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Saw what?

Nigger is racist only in Unitedstatian English, in British English it was a neutral word used by likes of Marx.

I hate that USaian uncultural imperialism, we shouldn't allow usage of their shitty dialect.

Spics are mixed with whites tho, some are pureblood even


Hitler should have shipped all of them to Israel

Like in the Haavara agreement

Hitler should have been more leftist to empower the global jewish bourgeoisie

@OF-8 Yeah trannies always brings shit, but btw trannies and traps are a totally different thing.

@Deleted User Wow is that an example of gooddest goy alive

@Deleted User This pic so fucking true

Communists have killed most of the jews tho

Not even Natsis came close with their holocash

Speaking of helicopters

How the hell did this even happen, it literally breaks the memes

Violence of the anarchists like attacking the fascist trashcans, lol antifa

Pol Pot had no cult of personality, Kampuchea FTW

Fidel Castro also discouraged cult of personality.

Joke: Hitler did nothing wrong
Broke: Stalin did nothing wrong
Woke: Pol Pot did nothing wrong

Macron is /ss/, I want to see doujin with him as child molested by older teacher

Japs drew one with Trump and Hillary so they should with this too

Straight shota is hot as fuck

I'd pay good money for doujin with Macron molested by his teacher as a child

Straightest shota


@Anime Cat Oy are you named after the Kerning City from MapleStory?

@A FUCKING LEAF Left is still good, but 1st world one is cringy. Learn into MTW.

t. Jason Unruhe.

@Firefly Here's a better logo

Yeah it's Nazbol

What was with that pony raid?

Is that Yuri Andropov in their avatar?

@slack#7189 Lol is that Otto the Nazirene
Never forget Zionist censoring of the Life of Brian

@slack#7189 There's a Black Nazbol fighting for the Eastern Ukraine

@Firefly That's true birthrate under commie regimes was yuge. Especially under extremely pro-life prude Ceausescu's Rumania.

2nd world is objectively better

@Firefly Who's that character?

@Normy It's worse than that, all "girls" on those leftypol/leftist discords are trannies

And there's always somesort of a drama behind them

Woah that spam

I think it looked better in Soviet version

@10kฦฉysโˆ†#3027 Wtf is that Spanish flag and why it uses Francois tricolour?

>rich culture


I remember them and the group called Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine which has mourned Fidel's death.

@Blebleh Yeah it's from the Communist Party of Spain

There were two of them. The interwar one and maoist

Looks similar to Yugoslavia, funny how other separatists also use that

Which of those had GRAPO?

Didn't Allende wanted to do something like this

People say he was similar to the Venus project

@Deleted User Gore can get you banned from Discord completely.

Also loli and shota.

You also shouldn't post NSFW material in SFW channels.

Lol those retart pepes

I thought only natsis made those spooky reaper slavs

@Deleted User Should be shopped to Sionista

Lol they named second Civ V add-on after his book, I wonder why

So apparently Huxley was closer to modern regimes than Orwell? Or both were right?

@01MEGA Nope, sorry. Didn't heard of it.

Try to find a woman whose political views agree with your, lol.

Oh you mean SUPREME, it was dismantled.

@Ann sothern It says leftypol International not Communist International :^)

Yeah just like Gaddafi, million of spellings


Who are the Ataka?

Lol Japanese Red Army killin da juice

Firefly did everyone @TermedSaturn942

Why Poland

@i fcuking hAte anime What do you mean Mexicans are not White?


@Qaysar Lenin said "He who does not work shall not eat", it's apparently a parable from the Bible.

@Firefly Lol that image with khokhol.
Hitler fled to the Argentine tho.

@Qaysar Because it originally comes from there and was used by Lenin :P.

Jeb means "Oh fuck" in Slavic tongues

Wtf was that Polish spammer I'm so sorry you had to see this

Truly indeed

Wasn't Duterte from Mindanao the muslim region?

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