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Lenin would be rolling over in his grave

Fuck off

@Deleted User my great grandfather shot japs dead in WW2

And my uncle blasted gooks in Vietnam

Asians are bullet magnets

I don't speak German

Go ahead

@box gost are you actually liberal?

Im democratic socialist

Why did you join here?

You should join a liberal cause

Make the world a better place

Worth a shot

Who are they?

Oh yeah


Clam down

Calm the fuck down racist fuck

Shut up white boy

Lol we saved your asses

Are you 10?

And you technically are still white

Look at you're skin

πŸ‹-this is yellow

No human being should be yellow

You're white

That's white

What did Jews ever do to you?


This is non white ^

Im mixed race

Half white half Hispanic

Here's some snow for comparison


I really hope you're trolling

At least you're a cutie

Even if you are wacko

You're cute

How old are you it's hard to tell with people like you?

She's older than me

But she looks younger

@Deleted User how'd you guess?

I bet you're Christian

I get Buddha and Confucius confused

My family is catholic

And I don't appreciate you calling me a spic πŸ˜₯

Damn you're racist

I have some pretty racist things about Asians up my sleeve

But I'm a nice guy

I have worse than that

That's light weight princess

You know why people call Asians zipper heads?

Because In World War Two after they killed Japanese soldiers the us troops would run their heads over with tanks

And tank tracks look like zippers

Did he fight for the sacred glory of emperor hirimoto?

It's too bad Nagasaki and Hiroshima got barbecued

And hope you change your ways

I believe that one day we can achieve peace on earth

No hard feelings

What's your name girl?

What's your name?

Nice to meet you lee

I'm sure you're an alright person

Even if I don't like what you're saying I still respect you as a person

There's a black person in every train in Korea?

Holy shit

That's not nice

Have you even met a black person

Why did he kick her?

Why did he kick her?

We could leave and let you guys deal with the North Koreans πŸ˜‰

An Asian man sliced off my big American penis with a katana

It's a joke

I really love you lee

I wish the best for you

That pic is totally real

I know those tests never work

This is my favorite black man


What makes Malcom a black man?

He later believed in equality between whites and blacks

He only believed in segregation early in his career

After he took a trip to Mecca and saw people of every race worshipping together he realized he had to change

Jewish isn't a race

I black man could be Jewish

An Asian could be Jewish

Louis Armstrong was Jewish

Louis Armstrong

And he was Jewish

Look it up

I still think

That deep inside you

Is a good person

I'm not sure

He may have been baptist

Looks like it

I miss her already

I miss that Asian princess

She's back

Women should be paid the same if they're doing the same job

Not 50%

What if all her kids are teens and can take care of themselves

Also what should they do all day while they're children are at school

"Take care of their husband" I see what you mean πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ€€

You learned all this from your grandmother?

Makes sense now

My grandmother is a huge racist too

Only were descendent from poor ass Irish immigrants


There's 0 in USA because we ended that gay shit πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

USA 200 years old

I wanna kiss you @Deleted User

Am I a gookmi?

Moon landing 1969

I can't wait for 2069

Sure did

Spot on

Suki suki me love you long time

Lol that's gonna happen to trump

Your honestly a fucking troll

πŸ†I want you to have this @Deleted User

You are officially the most bat shit in fucking sane person of forever

How's that pronounced?

I can't read a single letter of chink


Got it

That might apply to me lol


I'm a geomdung I think 😩

I don't wanna die

I still haven't made love to an Asian girl πŸ˜”

You're so pretty

I like your eyes

They're full of determination

And work ethics

Asians are super hard working

Have you been to USA?

I wanna go to Europe


Beautiful man

Lol yeah

Shouldn't you be home cleaning

Stay home women!

Like my shoes?

Your face is white

Your arms look tanned

So it's not you

Idk I've never seen your arms

I had a feeling that was a mans hand

You could tell by the fingers

Lol I only know pounds

You sound absolutely adorable @Deleted User

but your beliefs are....


Yeah sounds right

Korea was a Japanese colony

The japs raped Koreans for sport

Also South Korea was under us control in the 50s

But after the war and fighting the United States had to manage the Korean government

I wish we could cuddle

I'm so cold

My great grandfather called in air strikes on Japanese strong holds he was a radio operator

This dude is legit

He hates half of me

We're all human

I don't fuck with racists

Asians are cuties

They remind me of rabbits

I was born in the USA

That's a German tank

Didn't the Koreans fight for the Japanese?

So did mine

I don't like war though

7 million Jews gays communists and non Nazis were out in extermination camps in Germany and Poland

They were systematically shot



And starved to death

Babies and women were thrown into the incinerators alive because they couldn't do hard labor

Not to mention they also killed 8 million Russians in Russia

Isn't everyone talking about North Korea?

Lol alright

What happened 70 years ago is more important

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