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2018-11-29 02:49:24 UTC


2018-11-29 03:07:53 UTC

Jews are okay people in my book

2018-11-29 03:42:49 UTC

I am a jew

2018-12-01 22:56:46 UTC

Can't fix anything here, moving on

2018-12-02 06:49:15 UTC


2018-12-03 05:57:20 UTC

I feel like blacks (call me an Uncle Tom if you must) are not as oppressed as we make ourselves out to be. We blame all of our struggles on the white man and say that all white men are racist when in reality most whites aren’t racist anymore, and blacks are probably the most racist people nowadays. We always make excuse as to why we can’t do this or this. I honestly think it’s bullshit, and this is not what MLK would’ve have wanted or any black person of color who really wanted equality. I know somebody will call me an Uncle Tom or whatever, but I refer to the blacks with the “White bad, black good” mindset as niggers ( I feel like uncle Ruckus off of the Boondocks 💀) I know it’s not right but thats how it seems to me.

2018-12-03 06:01:09 UTC

Agree on the racial mindset. Problem for the Blacks was slavery and Jim Crowe, every other group had a generation or two that did the hard labor and left a good life for their children. Blacks didn't get that opportunity until the 70s (and some still don't.) However, I will admit some don't seem like they are willing to make that transition.

2018-12-03 06:02:06 UTC

I agree with that

2018-12-03 06:16:01 UTC

Glad some one does

2018-12-03 21:12:55 UTC

I disagree, see there are systematic oppressions that blacks face in the United States such as racial gerrymandering (gerrymandering doesn't have to be racial though) the war on drugs (Which unfairly affects blacks more than whites even though white people are more likely to do drugs than black people), and redlining that created the problem of poor black neighborhoods in the first place.

2018-12-03 21:26:40 UTC

Did I say there were not problems anymore?

2018-12-04 17:48:50 UTC

You implied it

2018-12-04 17:54:43 UTC

No, stop trying to read between the lines.

2018-12-04 21:51:29 UTC

I'm just saying that's what it sounded like you were saying

2018-12-04 21:51:33 UTC

Even if you didn't mean it

2018-12-04 21:55:47 UTC

Do I have to write a fucking book on every post so people don't draw conclusions that are not mentioned, implyed, or referenced?

2018-12-08 03:29:02 UTC

ugh black people

2018-12-08 12:49:35 UTC

Change my mind institutionalised racism against black people is absolute bullshit in 2018, if anything it’s the opposite now

2018-12-08 16:52:52 UTC

I mean there isn't really anymore

2018-12-08 16:53:21 UTC

But there was institutionalised racism in the past which has modern day implications

2018-12-09 09:44:22 UTC

Fucking people taking refuge in Australia and then wanting Australia to change and when you sdy no they stomp and burn on the Australian flag I'm sorry but I think if anyone burns a flag of the country that they are taking refuge in is to be deported imediately

2018-12-09 09:44:44 UTC

You read my mind

2018-12-09 09:48:24 UTC

@Murkle where you from mate

2018-12-09 09:48:44 UTC


2018-12-09 09:48:48 UTC


2018-12-09 09:50:23 UTC

@fena fuck yea I want a razor sharp one so I can chop these Muslim and African bastards that burnt the flag

2018-12-09 09:50:48 UTC

@Murkle the home of deep fried everything and gun laws I agree with

2018-12-09 09:53:51 UTC

I though Australians couldn’t have guns

2018-12-09 09:54:20 UTC

This got too vile. Keep it clean

2018-12-09 09:54:21 UTC

We are aloud guns just bolt action rifles

2018-12-09 09:54:29 UTC

“Libertarian” my ass murk, let us be lol

2018-12-09 09:55:25 UTC

Look, this is for debates, and discussion, not throwing shit

2018-12-09 09:55:40 UTC

I'm a shovenest meaning couldn't be fucked what you say

2018-12-09 09:55:55 UTC

that’s not how you spell chauvinist you dumb cunt

2018-12-09 09:56:19 UTC

GG, but please keep it clean

2018-12-09 09:56:20 UTC

ok sorry murk

2018-12-09 09:57:57 UTC

@jeff4121999 also chauvinist doesn’t have shit to do with your apathy, just your defensiveness and aggressiveness towards certain groups

2018-12-09 09:58:35 UTC


2018-12-09 09:58:59 UTC

chauvinist, noun, ˈSHōvənəst, person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism

2018-12-09 09:59:35 UTC

^ not a lack of caring or “being fucked” on what someone says

2018-12-09 09:59:42 UTC


2018-12-09 09:59:56 UTC

Let's get on with life now

2018-12-09 10:00:04 UTC


2018-12-09 10:00:19 UTC

so what about them polish am I right

2018-12-09 10:00:24 UTC


2018-12-09 10:00:57 UTC

@fena fucking dickheads can't even stop an army

2018-12-09 10:01:29 UTC

on what basis? Their outdated equipment against the german forces 70 odd years ago?

2018-12-09 10:02:29 UTC

@fena its a joke mate its like the Jews can't even survive some spicy air

2018-12-09 10:02:43 UTC

need I remind you that Australia was an imp in the eyes of the world at that time, and lost battles against the fucking JAPANESE invading their homeland? So based on that, you’re even larger dickheads for failing to defend fortresses against naval invasions against a weaker army than the Germans

2018-12-09 10:03:26 UTC

but actually I agree poles are dickhead they tried using Calvary against the german tanks lol

2018-12-09 10:03:51 UTC

@fena that's where your wrong Japanese bombed us and never invaded us

2018-12-09 10:04:08 UTC

ok invaded occupied territories around the mainland

2018-12-09 10:04:40 UTC

same thing really

2018-12-09 10:04:51 UTC

doesn’t really matter though Australia doesn’t exist

2018-12-09 10:04:54 UTC


2018-12-09 10:06:19 UTC


2018-12-09 10:07:20 UTC

Fucking pommies aye couldn't even hold an empire together

2018-12-09 10:08:27 UTC

isn’t australia still a constitutional monarchy under the queen

2018-12-09 10:08:32 UTC


2018-12-09 10:08:36 UTC

Seems like they held part of it 🤔

2018-12-09 10:08:43 UTC

Australia is out bitch still

2018-12-09 10:08:55 UTC

In theory the queen can show up and take control

2018-12-09 10:09:00 UTC

Same with Canada actually

2018-12-09 10:09:14 UTC

This is really not race related anymore, I'll ask the admin to add a new category "national relations"

2018-12-09 10:09:44 UTC

it’s about the race of.. Australians?

2018-12-09 10:09:58 UTC

Australians aren’t a race

2018-12-09 10:10:17 UTC


2018-12-09 10:10:30 UTC

shut up lol

2018-12-09 10:24:06 UTC

@fena 10/10 logic m8

2018-12-09 10:24:18 UTC


2018-12-11 15:31:03 UTC

race issue: black men have bigger pee-pees 😦

2018-12-11 15:34:18 UTC


2018-12-11 15:36:51 UTC


2018-12-11 22:59:21 UTC
2018-12-12 20:04:48 UTC

```During the 20s, 30s & even the 40s. They would come to germany. Take our Jobs, food & even sometimes our shelter.```

2018-12-12 20:04:50 UTC
2018-12-12 20:05:20 UTC

u do know the price went up

2018-12-12 20:05:24 UTC

cus of WW1 right

2018-12-12 20:05:28 UTC


2018-12-12 20:05:45 UTC


2018-12-12 20:06:12 UTC

the bread would be billions in a shortwhile

2018-12-12 20:06:23 UTC

as did I

2018-12-12 20:06:26 UTC

in 9th grade

2018-12-12 20:06:44 UTC

and jews didnt come to germany, as they were rather escaping it

2018-12-12 20:06:49 UTC

due to the financial collapse

2018-12-12 20:06:57 UTC

and hyper-inflation

2018-12-12 20:07:14 UTC

Ww1 caused lots of issues for Germany

2018-12-12 20:07:48 UTC

Convenient at the time

2018-12-12 20:07:55 UTC

To blame it all on

2018-12-12 20:08:16 UTC

jews had nothing to do with germany getting blamed for WW1

2018-12-12 20:08:25 UTC

actually, no

2018-12-12 20:08:32 UTC

It was stupid to put the blame on just Germany

2018-12-12 20:08:53 UTC

Germany declared war on the west first

2018-12-12 20:09:22 UTC

```England was the one to start because they were the ones who first OFFICALLY Declared War``` lmao, who told u to go through the fucking Belgium you dumb twats

2018-12-12 20:09:36 UTC

and he was not the reason for Germany losing

2018-12-12 20:09:44 UTC

do u even histroy bro?

2018-12-12 20:09:56 UTC


2018-12-12 20:09:57 UTC

Germans run the EU pretty much

2018-12-12 20:10:05 UTC

So I guess you guys won huh

2018-12-12 20:10:09 UTC


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