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ManWithTheHand 2017-06-11 23:43:11

Oooohhhhh ssshhhiiieettttt

Americana - MD 2017-06-11 23:43:38


Americana - MD 2017-06-11 23:43:42

It's lit now

πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’©

Americana - MD 2017-06-11 23:43:55

Americana - MD 2017-06-11 23:43:59

Doggos only now

ManWithTheHand 2017-06-11 23:45:37

That the dog you were calling a Nigger?

Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD 2017-06-11 23:47:49

@Americana - MD Dookatduhpuppy

Americana - MD 2017-06-11 23:51:43

Yeah he's a nigger but he's a trainable nigger lol

Johnny O'Malley 2017-06-11 23:53:31

In on doggo posts

Americana - MD 2017-06-11 23:54:47

πŸ‘ŒπŸ» shitposting made implicit and wholesome

Aaron - VA 2017-06-11 23:58:16

Trad pup

crockett 2017-06-12 00:04:45

The Huwhyte Ulf - VA 2017-06-12 00:14:20

AltCelt(IL) 2017-06-12 01:44:43

AltCelt(IL) 2017-06-12 01:44:48

Diablo and Panzer

Stormer DC 2017-06-12 02:49:11

Skull 2017-06-12 03:18:04

Doggers are comfy af

80D 2017-06-12 03:48:43

The last picture I took with my best friend(doge) before I had to put him down. You can't see my face in this one...but its crying like a bitch

80D 2017-06-12 03:49:07

My new dog.

Johnny O'Malley 2017-06-12 03:53:54

I had a picture of me at the vet with my dog I got when I was 12 right before I put him down

Johnny O'Malley 2017-06-12 03:54:12

Wearing the Biggest aviators ever and you could tell I was hysterical

Johnny O'Malley 2017-06-12 03:54:14

Always sucks

80D 2017-06-12 04:01:59

I feel your pain bro. The saying "A dog is a man's best friend" is a very accurate one if you ask me.

Boru 2017-06-12 09:16:42

Only for white people

AltRightVa 2017-06-12 14:02:11

The white man is a dog's best friend

Goldstein Riots 2017-06-12 14:19:21

@Munich this should go in general,it isn't shitposting.

Munich 2017-06-12 14:19:47

I mean they are pieces of shit sooooooooooooo

Goldstein Riots 2017-06-12 14:34:04

True, but this channel is apparently only for dog poasting.

Hand Banana 2017-06-12 15:17:53

Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD 2017-06-12 15:22:08

@Goldstein Riots Youhatedogsbro?

Goldstein Riots 2017-06-12 15:56:16

@Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD No brah, dogs are great!

Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD 2017-06-12 16:02:25


Lucilomar - FL 2017-06-12 16:43:13

80D 2017-06-12 21:25:06

My dog hated niggers... like a good boy.

80D 2017-06-12 21:26:58


Ignis Faatus 2017-06-12 23:41:41

has anyone seen mitch hoob

V I T A L I T Y 2017-06-12 23:43:48

what is a "hoob"

V I T A L I T Y 2017-06-12 23:43:54

are you trying to say "hoobastank"?

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-13 00:36:51


Kurt14Lipper 2017-06-13 02:13:17

Mitch Whomst?

80D 2017-06-13 02:57:13

Don't call people a hoob, it's not polite.

Hand Banana 2017-06-13 09:32:24

Where is Mitch Hoob

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-13 19:15:54

hello where ismitch bhoob

Kurt14Lipper 2017-06-13 21:05:03


Hand Banana 2017-06-14 01:53:30

Mitch Hoob are you OK?

MadDimension 2017-06-14 22:32:35

Pleased to announce that Milo will be attending the rally

Americana - MD 2017-06-14 22:33:58


Aaron - VA 2017-06-14 22:41:26

Thanks for ruining my day !

MadDimension 2017-06-14 22:50:54

Pleased to announce a new attendee for Unite the Right. It really isn't about hate guys.

Americana - MD 2017-06-14 22:51:58

Look at that baaaasssssssed Israelite! He wuz the real Jewz you know?

MadDimension 2017-06-14 22:55:30

*blocks your path*

Aaron - VA 2017-06-14 22:59:13

Wait was the Milo thing a joke?

Aaron - VA 2017-06-14 22:59:20

Since its in shitposting?

Americana - MD 2017-06-14 23:05:23

@Aaron - VA yes... you autist

Aaron - VA 2017-06-14 23:12:47

Thank god man..

Aaron - VA 2017-06-14 23:12:52

I was stressing

Hand Banana 2017-06-14 23:53:00

Hand Banana 2017-06-14 23:53:07

Rochord Sponcor is coming

MadDimension 2017-06-15 00:00:55

Big if true

Americana - MD 2017-06-15 00:28:00


Goldstein Riots 2017-06-15 03:48:19

yankees arent people 2017-06-15 07:14:15

yankees arent people 2017-06-15 07:14:27

yankees arent people 2017-06-15 07:14:33

roybooneNC 2017-06-17 15:20:34

Hand Banana 2017-06-17 15:32:04

rustysp00n 2017-06-17 17:11:49

1Robertelee 2017-06-18 03:39:40

We need to get a few tour buses to bus us in and have a legitimate camera posted next to the exits to film us all getting off the bus. Very good optics!

HipToTheJQ 2017-06-18 03:40:59

such a good idea that it needed to be posted in 3 different channels lol

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-18 03:58:08

any single rats in here

Hand Banana 2017-06-18 04:23:24


roybooneNC 2017-06-19 00:09:14

Americana - MD 2017-06-19 00:12:03

That blows my mind that people wouldn't want their own kids but would willingly raise another persons

roybooneNC 2017-06-19 00:19:45

At least stay in your own race.

Boru 2017-06-19 00:23:23

If my worse fears come true and I'm infertile I would consider adopting a white child

Tyrone 2017-06-19 00:34:53

I got plenty if you need one?

Americana - MD 2017-06-19 00:57:06

@Boru have you worried about that before?

Boru 2017-06-19 00:59:05

@Americana - MD I had a hernia surgery when I was 5. I've read that theres about a 10% chance that it can cause infertility

Americana - MD 2017-06-19 00:59:24

Oh shiiitttt

Aaron - VA 2017-06-19 01:00:38

Banned @Boru

Boru 2017-06-19 01:01:10

<:globalist:321790059449810945> I'll use my super male vitality

Americana - MD 2017-06-19 01:10:55

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-19 19:32:47

hello mitch hoob

Nicklis - OH 2017-06-19 19:47:01
Hand Banana 2017-06-19 20:09:14

Ignis have you seen mitch

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-19 20:13:47

no and i miss shitposting all day on fb i feel so disconnected with novody to talk to

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-19 20:22:18

yo allmst im tryna find out is if we can run a train on nathan damigo

Hand Banana 2017-06-20 02:45:54


卐 Heimdulf - VA 卐 2017-06-20 04:16:46

There, fixed it.

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-20 08:04:58

Help me

heyitsmeunseen - IN 2017-06-22 18:40:41


heyitsmeunseen - IN 2017-06-22 18:40:52


roybooneNC 2017-06-23 03:05:22

Phoenix- GA 2017-06-23 20:05:33

Shamelessly stealing emojis now <:parentheses:321807263457345536> <:wat:321792446008918026> <:spaghetti_supremacy:321790566851543041> <:confederate:321809961002860545> <:nationalist:321809640721612802>

roybooneNC 2017-06-23 21:02:40

roybooneNC 2017-06-23 21:03:05

I'm wearing this to blend in with the media no way I'll get doxed!

StrawberryArmada 2017-06-24 05:17:13

Ignis Faatus 2017-06-27 00:38:15

StrawberryArmada 2017-06-27 00:58:41

Drugs expand your mind, man.

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-06-28 00:53:29

Is this spoal?

Hand Banana 2017-06-28 10:42:57

roybooneNC 2017-06-29 03:48:09

missliterallywho 2017-06-29 20:44:27

tfw listening to Alc-Right Rises with the window open while an illegal you just called ICE on works right outside <:moonman:321808243519389707>

The Soy Goy 2017-06-29 21:55:09

Boru 2017-06-29 22:26:57

Memri tv memes are my favorite πŸ˜‚

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-06-29 22:33:26


Boru 2017-06-29 22:36:47


Boru 2017-06-29 22:36:52


roybooneNC 2017-06-29 22:48:51

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-06-29 23:21:34

doxxed and just office cuck politics

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-06-30 03:31:14

TiborSzalasi-MI 2017-06-30 03:31:31

The implicit beer of the alt right

V I T A L I T Y 2017-06-30 03:32:27

Beer? How quaint

V I T A L I T Y 2017-06-30 03:32:33

I’ll take your finest bourbon

Hand Banana 2017-06-30 04:13:30


Hand Banana 2017-06-30 18:09:19

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:09:40

*Men will talk about almost anything.Β 

Men will fight for very few things.Β 

And men will fight to the death for only the most basic of motives. They will fight heroically (that is, with supreme self-sacrifice - which is what "heroism" means) only for idealistic aims they hold greater and more holy than their own personal survival.Β 

Only when you can make a man feel, deep in his heart, that survival of his loved ones, his honor, or his whole people are in deadly danger, will he risk his life to do battle against overwhelming odds, where his own personal survival is unlikely.*Β  -GLR

Stormer DC 2017-07-03 21:14:41

This shouldn't be in the shitposting channel tbh

Stormer DC 2017-07-03 21:14:56

it trivialises it

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:15:34

You're right. I didn't want to be the copy pasta guy though that takes up space lol

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:19:00

And since nobody is really using this channel I'm going to just flood it real quick

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:19:32

*Temporary and flashy political successes are always easy. It is always simpler and quicker to put pads in one's jacket that to build the human muscles to fill the coat by months or years of work and sweat. For fifty years now, there has been a steady rise and fall of "right-wing" or White movements built entirely of pads.

By endorsing motherhood and virtue and patriotism, etc., and by avoiding brutal statements of the real purpose of such organizations---which must necessarily be the extermination of the Communist-Zionist enemies of humanity---great flocks of skittish "patriots", "conservatives", and even a few "tough" anti-Semites could be corraled. But these people are not attracted to such a movement because they are so inflamed with revolutionary zeal that they can hardly be restrained from attacking their tormentors in the streets. Rather they join the "patriot" society to relieve their guilty consciences by pretending to fight the Jews and their treason and terror by what they call "clever underground methods". They relieve themelves of their pent-up frustration at the tyranny of the Jews and negroes once a week at a "Rally" (private, of course) and then hurry home happily for another week of profits, parties and TV.*

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:21:39

*The most fundamental rule of such a cataclysmic social upheaval as a revolution is: "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church!" Perhaps it sounds cruel and brutal, but it is nevertheless true, that the greater the proportion of human upheaval aimed at, the greater quantity of blood and torrents of tears which must be poured out in vast quantities to gain the goal. The kind of unprecedented, colossal movement which can alone reverse the suicidal trend of the Western world, and usher in even another thousand years of survival, can never be launched--let alone won--in any safe, painless, or easy way. Even ordinary sufferings and martyrdom are too minscule for the kind of movement we must set aflame to survive. Everything about the current deadly battle for world mastery is and must be Olympian, and we cannot shrink from Olympian AGONIES if we are to hope to win.

Mighty movements always require millions of people to immolate themselves in a passion of self-sacrificing devotion to the cause. And these enormous masses of people can never be moved to fling themselves into the flames of revolution with shouts of "Favorable trade balance!" or "States' rights!" etc. Only the FUNDAMENTAL drives from deep inside the human psyche can lift the slow-moving masses from their ignorant apathy to the wild pitch of emotion which carries them entirely away in the tidal wave of revolution. Nothing so affects these fundamental emotions of the masses as HEROISM, and only the utmost heroism can now save us from our lethargy and paralyzing fear.*

johnhimself 2017-07-03 21:34:52

Fuck, I love GLR. I'm almost done *White Power*. Next up: *This Time the World* and *Why We Fight*.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:36:03

This time the world is equally as important as WP

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:37:04

It's so personal and romantic. Reading about the struggle of his career is inspiring to say the least.

johnhimself 2017-07-03 21:38:00

In the future I'll be reading *Collected Works* and *A National Socialist Life*. Makes me wonder what would've happened had he not been killed.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:38:15

Pres by 72

johnhimself 2017-07-03 21:39:43

I've started watching *The Man in the High Castle*, and despite it being fantasy type of shit, it makes me wish that America was "The Greater Nazi Reich".

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:40:23

Notice that the airport is named after *George Lincoln Rockwell*

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:40:40

In that show I mean lol

johnhimself 2017-07-03 21:42:00

FOR REAL? I'm only on the third episode. Probably didn't look hard enough. I'll see it again. I would've absolutely joined the ANP if I was alive back then. I have a copy of *Stormtrooper Magazine*.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:42:22

Same, that's awesome!

johnhimself 2017-07-03 21:44:20

It's beautiful. There's a story in this issue about a group of ANP members that went in disguise undercover at a pro-commie rally, threw off their jackets, revealed their swastika armbands and shit, grabbed the commie flags and ran off. One of the big, buff members of ANP named Mike fought off several Black Panthers. So bad ass.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:45:32

Rockwell was a master of propaganda. We use the same techniques in the alt-right.

johnhimself 2017-07-03 21:46:25

It's my goal to steal a commie flag. I've contemplated buying one for $4 on Amazon (free shipping btw) just to use it as a doormat, like Matt Hale used a Jew flag to wipe his feet with LOL.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:46:56


Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:47:03

Don't buy one

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:48:26


*We don't have to do anything really "vile" to win.Β 

We have only to quit the sterile effort to win by trying to drive cold, hard unsympathetic facts into the minds of the masses. It won't work.Β 

We have only to put the truth into a form suited to the people. You don't do that with long dissertations, rationalizations, statistics, facts and unvarnished truths.Β 

You do it with PARABLE, analogy, slogans, diagrams, posters, demonstrations, and above all combat-things that reach the hearts of men and then filter into their minds.*

MadDimension 2017-07-03 21:56:07

Why does Molyneux suck Cernovich's dick so hard all the time? Is he paying his bills or something?

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 21:57:52

Probably @MadDimension

MadDimension 2017-07-03 21:59:23

Makes him sound like a cuck tbh.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-03 22:05:08
Volkisch Soldat - OK 2017-07-03 22:12:32

^ More people need to know about this. People always say "oh, he's almost on our side!"
Anyone from "a pretty Jewish clan" is not on our side.

⚑Clark⚑ 2017-07-05 19:29:30

I'm going to try to steal some fag flags that I see hanging around St. Louis. Would be great optics to burn one of those

Hand Banana 2017-07-05 19:54:21

Dont commit crime or talk about committing crimes

Americana - MD 2017-07-05 20:00:53

@⚑Clark⚑ some would disagree with those sentiments lol

Athena Marie 2017-07-05 22:39:24

I've got a better idea @⚑Clark⚑
Take the fag flags and do an actual flaming fag drag with them! THAT would be perfect! I'm just sorry I'm out of town and will probably miss it.

⚑Clark⚑ 2017-07-05 23:40:44

Brilliant idea @Athena Marie sad to miss you there!

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 00:29:51

@⚑Clark⚑ I assume you're coming to Charlottesville? This one is going to be fun!

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 00:50:00

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 00:50:03

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:32:28

Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:36:16

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:37:36
Faϟh - MI 2017-07-06 02:38:11


Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:39:05

This will be the first server to replace shitposting with Jones posting.

SchoolShooterRecruiter 2017-07-06 02:39:13

The globalists did this

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:39:36

I blame the chemtrails.

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:40:14

The frogs are turning the pedophiles into intergalactic globalist.

Faϟh - MI 2017-07-06 02:40:25

"My god. There were servers full of them. Half frog half nazi."

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 02:42:02

SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 02:42:23

It's fucking Alex Jones o' clock goys!!!!!

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:42:51

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 02:42:58

Binders full of globalist.

Hand Banana 2017-07-06 02:44:10

Hand Banana 2017-07-06 02:44:16

This is the Info War

Faϟh - MI 2017-07-06 02:47:09

Break free from the collective

V I T A L I T Y 2017-07-06 02:50:55


Athena Marie 2017-07-06 04:01:29

Lies!! He loves the memes!

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 05:01:16

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 10:58:20

It is amazing that people care more about retarded Alex Jones memes then the Fucking security of the people at the event ...

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 12:36:16

@HueTheHand although your point is valid, I am wasting my time in the AJ channel because I'm not worried about security. I trust @Eli Mosley and @MadDimension to take care of it. Neither of them take these matters lightly. I'm sure there is a lot of planning going on behind the scenes that we don't see in the public channels for OPSEC reasons.
If you want to help just let them know.

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:37:55

@Athena Marie I'm referring to the posts that were made ether wen they temporarily got rid of this room and made it a sector security planing room

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:39:06

And people started crying that they wanted the AJ room back and why did we need a security room

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:39:33

Most of those posts are gone now that the room was brought back

Johnny O'Malley 2017-07-06 12:39:36


Athena Marie 2017-07-06 12:40:44

would it be possible to have both an AJ room and security planning room?

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:40:51

@Johnny O'Malley Yes they just made that one but the comments were still made wen i made my first post on the subject. With people complaining that they thought the security room was unneeded

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:41:42

I made it before they made the new new room

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 12:43:01

@HueTheHand please understand that AJ fans, myself included, aren't going to make sense to non-insane people.
Of course it is important to have the more security and prep! Just forgive our AJ flavored excitement.

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:43:22


Johnny O'Malley 2017-07-06 12:44:11

He's hung around too many boomers before this. I'm sure he will adjust to the autism soon

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:44:40

TBH I still think AJ is a government Shill so

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 12:44:44

@Johnny O'Malley we just need to break his conditioning!!!

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:46:05

Yes I take life to serenely some time but working in the Executive protection , PSD, Counter Terrorism wold dose that to youπŸ˜• you get to know how fucked up the world really is I wish I was still ignorant some times

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 12:48:34

I went to Iraq three times. I know how fucked up the world is. If laughing at Alex Jones memes makes it a little less fucked up then I will laugh at Alex Jones memes.

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:51:14

That wasn't my point some one posted that they didn't see the need for a security planing room and they wanted the AJ rooms back because they were more important

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:52:22

They removed the post now but it was there

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:53:10

So I'm sorry for being an uptight asshole 😊

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 12:53:13

Regardless, you are more then welcome to join in on our fun. I know it isn't for everyone but perhaps you should talk to eli about getting more involved in the security. That isn't really something we can help you with in this channel.

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 12:53:33

No worries

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:54:03

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:55:01

Oh I am and have. That is what I was pissed. I did some of the security for Colton in DC and me and my crew are coming down with this event

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:56:22

@Athena Marie But as I said if was replying to a post in this room bitching about the loss of one of the AJ rooms it was deleted before you came in thew so you only saw my response

HueTheHand 2017-07-06 12:57:10

They is the down side of being able to delete your posts here

Herrenvolk - MD 2017-07-06 13:14:53

It's Colton @HueTheHand

Herrenvolk - MD 2017-07-06 13:15:00


HueTheHand 2017-07-06 13:33:26

@Herrenvolk - MD that better 😜

Herrenvolk - MD 2017-07-06 13:40:48


Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 14:05:33

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 14:06:33

(Retard clapping sounds) yay!!! ^^^

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 14:10:36


Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 14:10:48

Autism is Magic.

MadDimension 2017-07-06 16:57:33

The security room is private. It's not available to everyone.

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 17:02:25

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 17:08:10

They say you shouldn't mix memes, but I disagree.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-06 18:08:14

Alex Jones is a shill, everyone knows that.

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 18:25:22

@Nicklis - OH This channel is for non-Jews only.

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-06 18:29:18

AJ married one @Goldstein Riots

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 18:29:35


Nicklis - OH 2017-07-06 18:30:36

It's true

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-06 18:31:36

Also Alex's millennium broadcast shows his true colors

Athena Marie 2017-07-06 18:43:03

@Nicklis - OH we MUST break your conditioning!!!

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-06 18:43:46


Goldstein Riots 2017-07-06 18:59:37

Nicklis - OH 2017-07-06 19:14:25

I want to donate to Nicks patreon
I want to donate to Nicks patreon
I want to donate to Nicks patreon
I want to donate to Nicks patreon

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-07 02:31:30

Athena Marie 2017-07-11 01:41:32

^^^ that made me laugh @Goldstein Riots

Goldstein Riots 2017-07-11 02:28:17

The Jones be with you.

Athena Marie 2017-07-11 02:45:31


Munich 2017-07-11 03:23:07

This is the best chat channel ever.

Nerv - VA 2017-07-11 04:03:43

I don't wanna find him in bed with a goblin.

Nerv - VA 2017-07-11 04:05:07

(((Globalist bankers))) ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!

Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:35


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:38


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:40


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:41


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:44


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:49


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:50


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:51


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:52


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 04:25:54


Johnny O'Malley 2017-07-11 04:28:15


Hand Banana 2017-07-11 04:35:18


I'm Not Sam Hyde 2017-07-11 06:45:23


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 11:23:14


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 11:23:15


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 11:23:17


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 11:23:18


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 11:23:20


Athena Marie 2017-07-11 12:38:46

Athena Marie 2017-07-11 12:38:49

Seeing Shia suffer makes me happy

Athena Marie 2017-07-11 12:39:00

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