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Athena Marie 2017-04-17 21:34:20 [Anticom #general]

I am new to discord and apologize but not quite sure how to go about getting vetted here

Athena Marie 2017-04-17 21:35:08 [Anticom #general]


Athena Marie 2017-04-17 21:37:26 [Anticom #general]

retired jumpmaster here



We need more burkas!!!

This is why we need people sized ovens

Rare Eli/rare wife of sacco

Here is shortcut to the fun part:

Not related, but this always makes me smile

I like to leave my microwave on 14:88 randomly. Just to send my sister messages





not people

this is not NATGEO

delete that!!!!!!!

Burkas for thots!!!

Am I polish?

I'm whatever my husband tells me to be


@BellaDashwood I'm so sorry


my husband wants an invite

@Eli Mosley Sacco wants an invite

jews are trying to call dibs on spencer because he is waking people up

put fags in ovens

AFTER rahowa

am i listening to a black pill?







the husband will be here shortly...

i'm glad to be with yankee

yankee is a national treasure!!!!!!!

yankee is so beautiful that I am insecure around her!!!!!!!!

hey johnny!!!

I am still plagarizing Johnny's literature


Good morning everyone

I just received permission


I practice White Sharia

Sacco is the Lord of my house. I'm sure he will tell me which god, if any, I should worship.

Thank you


Warm up the ovens please!

I'm a girl but I will not pm you

Sacco would skull fuck you

Every woman craves a man who will skull fuck her enemies


That's vile

Now I'm embarrassed to be in this conversation

Don't worry, we'll find you a wifie Eli

@Eli Mosley you should man up and go put a burka on a woman. That is the only way

@Convo you should oven yourself for letting a woman call you a cuck



Kill yourself!!!

That was for @Koba



= white sharia


>someone is a nigger
>should I run them down?

Thanks @Yankee , this is going to be fun

My name is Wife of Sacco

^^^ lovely!!

I don't have Facebook

It's pretty scary when you put it like that

Because I'm busy lining thots up for the slaughterhouse

^^^ that isn't a valid poll because I assume they let women vote

I was granted permission

To recruit other women to white sharia

And point out cucks for my husband to skull fuck

Thot out? Skull fuck means to murder

I only hold the opinions that Lord Sacco has given me. If you have a disagreement with me, please take it up with him.

I love my husband

He gives me purpose in life

The best day of my life was when @SaccoVandal put a burka on me

He saved me and gave me purpose

Every day I wake up and thank him for including me in his life












I would NEVER speak without permission!!!

the only one raping me is Lord Sacco

You can't rape if you are married



pick one



We need a new toy @MsNatSocialist

he was run off by two incredibly submissive women


I only harrass others at the pleasure of my husband though

@MsNatSocialist needs an official title

@Brad Small Name your woman!!!

Then it's settled

I'm just so honored to take down beta cucks with you fellow ladies

best wifie

I'm very proud of Lady of Brad

That is beautiful!!!!!


It's so lovely to see the men tag their property like this!!!

@Convo you should embrace white sharia

It can heal your soul

So, @MsNatSocialist what are your thoughts on White Sharia again?

So far @Koba has called Sacco an imposter, his wife a whore, jewish plant who should be stoned. Really?

I apologize for triggerin you into such an emotional state @Koba . As I have told you before, my only opinions are the ones that Sacco has given me. If you have an arguement then perhaps you should take it up with him.

I don't think @Koba was breastfed as a child


Pushups should help with T levels




5 7



@Yankee Stop feeding Convo, he is wierding us out in voice!!!!!

He is VERY excited

A woman's dream outfit!!!



Can you sew it?

I have a top of the line sewing machine with the ruffler and all the other attachments. We could sew that dress and others like it Lady of Rex

Then noone will ever have an excuse to not wear a burka

I think my audio just went out

I need a babysitter for my dog


Calm down convo

I'm already looking for you

To be fair, @Convo , you need to find and earn your own wife. If you had a woman do that for you it would be bad optics

Good lord



Go to bed @Eli Mosley

Good morning @MsNatSocialist

Fabulous, I killed a thot whore jewess baby killing kikerella on twitter. And you?


I apologize, Mr Diff. How was your evening?

You should kill a kike anyways

For every kike you kill, Kek will bless you with warrior babies to fight RAHOWA

Kek works in mysterious ways

Maybe we should do an experiment

^^ definitely knows how to derail a fun conversation

Lady or Brad, the Trophy of Brad!

I need some help with making white sharia memes

Sacco has that covered

White Sharia is beyond debate. It is doctrine

^^^ Sledge's last words to Wife of Sacco before Sacco Vandal hunted him down, skull fucked him, and left him for dead

For some it is a meme, for me it is life

flannel nationalism

with white sharia, women will NOT be in the military

White Sharia is life


Kenny must not have been breastfed as a child

these kids need lessons in critical thinking, not a bunch of white knights shielding them from reality

Veterans need extreme humor because we have experienced extreme situations. Again, these kids need to learn to differentiate between a meme and reality. If they can't do that than they are completely retarded

In my experience, the only guys who have a problem with the WS meme are incredibly tiny, low-t virgins who are insecure about women. They feel like they have to white knight to ever get a girlfriend

To put things in perspective... The invading horde of muslims enemies raping our women and children should be a more immediate threat than a WS meme. You anti WS guys need to get your priorities straight.

@YUGE why was I summoned?

I just got caught up on the earlier 'comments'. Hmmmmmmm.

I'm going to have to step away for that kind of bantz. Save it for the single girls gentleman.

Did someone just say @MsNatSocialist is pregnant?


That thing is probably contagious and needs to be vaccinated with Zyclon B


I bet 6 gorillian sheckles that the source is a Jew

I think openly pro white men present themselves as alpha and have a better chance of picking up genuine future mothers who respect gender roles.

Obviously different power levels for different locations. But women respect a man who knows exactly what he stands for.

@badtanman if you can't pay in sheckles then pay in services by shilling for him.

I'll donate a sheckel in your name bud. You focus on saving the race.

(I don't listen to pod casts either)

I'm more of a reader. But I'm happy to help out.


The more strong men we have out there the easier it will be to bring good women over.

They need to see you men as a viable option and not just a fringe movement.

Gen zyklon is definitely a white pill

Spencer isn't a god like Sacco, but I guess he's alright.

Spencer is an excellent recruiter

He did declare war on football at auburn though.

I think sports, while they are important, can distract us from our true allegiance towards our fellow white people.

I'll let you men figure that out though

IMO, a good woman doesn't need to be yelled at because she is already listening.

But I won't criticize the way @Gray runs his house. It is his right and responsibility to create an environment that will nurture his family.

Here you go @HeliRidesOfPeace ...

Perhaps we should give them what they want. We are the scary racist boogeymen behind every corner.

Lets make racism cool

One can only poke the bear so many times before one gets (in the words of Lord Sacco) SKULL FUCKED

RAHOWA has already begun

Black on white violence and the decline of our women over the decades is a declaration of war imo

If one single black woman was raped by a white man while she was wearing a burka those savages would burn our country to the ground!

Where is the rage?


Tfw Sacco is why I'm having kids

@MsNatSocialist whoever has their litter first wins!

6 gorillian

>throws degree in the trash to take on a life in burka producing the next generation of warriors for Rahowa

Good point Lady of Brad

Lady, me too!

As I've said before. The more you strong men put yourselves out there the safer trad women will feel about doing the same. You guys can offer them a better option than thotdom.


@Eli Mosley you need to start breeding in order to make that happen


Best Eli quote ever


A white black refugee from Niger

We need to meme that walking hijab bitch from London in to the scene...


Agreed @weev

^ that splurge made me laugh

>mfw I should have NOT opened discord. I have things to do today

Check out her glasses

@queenarchitect what is the stepstool about?


>mfw I can't change my name without permission

@queenarchitect DONT TEXT AND DRIVE!!!!!

@everyone I need a pic of Kermit the frog with a bane mask

Thank you for who gave me the Kermit meme!!


Yeah, no cali nuking while lady of confed is there! @queenarchitect

Thank you!

@Caerulus_Rex grunt humor is absolutely DISGUSTING

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