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what is this

the people here are all edgy and strange

typical commies

see this is why im in the nazi servers

because u dont get all the weebs

and edgy teens

like u do with the commies

jesus christ what has happened

Jebism is best religion

Banned from other commie server for being """tansphobic"""

It's ridiculous

Fucking hell

It sucks balls

Just some stupid admin

Then the bans came

And it's ridiculous

I'm like the ideal tanky communist and even I'm smarty then that

But anyway

I think I'll move a little bit to the right

Years of this shit tbh

Communism isn't what it used to be


But anyway

Maybe I'll go nationalist or something

Eh you haven't won yet @☭lukas

Not until nazbol falls

Which it wont

Eh most likely not


I like Bernie more

But trump was my second pick

Greenparty shit

Only good party is nazbol tbh

Nazbol ain't very popular in america

It's like conservative nationalist anti liberal socialism

They primitive

That's gay

That's what I talkin bout @National Trotskyist

I'm also labor zionist

But that's not important

Praise assad

Us is pretty corrupt

White lives matter is cool

I like certain aspects

Just not the Jews will not replace us part

Jewish nationalism ftw

That's awesome

I'm labour zionist because socialism is the only way Israel will be able to establish a hardworking jewish community

Eh us but large amount of Israeli family

Not if we remove all the Palestinians @EALootcrates

Take on me

Takkkkeee meeeeeee homeeee


@Majin Jeb! (altpun)#0144 anarco communism has to be the stupidist ideolgy there is




one of the main pioneers of national bolshevism

nikolai ustrialov

he goes by mulitpile names tho

If a tranny says it it must be true

Surrender your jews

What hybrid are you @Deleted User

A communist can't be gay

Gays ruin communism

Wait a minute

Workers unite/hail trotsky/hail lenin/chill with that shit

Last we talked you became fashy

And I was in the break of state capitalism

Yeah good amount of time

Not anymore lol

I have ascended

To godhood

Israeli nationalism

Wdym I can't be serious

I'll be leaving then

What's your political shit @sleeping zzz

There's a fashy right there @Deleted User

U pinged u twice fashyfag

U where better before you where fascist

BTW what where you before fascism

When we first met

On that fateful sunrise

Oh that ain't bad

An caps are a whole new level of autism

I Mean fascism is cool

I dabbled in that shit for a lil

Was rejected for the whole jew thing

But it's whatever

I told you this month's and months ago

I'm like 20-30%

Everyone says this

We where acquaintances

But I swear if I wasn't a jew I would go full fuckin italian fascist

Oh here we go

Your just labeling and entire race on one guy

Oh shit wait

Now I sound like hypocri

But like cmon what did I ever do wrong to u danger

We where buddys

How where we not

I was totally 100% tolerante of all your beleifs

I was nice as shit to u

Probably cause I wanted in the fashy club

Is that when I banned u from my server

Oh you dick

Cmon man let's just let the past be the past danger

Colorful bipolar?

Explains alot

I never did shit to try and hurt you

Was just like

A survival of the fittest thing

You get it right danger?

Strasser brothers gay man

Lol I have that bookmarked

It's so not true

Actually that's probably what you thought of me when we started talking @Deleted User

It's Stalinism but ultra traditionalist

Here is wrote some bio on it for another server

And I just realized I was banned from that server

That was like my favorite server

And they where really cool with everything

Naw officially deleted all my servers

Raiding one was 3 months ago

Porn one was 1 week ag

And I still got the religious server

Can u stop with that

Oh I could care less I make jew shit all the time @Deleted User

But no the left will never unite because we have the stinky faggot liberal left and the strong traditional left

Lemme make you a chart

It'll take me a little

Don't have any Strasser memes

Is that a meme ideolgy

Only United can we stand

Crush the globalists AND the capitalists

I talk8j bout naztrot

Art like nudism is necessary

What's wrong with nudism?

People to uptight bout naked people

What is wrong with naked bitches

It's just skin and shit m8 I don't really understand the big deal

Now if they young ass children

That's different

That's not what I mean by that

I mean shit like naked art and statues

And hey If you wanna have a nude beach have a nude beach

Like this shit

Old French art

That's gay tbh @Firefly

Has no meaning behind it

That just sexy

It's all about keeping in touch to our past man

I guess I understand that

It kinda appears to me as sisterhood and unity among women

I feel as if it could have been portrayed better

Sisterhood and unity m8

And nature I guess

Idk I ain't a artist

Just really into art museums

Now you listen to me

You just proved to me your more if a nazi I'll ever be

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