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2018-05-16 16:46:30 UTC [domek #generalik]  


ganz gut

und selbst


not really

why do you think it is?

bretty good

lurking and listening to music mostly

my own 😃

its kinda breakcoreish



black and death metal are the only genres I still like

when it comes to meal I mean



recently I have been listening der weg einer freiheit, or drudkh

and some other band with letters I dont have on my keyboard

Auðn is the other one

I think so

yea iceland infact

one of my all time favs tho is helrunar

specifically their sol album

hey uhm when you said core earlier what kind of music do you have in mind?

like punk?

or electronic music

yea no thats not what I meant

wait a sec

I don't like it too much either but this guy got me into it


I just wanted to make my name sound over the top


their lyrics are kinda weak tho

its like optimistic humanitarian

yea good thing you don't understand german

me neither but I can't overhear it

I am in it for the sound

do you have a band you can recommend to me?

is it fast?


I will see


there is one doom album I dig a lot

Ahab — The Call of the Wretched Sea


havent heard much doom so maybe I would like other bands too

but most other doom I heard wasnt that heavy

they often would have clean vocals and shit

and I also like the theme of the band/album

the west of eastern germany



I dont go outside

I know that my campus is full of leftists

but its my fault for studying humanities

lmao no

i dont like any party we have

but i voted left

I noticed that too



spd is cdu 2.0

as I said I dont like any party so I picked the one that was closest to my believes

next time i will prolly vote for some small <5% party


austria doesnt have either iirc

thats about as much as die linke got

you know recently I have struggled with myself wether I liked our democracy or not

but I came to terms with myself


I was a monarchist for a pretty long time lol

but then I realized that merkel *is* a monarch

well I think it has its advantages

its much quicker than democracies are

I am not a leftist


I guess you could call me a centrist

yea but if you compare germany with like china the chinese can plan more than 4years ahead becasue they dont need to worry over who wins the election and can act accordingly

they are working on it

china has ben hauling ass the last couple years

but thats what I noticed too, them democracy just have the highest living standards

cant be a coincidence

but the thought that made me actually 'like' our system was that we combine democracy, oligarchy and monarchy all in one system

division of power is an ingenious invention imo

are you interested in political philosophy?

I am kinda stuying it rn

political science+sociology


when the machines take over I can analyze how society is affected at least

yea the first 3 semesters I didnt like it but now I do a whole lot

guess I "grew up"

what do you do now?

oh geez

do your parents support you?


mgla is decent btw but doesnt really blow me aways


on what now?

I dont know what that is


dont go there often tho


dont have an opinion really

I support catalonian independence

mostly because its fun and exciting tho


fundamentally yes

I would even go so far to say we should aim for a europaen superstate

will take a hundred years so

at least


I guess we will have like 3 countries in the far future

usa eu and china


I think its more desirable than a world goverment too

yea 😦

to bad people want to leave instead of recognizing the advantages and working out its weaknesses



not uncontrolled tho


I would be careful with stigmatizing

it isnt healthy for deabte

thats wexactly what I mean

dont make it an us vs them

"they" arent all the same

therre are intelligent nationlists too

and nationalism doesnt mean you deny seperation of power or democracy

its just a pragmatic view that politicians should care about they own state and people first


slave to the stone masons

the election was rigged

alot of macron voting hseets were send to voters damaged but in such an unnoticable way that meany accidentally voted with void votes

beside there *are* rebels in syria

some of them

its is because it was so overwhelming

the amount of void votes was double the usual

and his poll score went from like 20 to over 60% seemingly out of nowhere

you know what is weird tho that macron picked the european hymn instead of the french one and the poem the eu hymn is based on was placed in order by a known stone mason

also the louvre has 666 glass tiles

what is not normal is that a "manufacturing error" made the votes void in advance and weere mostly affecting le pen votes

yea because hte free masons runs the world in a predictable fashiom

yea prolly not

too much dumb politicians tumbling around for thta

if the NWO was true we would have achieved it past ww2

my source for the macron election thing is hilarious tho

I had a real blast reading that

its from a conspiracy book

"what the mainstream media didnt publish"

some funny shit in there

seen those

still applies that just having observers doesnt mean the election was legit

yea prolly

lmao was he really trying to abolish the state?

hmm yea that sounds more reasonable

anarchists believe that

but you can't run saying that shit

but imagine if he would've won

woudld probably be way more entertaining

not me

I already got the majority of the flood



says alot

but then again the majority of people wouldnt mind if there were no immigrants

I dont think so

I am mostly against uncontrolled immigration. I'd rather had we would'Ve closed our border than let anyone in without any form of control whatsoever

what about muslims?

glad we agree on that one

wheneverr I see a muslim with a backpack enter the train I flee immediatly

yea thanks to immigration half our population wont be gone in the next 10 years

the immigrants dont outnbumber all the germans, just the old fucks

no umvolkung for us

too bad it will always remain a dream


we do have some neat buildings tho



I prefer this too


Speer was a genius


he was brilliant

its also possible he faked it

to make art

I like this dom too


this one stands in my home city



I dont live there rn

its funny that u posted part of sanssouci directly after me

haha i was about to post that one too

didnt recognize taht one

but then again I am not well versed in architecture


you seem to be quite interested in the country

enough spamming I need to sleep

thats why I mute the everyone command

@rogalik gimme fast bm pls

oh that reminds me I was supposed to be part of a solo project( Ig uess that would've made it a duo project) but forget to actually send the drums to the guy

his stuff was sick tho

I am not sure if I like technical dm

there is stuff like braindrill which is just a mess

but i do like nile a lot

yea I get that

what do you think of messhuggah?

I think it has a good deal of atmosphere


slayers bretty good imo

but nothing I'd listen to regularly

the end is too good

geezus the drummer on ziggurat is mental

machine gun

do you know where I can torrent their shit?

rutracker doesnt seem to have it

do I need to log in or why doesnt it show anything at all when I search for something?

yea thought so

everything needs an account nowadays

at least I dont need an invite

I hope the stasi won't bust me for being a baddy internet criominal

I know

but it went well for years

has its disadvantages

I want more bm this fast pls

this is my tempo lel

pretty good so far

its not as straight forward as regular bm

thats for sure

@rogalik whats your opinion on constitutional monarchy with an actualy politically actve king and a working seperation of power?

yea people still vote but the royal family exists besides that

think if the queen was actually an acting monarch

like the crown holds the executive power while parliament holding the legislative

my idea was creating a commite with no political power that observes the heir during his growth to determine if he is capable, also he will be taught in morals and state theory and such

also it could be an elected monarchy

every dynasty picks one heir and a commitee votes for the most capable

or aristocratic family rather

the plebs cant vote tho


game of thrones like intrigue?

or was the elected guy just a twat


thats why we need an impartial council

well the first part is the important one tho

less of a hassle

royalty has better access to education cuz they are rich and dont need to work

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