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2019-09-14 14:02:26 UTC

uk best

2019-09-14 14:02:46 UTC


2019-09-14 14:02:59 UTC

UK politics is back

2019-09-14 14:21:54 UTC


2019-09-14 14:21:58 UTC


2019-09-14 14:22:21 UTC
2019-09-14 14:22:28 UTC

@JackH670 PIN IT

2019-09-14 14:23:12 UTC

Well well well, look at that. The staff following my suggestions. A first of many hopefully.

2019-09-14 14:23:53 UTC


2019-09-14 14:24:02 UTC

Why does this channel exist

2019-09-14 14:24:24 UTC

Cause Sargon still thinks Brexit could happen, the madman

2019-09-14 14:24:45 UTC

they brought them back

2019-09-14 14:24:57 UTC

That was my doing tbf

2019-09-14 14:25:14 UTC

Also for whatever reason I can't pin stuff

2019-09-14 14:28:04 UTC


2019-09-14 14:29:59 UTC

uk_politics_saltmine is back baby

2019-09-14 14:30:07 UTC

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2019-09-14 14:31:00 UTC

what do you have to do with it Jack?

2019-09-14 14:34:51 UTC

Keep the links, talk and posting to the politics of the channel please. Do not post off topic, that is what we have the Xenoi channels for. Thank you!

2019-09-14 14:34:55 UTC

2019-09-14 14:47:23 UTC

it's time for

b r e x i t
r i
e x
x e
i r
t i x e r b

the brexit box. the eu is quaking

2019-09-14 15:05:44 UTC

tixerb time

2019-09-14 15:05:57 UTC
2019-09-14 15:10:01 UTC

ahhh Im home

2019-09-14 15:15:27 UTC

@Discordia I annoyed enough people for it to happen

2019-09-14 15:16:16 UTC
2019-09-14 15:16:18 UTC


2019-09-14 15:16:52 UTC

unless it was sargon, im afraid your efforts were in vein lol

2019-09-14 15:17:01 UTC

Clearly not

2019-09-14 15:17:03 UTC

and you just annoyed people ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-09-14 15:17:05 UTC

This channel exists

2019-09-14 15:17:06 UTC


2019-09-14 15:17:13 UTC

because carl asked for it

2019-09-14 15:17:30 UTC

Let me believe

2019-09-14 15:17:36 UTC

*pat pat*

2019-09-14 15:20:29 UTC

what the fuck is this shit

**Thank you for your service @JackH670 **

2019-09-14 15:25:29 UTC

```?cells @Vaerynn#6317 praising jack```

2019-09-14 15:25:33 UTC

This will be so awkward when the EU army marches into the UK

?cells - what does this mean?

Have i broken some sacred law? I don't know jack at all...

2019-09-14 15:35:25 UTC
2019-09-14 15:35:38 UTC

just close your eyes, lay back and let it happen

2019-09-14 15:39:37 UTC

So this supreme court ruling on Tuesday will be interesting

Is it too late to disavow jack?

Anyone who posts here is a fucking britbong lmao

2019-09-14 16:13:11 UTC


2019-09-14 16:16:21 UTC

oh wait a minute forgot this was about the UK not londaistan

2019-09-14 16:23:34 UTC

looks like lammy agrees with the alt right about treating everyone by their race and gender ... and believes thats a good thing

2019-09-14 16:45:39 UTC

Overt racism, and people are defending it. Nothing to worry about at all.

2019-09-14 16:58:33 UTC

Good to see these back

2019-09-14 17:00:35 UTC

remember racism towards crackers is completely fine but toward niggers is a absolute no go, welcome to clown world

2019-09-14 17:00:44 UTC

ohai Sargon.

2019-09-14 17:02:32 UTC

oh forgot racism towards chinks or spic's is a no go either

2019-09-14 17:04:59 UTC

The exceedingly rare Sargon

2019-09-14 17:05:25 UTC

Makes his grand appearance (passing by for a total of 3 seconds)

2019-09-14 17:06:04 UTC

Honestly he should have a "call-in" stream where we get to be dragged into a channel to speak with him for a bit on a certain issue. Kind of like talk radio.

2019-09-14 17:06:21 UTC


2019-09-14 17:08:10 UTC

Ok that would be such a meme and sargon could finally be the true boomer he always wanted to be

2019-09-14 17:08:47 UTC

They have call screeners, tho. Someone else could be the dragger.

2019-09-14 17:15:11 UTC

boomer of Akkad

2019-09-14 17:16:25 UTC

I could do that

2019-09-14 17:17:58 UTC

holy shit boomer of akkad actually spoke in his server more then one time

2019-09-14 17:19:17 UTC

Ahh the ecclesia stream days

2019-09-14 17:19:45 UTC

Tbh a xeno pnyx stream call in would be rather interesting

2019-09-14 17:22:24 UTC

get one of the sperging serfs in for a chat

2019-09-14 17:26:25 UTC

@Sargon You remember the server birthday "hail sargon" chant... Discord audio couldnt handle it and it all went crazy electronica noise. I never heard anything like that before

2019-09-14 17:27:17 UTC

200 something autists chanting all at once.

2019-09-14 17:27:59 UTC


2019-09-14 17:29:13 UTC

is David Lammy even real? at this point I'm struggling to believe anything these people say is serious

2019-09-14 17:31:40 UTC

and how will he denounce if an alt righter says the exact same thing but with a different race or gender

2019-09-14 17:32:34 UTC

do I need to paste more of mussolini's doctrine of fascism to show what he is? ๐Ÿ˜›

2019-09-14 17:33:26 UTC

i'm going back to playing minecraft lmao

2019-09-14 17:35:03 UTC

I do wonder how this is all going to go though. i can't even put into words how little sense this politics shit makes, it's like looking through a window into another world

2019-09-14 17:35:22 UTC

seen all the Sam Smith stuff?

2019-09-14 17:36:08 UTC

nope, tell me more lol

2019-09-14 17:36:19 UTC

imagine an anorexic walks in all skin and bones on the verge of death and says "Im fat"... and everyone including the doctors and media are like ... "ok fatty fatso"

2019-09-14 17:36:28 UTC

"we'll call you Mrs Tubbs from now on"

2019-09-14 17:37:08 UTC

basically, hes announced his pronouns are "they/them"

2019-09-14 17:37:26 UTC

well my pronouns are Fuhrer and Reichfuhrer, checkmate atheists

2019-09-14 17:37:49 UTC

so whenever someone refers to "them" people are gonna be like "them?" "how many people are you talking about here?"

2019-09-14 17:39:32 UTC

eh, not necessarily

2019-09-14 17:39:46 UTC

"i went to see X today" "oh, what did they say"

2019-09-14 17:40:10 UTC

but for your allegory, it's more like "weight doesn't exist you bigot"

2019-09-14 17:45:28 UTC

yes weight is a social construct

2019-09-14 17:45:44 UTC

anorexic people can identify as fatties

2019-09-14 17:51:12 UTC

I missed the Sargon sighting? Smh

2019-09-14 17:52:45 UTC

gravity is a social construct

2019-09-14 17:53:05 UTC

Germany should have been allowed to win WW1

2019-09-14 17:53:32 UTC

Social constructs are just social constructs

2019-09-14 17:54:15 UTC

Negro's are a social construct

2019-09-14 17:54:41 UTC

their culture is, though

2019-09-14 17:55:59 UTC

didnt we mainly fight the ottomans in ww1?

2019-09-14 17:56:50 UTC

I was never taught about that part lol

2019-09-14 17:57:03 UTC

i am not sure but we should have gone with the germans winning WW1 because then it means WW2 wouldn't have happen and it also means the EU would have never been created

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