pacifist vs Martial: Martial
National Service vs Professional Military: Professional Military
Militia vs No Militia: Militia
Equal Rights Equal Fights vs Old-School Gender Role: Equal Rights
Chopper Ride vs Lynching: Chopper Ride
Monogamy vs Polygamy: Monogamy
Ford vs Chevy: Ford
AR10 vs M1A: AR10
Dogs vs Cats: Dogs
AR15 vs Mini14: AR15
1911 vs Glock17: 1911
S&W vs Sig Sauer: S&W
City vs Country: Country
Skate Shoes vs Cowboy Boots: Cowboy Boots

Renaar 2017-04-06 02:54:52 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

complete globalist shill

James_Coney - LA 2017-04-06 19:47:35 [Anticom #general]

@Andy The globalists are the commies we're concerned about, the ruskies are a non-threat

Heliodromus Shingen 2017-04-06 19:53:24 [Anticom #general]

>people thinking that this was meant to work out and not just a globalist plot to bleed burgerland dry

Dangerlurking 2017-04-06 19:55:24 [Anticom #general]

>Tfw when globalists want to set up a pro FSA government in syria but end up at war with russia

πŸ…±arD 2017-04-06 20:21:24 [Anticom #general]

Works out for Americans (not the globalist ones) and Russia.

Odalist Refrain 2017-04-07 01:54:19 [Anticom #general]

@everyone ***To all the Underaged members here, more than likely still in high school, don't feel cheated. You may feel the rest of your life has been stolen, but this was destined to be. All we may do is fight. However we're now on our own. We must fight a two front war, as our forebearers once did some 70 years ago. We must fight the communists to our left, and the globalists to our right. It's not the end just yet. You're coming of age in the era of Hard Times. But you are about to become Great Men. Heill Óðinn.***

Mr. Red 2017-04-07 03:38:26 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

Neither Trump or Putin want WWIII. It's the (((Globalists))) who are trying to rek mankind.

BershaeS 2017-04-07 14:36:53 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

yea, globalists and cucks getting theirs

πŸ…±arD 2017-04-07 14:43:31 [Anticom #general]

>caring about globalist laws

Bannon "You were the chosen one, you were supposed to destroy the globalists and bring balance to the white race, not leave it in darkness"


Zorost 2017-04-08 03:14:11 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

Tucker seems to be saying WNs aren't really against the bombing, because that doesn't make any sense.
Which is kinda true. One of the funniest memes I've seen recently is about how the multicult globalists are cheering at bombing Syria while WNs with crusader memes are bemoaning the attack on a mideast country

James_Coney - LA 2017-04-08 21:41:28 [Anticom #general]

@skeleton-jelly That would be applicable if Trump was calling for regime change, but he's still putting America first and playing 4D chess with the globalist kikes.

DuraLexSedLex 2017-04-09 02:14:19 [Anticom #general]

Agreed. Unfortunately, all the signs point to fucking CFR globalists whispering Iago-style into his ear

SwiFT 2017-04-09 04:56:15 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

Look, I'm not defending what Cernovich is reporting, and I'm CERTAINTLY not defending Kushner, just saying it's possible that it's not Kushner that got Trump to take action, but all these fuck head globalist generals he has as his adivsers

Globalist, the bankers.

TheStriker94 2017-04-10 04:31:59 [Anticom #general]

globalist confirmed

James_Coney - LA 2017-04-10 16:22:02 [Anticom #general]

@Templar-CA @The Inquisitor [☧] The globalist kikes at the Vatican would never do it unless it supported some agenda like overthrowing assad.

BFG 2017-04-10 23:22:04 [4th Reich #general]

@Europa it's a good thing though because public agenda is already being used for the globalist agenda

BFG 2017-04-10 23:23:52 [4th Reich #general]

corporations = globalists the vast majority of them it seems

gotta keep the globalists on your side goy

Europa 2017-04-11 00:35:04 [4th Reich #general]

Doesnt mean the jews want to give up SK. From the globalist stand point theyd be losing SK which is not a good idea

Renaar 2017-04-11 05:24:55 [4th Reich #general]

nationalist is smaller gov than globalist

Renaar 2017-04-11 05:40:06 [4th Reich #general]

globalist betas get the rope

Renaar 2017-04-11 16:07:33 [4th Reich #general]

Globalist chemicals in everything

>implying he didn't just say that to gaslight the globalists

RussianHacker 2017-04-11 17:46:49 [4th Reich #general]

seems like globalist kikery to me

NiggerLyncher 2017-04-11 17:56:51 [4th Reich #general]

Globalist kikes are biggest threat

scrub 2017-04-11 21:07:22 [4th Reich #general]

The globalists tell you that low birth rates are perfectly okay and you just have to bring in immigrants

buttmutt 2017-04-12 05:06:12 [4th Reich #general]

>2 nationalist leaders working against globalists
>implying their interests dont overlap immensely and they would be too stupd not to work togetehr

Renaar 2017-04-13 03:29:08 [4th Reich #general]

Twitching is in resistance to globalist programming

Sigurd88 2017-04-13 14:44:22 [4th Reich #general]

put all the globalist leaders in jail

Please don't tell me you're a globalist.

*useful idiots for the globalists

Kike of Kaifeng 2017-04-13 20:11:25 [Anticom #general]

these are globalists of a different sort

Renaar 2017-04-14 03:19:58 [4th Reich #general]

wonder why the globalists shill for syrian war

cqc 2017-04-14 03:45:23 [4th Reich #general]

it doesn't help his son-in-law is a Jewish globalist interventionist

Renaar 2017-04-14 22:52:15 [4th Reich #general]

Both globalist

Kike of Kaifeng 2017-04-15 00:55:54 [Anticom #general]

@Lord Efo because I’m a Chinese nationalist who wants to defeat the globalists #UnitedInStruggle

buttmutt 2017-04-16 05:04:04 [Anticom #general]

also a globalist

TheBoat 2017-04-16 20:16:43 [4th Reich #general]


Boru 2017-04-16 21:14:37 [Anticom #general]

The political threat is left-wing, anti-nationalist,globalist. AKA the polar opposite of Fascism

Sigurd88 2017-04-16 21:17:29 [4th Reich #general]

We always are with America and Obama wants globalist over true friendship

Renaar 2017-04-16 22:46:25 [4th Reich #general]

because who gives a shit when we're working to bring down globalists

my aunt is a huge anti-globalist

Rotmistrz 2017-04-17 00:32:54 [4th Reich #general]

Politicians and globalist are fucking us

Rotmistrz 2017-04-17 04:59:55 [4th Reich #general]

but he has the globalist part right

Renaar 2017-04-17 05:00:05 [4th Reich #general]

globalist part right

NiggerLyncher 2017-04-17 05:00:08 [4th Reich #general]

yeah hes right about globalists

i am helping fight the globalists!

NiggerLyncher 2017-04-17 05:22:41 [4th Reich #general]

she understands white genocide and is anti globalist

Colossal Cactus 2017-04-17 19:25:36 [4th Reich #general]

Daily reminder that Macron is a globalist cuck.

Rotmistrz 2017-04-17 19:53:53 [4th Reich #general]

Without globalist EU

The Westernist 2017-04-18 03:45:41 [4th Reich #general]

macron is a clinton-esque globalist right?

Crocodillo 2017-04-18 04:55:55 [Anticom #general]

>In an abandoned timeline, Alex Jones and the Bogdanoffs came together with a single goal in mind. To create the ultimate truth bomb
>Indeed, the world was slowly waking, but it was time for the alarm clock to ring. Combining their powers, they created the ultimate truth bomb. The true, final redpill.
>However, the sheer power of this bomb bore dire consequences... And so to reverse what had been done, they temporally shattered that timeline, forever hiding this destructive force away
>Alas, it was realized that one big truthbomb would not deliver the final blow... But a bullet hell of smaller Truthbombs. The globalist kikes would die a death of a thousand cuts
>And every single one of them will sting like a bitch

Renaar 2017-04-18 16:03:51 [4th Reich #general]

The shame of globalist culture who shill for more gvmt power every day of the year

disney was a fucked up globalist shill tho

but he was still globalist af

Rotmistrz 2017-04-18 21:17:49 [4th Reich #general]

we just memers living in (((globalist))) world

NiggerLyncher 2017-04-18 21:59:09 [4th Reich #general]

im against globalist kikery, i have no problem with jews having a place to stay thats not my country

The Westernist 2017-04-18 22:18:55 [4th Reich #general]

the globalist jews fill our countries with foreigners while the zionist jews make us spend trillions to create wars that send those people to the west in the first place, they are two sides of the same sword

buttmutt 2017-04-19 00:50:35 [Anticom #general]

nationalism is just incompatible with a globalist system that's freewheeling from tech advances

Dangerlurking 2017-04-19 00:51:01 [Anticom #general]


he holds too much power rn, they're charging him too much. the feminists, the globalists, the niggers, the kid fuckers, they're charging moloch and it's his feast RIGHT NOW

Sigurd88 2017-04-19 06:11:27 [4th Reich #general]

London is a globalist piece of shite i can vouch for that

Sigurd88 2017-04-19 13:37:31 [4th Reich #general]

I don't want to join the corporate globalist machine

YUGE 2017-04-19 18:24:19 [Vibrant Diversity #general]

the worst were some globalist overtones, but I never had a prof that pushed that

Verm 2017-04-20 00:22:28 [Anticom #general]

Because they've got rioters to deal with. We've got globalist kikes to deal with.

tittywizard88 2017-04-20 05:55:12 [Anticom #general]

"My ancestors are smiling at me Globalist, can you say the same?"

gabriel 2017-04-20 19:45:06 [4th Reich #general]

(The echo here is referring to globalist Jews,not Jews in general)

Renaar 2017-04-21 03:03:46 [4th Reich #general]

lynch the globalists

TheBoat 2017-04-21 09:59:55 [4th Reich #general]

I'm quite okay with Non-Zionist/Non-Globalist jews

BTFO globalist agenda, that's what they wanted us to do next

β€œWe accept no degeneracy within our ranks. Being White is not enough. Every member of Antipodean Resistance must dedicate himself to a higher standard of behaviour. We oppose substance abuse, homosexuality, and all other rotten, irresponsible distractions laid before us by Jews and globalist elites."

Sigurd88 2017-04-22 19:03:34 [4th Reich #general]

the Biased Broadcasting Corporation just typical left globalist biased media like CNN will confurse the headline to not state the truth that the left is violent and against free speech and democracy

Sigurd88 2017-04-22 20:57:58 [4th Reich #general]

otherwise we will all be splinter fringe groups and will end in obscurity against the liberal globalists

Unless we want roaches to infest France and the EU to remain a globalist plutocracy


when he talks about reptillian globalists

Sigurd88 2017-04-23 15:43:22 [4th Reich #general]

it's easier for Trump Brexit if we also have France on our side against the liberal globalists

Sigurd88 2017-04-23 19:01:17 [4th Reich #general]

Globalists BTFO

yeah, the only reason it's at 1B now is with the globalist order at full strength, multiply it by 4 as our homelands degrade i'm sure it will work out fine

Renaar 2017-04-25 15:40:47 [4th Reich #general]

The globalist Zionists are

NiggerLyncher 2017-04-25 15:40:56 [4th Reich #general]

we need to fight globalists first

Renaar 2017-04-25 15:41:02 [4th Reich #general]

And Islam is inherently globalist

Colossal Cactus 2017-04-25 15:41:32 [4th Reich #general]

It's inherently warlike and focussed on conquering, which makes it globalist in this day and age.

NiggerLyncher 2017-04-25 22:45:03 [4th Reich #general]

Anti globalist jew is better than a white globalist any day

Sigurd88 2017-04-27 00:06:06 [4th Reich #general]

but to me all the liberals in europe and the west are the same globalist threat

Sigurd88 2017-04-27 00:10:26 [4th Reich #general]

its so clear how the globalist are conspiring against us and our identity and culture

tfw you accept your autism. but its ok because you use it to destroy the globalists

Renaar 2017-04-29 03:13:57 [4th Reich #general]

Both globalist shills

DasJuden 2017-04-29 06:08:54 [4th Reich #general]

anybody else think the antifa brand has been artificialy pumped up lately? I'm a reformed commi and I've gotta say I've never seen them this violent before. I'm thinking the globalists are trying to raise the violence level to pull the country back to (((establishment)))

Sigurd88 2017-04-29 18:12:13 [4th Reich #general]

yeah like i say its just to spam till i get suspended and get the message out and shill for right wing canditates / against globalists

Lazlo 2017-04-30 02:05:34 [4th Reich #general]

Macron is a globalist chick

If ur one of them globalists

Renaar 2017-05-01 02:25:30 [4th Reich #general]

bc sweden cucked by globalists letting in rapefugees to destry it

RussianHacker 2017-05-01 19:24:38 [4th Reich #general]

i guess globalist could use fam as leverage

Renaar 2017-05-01 19:33:35 [4th Reich #general]

Globalists run china

Keksson 2017-05-02 20:33:17 [4th Reich #general]

implying globalists dont fund isis

Renaar 2017-05-02 20:34:00 [4th Reich #general]

implying globalists don't fund both sides

Neuromancer 2017-05-02 21:28:02 [Montreal Storm #general]

it's not like he can say Jews outright , he's build his model on civic nationalism, instead he just calls them globalists, doesn't mean he is a kike himself

It doesn't seem like a globalist kike nation anymore

NiggerLyncher 2017-05-03 00:33:40 [4th Reich #general]

>but all j00s are globalist kikes

Graminthesalmon 2017-05-03 01:46:05 [4th Reich #general]

in fact capitalism is more globalist

Renaar 2017-05-03 01:47:59 [4th Reich #general]

>not globalist

Graminthesalmon 2017-05-03 01:48:23 [4th Reich #general]

They became globalist in the past 20 years

NiggerLyncher 2017-05-03 02:41:53 [4th Reich #general]

its atheist globalist jews

Soros funds Black Lives Matter:
Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 'partners' of the β€˜Women's March on Washington’
Globalists Unite: Hillary Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Dines with George Soros' Son as Donald Trump's Rise Terrifies World Elite:
Soros Paid Al Gore MILLIONS To Push β€˜Aggressive US Action’ On Global Warming
WL 9498 Attached to this is a spreadsheet containing some donations from not only George Soros but also Andrea Colombal... excuse me Andrea Soros Colombal.
Hacked Memo: George Soros Lobbied Obama To Accept 100,000 Refugees Per Year β€” and Succeeded
Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police
Leaked Board Documents: Soros Organization Tried To Influence Supreme Court Ruling On Illegal Immigration

Cenk the Jesuit-Nazi-Globalist
BREAKING: Alex Jones crashed The Young Turks’ stream and proceeded to accuse Cenk of being a Jesuit-Nazi-Globalist.

NiggerLyncher 2017-05-05 15:24:52 [4th Reich #general]

If there was a button to remove groups of people this is the order I'd choose. Coal burners,
Globalist kikes
Bare in mind these are all pressed the same day, but it's the message that matters. Coal burners are gross

Phill 2017-05-06 01:35:42 [4th Reich #general]


NiggerLyncher 2017-05-06 04:14:00 [4th Reich #general]

the globalist west ruiner kike

Mr. Red 2017-05-06 06:34:36 [4th Reich #general]

Fascism isn't nationalist by design. It can globalist or anything in between.

Rotmistrz 2017-05-07 00:45:18 [4th Reich #general]

at least poland standing up to globalists

Mr. Red 2017-05-07 05:19:45 [4th Reich #general]

Yeah. Brussels and Isreal need 2 go as well. But only after all of the globalists and Jews move to each.

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