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have you ever laid an egg before?

did someone build you a nest yet?

as a primal-female

what about the black btch who demands to have her life funded in canada now becasue he failed at being a royal

the queen has failed utterly to uphold her duties towards the country and church

monarchism can be a superior system

if you getr a good ruler

at least they have a steak in the fkn country

not like these rat politicians who rape the land for 4 years then flee

you're a nggr

@Afrocan what race are you?

who the fk is zachary

@Afrocan <---this is a nggr

belonging to a race with an average IQ of 70

frequently throwing stones in a glass house

talking shit about Europeans

Italians created western civilization

and then pulled Europe out of the dark ages after 1000 years of shit

Americans are not Italians.

They are their own animal

Italy is responsible for key developments in Western History

Long with Germany and England

@Afrocan what has the nggr race accomplished?

why is what im saying racist

but what he said is fine?

fuyck your double standards

AfrocanToday at 2:43 PM
black people are the scapegoat, italians are the true negros

AfrocanToday at 2:35 PM
we need to answer the italian question

AfrocanToday at 2:32 PM
he was italian, being smart is not an italian trait

fucking Norwegians

how does sex not exist?

@justauser down with your head cunt

should be fucking destroyed

he is gook/Spanish

and now names himself after the king of a country thousands of kilometers away

"philipino "

King Philip II of Spain

and die faster

so they mate earlier

what fuckn n word

you're all goox to me

@Jimmy Brooks why not go live there?

@Yes™ go live there you dog

you gooks are full of diseases

get the fuck off my internet then

and stop using my technology

stop speaking my language

you uncreative gook

all you do is copy from my culture

we invent everything and you insects copy it

never create anything yourselves

stfu you atheist hive minded insectoid

you are a hive

collectivist insects

no creativity no independent thought

all look the same

all act the same

no personalities

you are like ghosts

walking depression

yeah after 80 years of brow beating and cultural deconstruction used as a weapon against the west

some people try to pretend they belong to another race/culture

like the weebos, wiggers, etc

some dedicate themselves to serving the agitating activist groups working to disempower whites and hope this will give them some kind of importance in life

some just kill themselves

and then there are the ones like me who dont give a fuck what happens and refuses to abandon my culture, people, history and will defend it to the last day.

@Jimmy Brooks you will never be european

neither of you will

you belong to a pathetic race

with a history of copying Europe

everything you have was invented by Europeans.

you invented none of those

Lancelot de Mole invented the tank

Vint Cerf and Robert E. Kahn invented the internet

Richard Jordan Gatling invented the machine gun

you're pathetic

You invented the English language now too?

korea excels in the export of prostitutes to all corners of the world!

who invented kim?

so why does he appear as a fat weird looking cunt with a weak face?

if he can create himself to look anyway then why look like that

Fellow white men.. What we are out to exterminate are traitors to this country and we are going to exterminate them the white race isn't going to tolerate anymore treason and race mixing in this country!

watch the video you will hear those words spoken at the beginning of it^

jews are responsible for bringing USA into ww2

what about that nrrg slud megan markle

fleeing to canada now

fkn crying that the UK is "racist"

the nerve of that slut

its racist against whites for sure but she claims its against her because shes a nggr

you know how many young girls were raped by brown muslims becasue they were white in the uk

fkn tens of thousands

race mixing is a death blow to cultural identity and sense of belonging

the kid doesnt even look like his parents

the grand parents look like foreigners or something

they should not be encouraged

the creation of them

yet the media pushes race mixing

Fellow white men.. What we are out to exterminate are traitors to this country and we are going to exterminate them the white race isn't going to tolerate anymore treason and race mixing in this country!

listen to the beginning of that video

the first 5 seconds

Fellow white men.. What we are out to exterminate are traitors to this country and we are going to exterminate them the white race isn't going to tolerate anymore treason and race mixing in this country!

i got kicked form some sht server jsut now

for trying to show how the kikes operate

no it doesnt

mosely is english

and has a hardcore English accent

sounds very different

the oratory style might be the same

to speak with passion

@angie!! you lay an egg now!

because you are a female

doyou have a nest?

hmm fair enough

go graze in the fields then

frolic around happily like a wild female

race mixing explained well

you kill you race

the kids dont look like the parents

they cannot identify with their heritage or culture

because others of the same background dont recognise them as members of the same race..

the parents family line is now over

the culture is not carried forward

the loyalty to a culture is not present

thats why race mixing is being encopuraged

the products make perfect atomised globalist units

without any ties to nation or history

so there is nothing for them to defend and prevent from destruction in the pursuit of globalist uniformity

i would die to protect my culture and civilization

i dont see too many things in life that are more important than my own heritage

it carries forth the memories of my ancestors and their achievements which have advanced human understanding and development

they provide inspiration to the future generations

and its all contained within my civilization

kept alive by its peoples love and connection to it

i only have this connection because im of the same herritage as those who built the west

mixxed race dont usually feel such a strong connection

@JesusHand i dont give a shit what you do

probably best not to reproduce with it

the relationship will be more difficult also

whats this "he/him" bullshit

jews received it from the British empire as payment for getting the USA to enter the war on the British side

you mean the one entirely funded by the USA and which is never used outside their country instead using the US military to attack all their enemies around them

oh they used it once to attack an american ship

How come you have so many pakis raping girls in your country ?

i dont care its a country as is wales and scottland

they are in some weird union but they are still individual countries at the end of the day

the bond holding them together is not so powerful its erased the possibility of them spiting up

scottland almost did it recently

@Arthur Shelby sigh.. so you're delusional too aye?

you fail to realise the impact of jewish influence on the western nations hosting them..?

well why mention it then retard?

@Deleted User then used that money to finance the creation of israel resulting from the deal with the british establishment to exchange their help getting the USA into the war for palestine

which was a slight against germany whos country he lived in and used the opportunities of in order to initially gain that wealth @Deleted User

un gaulois à Roubaix

@!GPT America kinda raped the British during ww2

for "payment"

but it was ultimately churchhills fault for getting involved in a war he had no business in

both countries are fucked

the UK is fucked because its adopted American culture and legislative policy

and Australia is also fucked because of the American influence on how it operates and its culture

The USA was the greatest country in history

the principals that made up the core values of that nation were unmatched

it was truly great

and accomplished great things

it took everything god about European history and applied it to create America

but then the International banking clique got in

and the constitution started getting undermined due to foreign subversion

and then they got their immigration policy changed by jews

and that was it

its been a rapid decline ever since

now in 20 years the population that built the country will lose numeric presence and become a minority in their own homeland

and will never be able to get a politician elected again or protect their laws, rights, values, freedoms

which will all be removed by the outsiders who out number them

and as a result of decades of anti-white propaganda they will be a highly oppressed disciminated against minority

and no one will help them because ONLY whites protect minorities

and no one will have sympathy for whites

so they will end up a powerless, hated, targeted minority in their own country and will be forced to watch as their culture and values are destroyed and country destroyed before their eyes and they will probably be blamed for it all too

@Trauma lol you think im talking shit?

@Trauma what about anything ive said is hard for you to understand....

you think you WONT be a minority in 20 years?

see you're talking shit

you have no idea what you're talking about

and you think that denying the things i say will somehow make them not true

Whites WILL be a minority in the USA before 2050 this is FACT based on government statistics

whites ARE already a hated group and blamed for just about everything in the media, in movies, in government policy created to empower others over whites.. what do you think this will look like when whites are a minority??

@Trauma what the fuck does this mean?..

you think the media does not influence the minds of the masses and what they think/how they see the world?

@Trauma you are the only sheep here moron you are denying reality

@Trauma why dont you tell me exactly what it is you think im wrong about then smart ass?

the leftists denying facts because it was a "far right" website"

this moron denying facts because its a "liberal site"

if you were a right winger you might actually know that this is a fact and a right wing talking point moron;..

oh yeah now he is joking after being shown to be a retard

you're gonna become a minority in your own country
you will be descriminated against due to decades of anti-white propaganda in all areas of society being pushed including academic institutions of all levels
you will lose all political power and watch as the values and cultture that built the USA are destroyed and ultimately lead to the total collapse of anything resembling the former glory of the USA... @Trauma @Deleted User

whoever is a white american

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