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nigger gore...

i got sum of that layin around

good enough nignogs

I feel right at home in this channel

do posts here HAVE to be rare hitlers cuz i gut sum aesthetic REICH pics

plz dont shoah me for this mods

damn never seen that before

feels for the frostbite

Do I smell a pedo in here

oh that gif

im stealing it

its victory day for the Russen ain't it?

Goebbels is THE shit

my goebbels archive has gone missing

yeah hes claiming that there is a big hacker conspiracy going on lol

its a shit storm

wikileaks joining in on the fun

Damn he looks distressed in that gif

hey we dont talk about afrika!

yeah i dont think thats true @Juan Rico

i saw some frenchies posting just 10 minutes ago

why not squeeze the juice



EUropean tribes did to the Romans what the cockroaches and fried chickens are doing to us now

bottom left user settings

hm i deleted my chicken nugget factory photo's

Did they mix tho? i only know that they were extremely reliant on manpower from the colony states

looks inviting

wait is it time to strike

@Phill Gas chamber?!?!??

thats a fokin shower m8

Lets terminate those suckas


anyone here play roblox?


if you havent watched TGSNT yet go watch it pl0xxx



put a shekel in a mouse trap



sorry i dont mean to be racist

all fun and gmaes

Im dissapointed with potato memes

why rub hands when you can rub spud

ah that please clap

i layed dead on the floor for 10 minutes

snowniggers sold out to bolshevism against the crusaders

are we posting

oh my god

i actually have a trap pic


you mean

ethnic dutch

I dont even know my fucking ancestry

No way to acces it without paying huge sheckles here


got that polski gf rn

oh dude

that disgusts me

here have an actual female instead of a trap


oh is she getting BLACKED

it downloaded overnight and removed my copy of windows 7

Its kinda not

uses way too much system power

unneeded interfaces

oh shit we got a slav in here

downloading 7 GB philosophy books

for no fucking reason

I can squat and im not slav


yeah jews too

I'm a non ironic natsoc

6,332 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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