chill with that shit

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what is this

the people here are all edgy and strange

typical commies

see this is why im in the nazi servers

because u dont get all the weebs

and edgy teens

like u do with the commies

jesus christ what has happened

Jebism is best religion

Banned from other commie server for being """tansphobic"""

It's ridiculous

Fucking hell

It sucks balls

Just some stupid admin

Then the bans came

And it's ridiculous

I'm like the ideal tanky communist and even I'm smarty then that

But anyway

I think I'll move a little bit to the right

Years of this shit tbh

Communism isn't what it used to be


But anyway

Maybe I'll go nationalist or something

Eh you haven't won yet @โ˜ญlukas

Not until nazbol falls

Which it wont

Eh most likely not


I like Bernie more

But trump was my second pick

Greenparty shit

Only good party is nazbol tbh

Nazbol ain't very popular in america

It's like conservative nationalist anti liberal socialism

They primitive

That's gay

That's what I talkin bout @National Trotskyist

I'm also labor zionist

But that's not important

Praise assad

Us is pretty corrupt

White lives matter is cool

I like certain aspects

Just not the Jews will not replace us part

Jewish nationalism ftw

That's awesome

I'm labour zionist because socialism is the only way Israel will be able to establish a hardworking jewish community

Eh us but large amount of Israeli family

Not if we remove all the Palestinians @EALootcrates

Take on me

Takkkkeee meeeeeee homeeee


@Majin Jeb! (altpun)#0144 anarco communism has to be the stupidist ideolgy there is




one of the main pioneers of national bolshevism

nikolai ustrialov

he goes by mulitpile names tho

If a tranny says it it must be true

Surrender your jews

What hybrid are you @Deleted User

A communist can't be gay

Gays ruin communism

Wait a minute

3,965 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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