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Too much channels my N- comrades.

Debate what

Hopefully nuclear destruction to end it.

Feminism not good.

Equal right different roles.

Stalin got it right.

Because women were women and did what women naturally do while having equal rights.

Yes but today its about pushing equal roles in society because more female labour in the market = more profit

And women that work and work dont do guess what

have sex

and kids

And marry

then they become desperate

and feminist

Horses are for eating.

Not sexing or observing.

Yes bees are best.

I agree.

Like why do horses exist

lets eat them

They arent for riding because most of the population that can afford a horse is overweight and they arent good for war either because now we have things called tanks.

Therefor horses are a luxury and not a need.

Therefor horses are the 1%

Therefor horses are the enemy

Therefor we need to eat them.

It tastes like beef

like they are free and shit

Run around

eat grass

and live happy

Unironically preserve the horses but hey if you're hungry and can afford a horse...

So we dont need to eat horses.

Not really.

Im National Communist.


**mongolians lived in collectives and were communist pretty much and they had horses therefor horses ally of the proleteriat.**

Horses debunked.

Do you live in the countryside?

We have chickens.

And only a few people have horses and cows.

Pretty much same thing.


I live in Croatia.

3rd world country in 1st world continent.

It was good untill we got liberated by USA.

Pretty much like Lybia and Iraq.

Albania is better than us.


Basically its like Kosovo, us puppet, economy controlled by EU and if we want to leave we go in debt, only reason we dont have migrants is because even the africans go away beside 40% of our population, low paid jobs, everything getting privatized theese days, companies are falling apart, and they rely on votes from ethnic croatians that migrated away to like australia 20 years ago for government to stay in power.

Also lots of priest rape.

Like not even joking.

I mean i have family in austria.

And i could get a job there.

But id rather try to fix my country.

Or get a good job.

Even if not as paid.


Yeah pretty much the current state of the country.

I just like my country.

I feel at home here.

But life is like really better just a country away.

In slovenia.

And in austria its way better.

I mean americans dont really have such strong connection to its country or ethnonationalism in general.

Nor know how things work outside.

I mean you are the "utopia" everyon on the continent seeks.

I mean europeans cant understand americans same like americans cant understand europeans based on the mentality of the people and when it comes to ethnonationalism its like 2 different worlds.

American people seem to be more and more taking identity in politics and other things and distancing themselves from their country and nationalism.


Most of the people in america either distance themselves fom nationalism or identify as european nationalities rather than american.

I dont think you dont have culture.

I do think various ethnicities need ethnostates but yet work together as a nation.

After all they are the ones who run the things and are able to do so.

They are basically the ones against identity politics while being the worst offenders of it.

"Die for israel."

Not to mention 500% overrepresentation.

I agree.

Btw, what ideology do you go by?


Ah alright.

Im a national communist.

Not to be confused with nazbols.

I think that marxism outlived its usefulness, that it was only the fundation for an ideology that must be built by the people of a certain nation that must take into consideration their geopolitics, ethnicity, and own needs.

Something like Juche, Maoism, Stalinism etc.

Socialism in one country, socialist patriotism, war economy, ethnic nationalism, collectivism.

As in songun policy.

A country needs a strong military, and its people to bring to its development to be truly independent and resist outer influences and dangers as well to protect its independence and be unique in the world.

Think of as in preventing others from posing threat to us and protecting our independence as well bringing discipline and other noble things from the military to the people.

American military was built through ages and its in eternal state of warfare not only to "train" its military but to protect its globalist interest and keep steady supply of profit based on the wars they are involved with.

American military needs to be prepared because it relies on war to sustain itself, it relies on expansionism and it relies on capitalism and globalism.

Beside fearing nations that are on the same military level as them.

Thats how mafia works.

Lvl 5 USA Gook VS Lvl 100 Syrian Army Boss

Barrel bombs are the future of warfare.

Assad hates roads? So you mean assad is Ancap? Thats right kiddo, the people of Syria are AncapTM, fuck the roads, fuck the government, and fuck USA statist. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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