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nigger gore...

i got sum of that layin around

good enough nignogs

I feel right at home in this channel

do posts here HAVE to be rare hitlers cuz i gut sum aesthetic REICH pics

plz dont shoah me for this mods

damn never seen that before

feels for the frostbite

Do I smell a pedo in here

oh that gif

im stealing it

its victory day for the Russen ain't it?

Goebbels is THE shit

my goebbels archive has gone missing

yeah hes claiming that there is a big hacker conspiracy going on lol

its a shit storm

wikileaks joining in on the fun

Damn he looks distressed in that gif

hey we dont talk about afrika!

yeah i dont think thats true @Juan Rico

i saw some frenchies posting just 10 minutes ago

why not squeeze the juice



EUropean tribes did to the Romans what the cockroaches and fried chickens are doing to us now

bottom left user settings

hm i deleted my chicken nugget factory photo's

Did they mix tho? i only know that they were extremely reliant on manpower from the colony states

looks inviting

wait is it time to strike

@Phill Gas chamber?!?!??

thats a fokin shower m8

Lets terminate those suckas


anyone here play roblox?


if you havent watched TGSNT yet go watch it pl0xxx



put a shekel in a mouse trap



sorry i dont mean to be racist

all fun and gmaes

Im dissapointed with potato memes

why rub hands when you can rub spud

ah that please clap

i layed dead on the floor for 10 minutes

snowniggers sold out to bolshevism against the crusaders

are we posting

oh my god

i actually have a trap pic


you mean

ethnic dutch

I dont even know my fucking ancestry

No way to acces it without paying huge sheckles here


got that polski gf rn

oh dude

that disgusts me

here have an actual female instead of a trap


oh is she getting BLACKED

it downloaded overnight and removed my copy of windows 7

Its kinda not

uses way too much system power

unneeded interfaces

oh shit we got a slav in here

downloading 7 GB philosophy books

for no fucking reason

I can squat and im not slav


yeah jews too

I'm a non ironic natsoc

Nat-fashs alliance

@Juan Rico jesus whats that about]

I'm honestly waiting for riots to start happening here in Toothpaste flag country 🇳🇱 so i can bash the shit out of people

neo nazis need to be hanged

Yeah didnt the US make a shit ton of mexicans look like white men

atleast 34 or something

saw a big picture database

yeah thats the one

I'd like to lead my country for 100 days


Polish honestly sounds like CIE MYDZEMOREEEEEEEE KOICHA JA

fuck drugs

dude I sucked cock one time

wanst that bad

i got this crazy new drug yall

its called


if you actually thought i was serious you deserve to be whipped


hell nah

come to tooth paste country

we are gay capital and legal drugs

just try not to get robbed by the more peacefull people of society here

avoid mosques at night

they uh are guarded

Welcome to swedennnnnnnnnnn

idk how many of you know this but in alot of EU countries children are forced to go to mosques and pray

had to do it too as a kid

Worst thing is we dont go to churches

only mosques

we even have a grand fucking mosque in rotterdam

guys and girls seperated

as by muslim tradition

''i didnt do anythign wrong'' bitch please

why on bant

that pic is disturbing

idk why

taskbar at the top triggers me

hard candy doesnt even exist anymore

this must be old

what do you lads think about the current pope


CRazy to think we live in a day and age in which there are fat women claiming to be superior to all men

and autists with acces to the internet being more efficient than the bloody NSA

really makes me think sometimes

i used to have a rat when i was a little frog

pulled its fucking tail off

and tried to wash it with soap

I dream everyday that i shall do that to a muslim spine

Oh i didnt eat it luckily

White peoples property praise ass too much

let me rephrase that

honestly I never really care for sizes

as long as their ass doesnt feel like bones

yaeh no i mean

ass and tits etc

not as in weight

C is where its at

I was with a girl once that was missing a tooth

candy corn teeth what the fuck

lemme google thajt

mother of god....

yaeh thats the one i saw

GF is giving me strange hints

i swear she wants to do BDSM

not even making this up: What will you do when i bind you to a chair and pleasure you while you cant do anythign about it


or just out of nowhere 6 o clock in the mornin

I only need a bed and some rope

crazy shit

Same here

just waiting for a riot

just something


Such pretty women that want men but men dont give cuz anime rulez

Lemme save that playlist for later

Takin a nap soon its 5 AM here now

that was a great nap

Im seeing memes flooding in

Not home rn though so i cant participate ;-;

Turks smell the worst

Its like this penetrating odour

It goes straight to your brain

Thanks for that waterpaint

You have to shame them



That is nasty

I feel bad for the person that has to eat that


Muh consent

What time is it over there

5:35 AM here <:haaaaaa:298378746455392257>

Dude thr amoint of cum that comes out of horsedick

Its like opening a gallon of milk

He likes to cum into water and then drink it

its over

we are fucked

they rigged it

it is...

they did the same herei n the netherlands


then the websites went offline

covering the eleciton

then they say

its rigged

basicly they count the votes but for every 100 votes or something

they fill a box with le pen ballots

its crazy

they did the same here

no ofcourse not

no politician does what they say

shit man this is fucked

he is so


like ultra hard

far right

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