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2017-08-08 23:27:26 UTC

Radio wehrwolf too.

2017-08-08 23:46:57 UTC

What time is the rally starting?

2017-08-08 23:48:18 UTC


2017-08-09 01:14:48 UTC

@Aaron - VA What city is the rally in?

2017-08-09 01:15:17 UTC


2017-08-09 01:15:30 UTC

That's the country.

2017-08-09 01:15:46 UTC

@Aaron - VA And who are the speakers?

2017-08-09 01:17:25 UTC

In Germany, city is America, speakers will be a Hitler Hologram and Mussolini

2017-08-09 01:18:18 UTC

Oh shit that's hype

2017-08-09 01:18:21 UTC

Count me in

2017-08-09 01:19:50 UTC

But it would really make my week if Otto and Gregor Strasser holograms showed up

2017-08-09 02:37:21 UTC

hotline for shitlibs in distress

2017-08-09 02:37:51 UTC

Don't open hostile Google docs while logged into Google

2017-08-09 02:37:55 UTC

Or just generally at all

2017-08-09 02:38:03 UTC

If it's necessary information, download a copy and mirror it

2017-08-09 02:41:13 UTC

Google dox save a list of everyones gmail address when they access them. If you click that link while logged into your normie gmail, the lefties who made that, as well as (I think) anyone else who looks at the document afterwards, will have your info.

2017-08-09 02:42:49 UTC

We should give their hotline number to /pol/ though lol

2017-08-09 03:10:08 UTC

when i get ahold of it i'll post it

2017-08-09 05:55:42 UTC

Kriegs, you ought to delete that link.

2017-08-09 05:57:55 UTC

@wyatt delete that link

2017-08-09 15:31:43 UTC

@everyone if you have any social media posts of individuals threatening our rally please share them with me as soon as possible. This is to help with our court case.

2017-08-09 15:52:33 UTC

Specific threats? Or general "more of them to punch" type things

2017-08-09 16:12:12 UTC

Any threat. @TolerantGoy

2017-08-09 16:13:22 UTC

The more specific the better but yes, even the garden variety "punch a nazi" posts could be useful if they're specifically talking about Aug 12th, Unite the Right, its organizers, attendees or speakers

2017-08-09 17:29:51 UTC

That kind of stuff should also be sent to the police

2017-08-09 18:21:04 UTC

She's going into the hapa harem

2017-08-09 18:27:53 UTC


2017-08-09 18:33:45 UTC


2017-08-09 18:47:34 UTC

Confirmed yenta

2017-08-10 08:07:39 UTC

"We're inside you"?! Who the hell talks like that? Goddamn degenerates

2017-08-10 08:08:20 UTC

"We're here" doesn't get the point across in the same way, apparently

2017-08-10 12:18:48 UTC

Quite revolting indeed

2017-08-10 12:19:00 UTC

Someone tweet at them good luck

2017-08-10 12:20:32 UTC

Wish them good fortune in the wars to come.

2017-08-10 12:54:38 UTC

@SpinCircleDance: A canister of dried, smoldering poison ivy can scar up a group of white supremacists lungs pretty fast. Just saying #defendcville


2017-08-10 13:00:58 UTC

LARPer indeed

2017-08-10 16:16:34 UTC

While yes burning poison ivy can give you effects on your lungs, drying it I think would remove effect as the sap like substance is largely burned off

2017-08-10 16:23:00 UTC

ever time antifa has showed up they've just hidden behind the cops and chanted

2017-08-10 16:23:18 UTC

none of them ever try to pull the shit they say on twitter

2017-08-10 16:23:58 UTC

the only ime they attack is when its literally an entire mob on 1

2017-08-10 16:31:07 UTC

Don't underestinate. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

2017-08-10 16:31:57 UTC

A lot of us dont know what
/who antifa in va are or do. Its been confirmed many individuals and groupd are driving in for this event. So...you dont know those people either.

2017-08-10 16:32:10 UTC

Dont let your guard down

2017-08-10 17:31:42 UTC

BLM will be a bigger problem than antifa

2017-08-10 17:34:55 UTC

Nogs always are

2017-08-10 18:10:32 UTC


2017-08-10 18:28:33 UTC

No masks in Virginia is a huge deal for antifa. They have much more courage when they have their masks on.

2017-08-10 18:41:44 UTC

Is anyone getting threats on Facebook from the Event Page. One girl showed me a screen capture of a threat she got. If your getting any threats, please screen capture and save.

2017-08-10 18:51:18 UTC

Post them in <#344895754042867724>

2017-08-10 19:22:27 UTC

@saxonswrath deleted. Do you have a screenshot or archive?

2017-08-10 22:19:08 UTC


2017-08-10 22:19:09 UTC


2017-08-10 22:19:10 UTC


2017-08-10 22:19:10 UTC


2017-08-10 22:19:10 UTC


2017-08-10 22:22:56 UTC


2017-08-10 22:27:19 UTC


2017-08-10 22:29:58 UTC

I woudnt u determinate antifa this time. They only get rowdy in numbers. And they have some pretty violent cells in the area. Notably philly and southern nj.

2017-08-10 23:02:49 UTC

This guy is a chief antifa organizer in DC


2017-08-10 23:10:10 UTC
2017-08-10 23:26:33 UTC

@Charlemagne MD I fucking hate those crustpunks man

2017-08-10 23:28:03 UTC

Have you delt with southern nj antifa? @Joseph McCarthy - NJ

2017-08-10 23:35:53 UTC

Philly too

2017-08-10 23:40:50 UTC


2017-08-10 23:41:34 UTC

Me and 2 others got jumped by 20 antifa in Harrisburg for the antisharia March. We fought of 20 of them for 2 minutes before they herd sirens and ran away.

2017-08-11 00:21:24 UTC

https://www.gofundme.com/hate-is-ridiculous Good stuff in there. Claims there will be clowns and "performance artists" showing up to mock us.

2017-08-11 00:45:13 UTC

It's gonna be a literal circus

2017-08-11 00:52:50 UTC

I was prepared for bricks, not clowns

2017-08-11 01:00:22 UTC

Pack it in guys, it's been a good run.

2017-08-11 01:00:23 UTC


2017-08-11 01:15:47 UTC

Yep, I was gonna go until I found out there will be clowns there.

2017-08-11 01:31:02 UTC

isn't makeup considered a mask?

2017-08-11 04:01:41 UTC

Is anyone else laughing themselves silly at the one where the guy demanded that they send in "the UN SWAT team"?! ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-08-11 04:38:15 UTC

Hold the line. Don't be surprised at violence. And also, know that this is going to be about impressions. Don't be the perpetrators. Be blameless.

2017-08-11 11:37:04 UTC

For the goys coming in today and looking for something to eat I would avoid the downtown mall and champion brewery completely unless you're looking for trouble

2017-08-11 12:56:48 UTC


2017-08-11 14:05:23 UTC

That's heart warming ๐Ÿ™„

2017-08-11 14:06:30 UTC


2017-08-11 14:06:33 UTC

"And yes, it will make the red terror look like a puppy play date."

2017-08-11 14:08:29 UTC

they are larping lol

2017-08-11 14:34:44 UTC

Head tranny is armed

2017-08-11 14:40:29 UTC

@here this is not a commentary channel. post any potential threats you find in here

2017-08-11 14:44:21 UTC
2017-08-11 14:44:55 UTC

We're all super impressed by your sleuthing ability but let the meming play out

2017-08-11 14:52:32 UTC


2017-08-11 15:21:24 UTC

Weird request

2017-08-11 15:22:31 UTC

Can you guys keep an eye out for a large Budget moving truck, just passed us on the highway and the drivers looked suspect as fuck, I feel like they're using it to transport antis

2017-08-11 15:22:49 UTC

Signs are present around town saying "antifa zone"

2017-08-11 15:24:26 UTC

Of course

2017-08-11 16:16:05 UTC


2017-08-11 16:16:20 UTC

Refuse fascism is going. They're one of the new soros groups.

2017-08-11 16:21:33 UTC

Dox for them is publicly available on pastebin

2017-08-11 16:21:47 UTC

Because they're fucking retarded

2017-08-11 16:22:08 UTC

@Charlemagne MD do you have pictured of this?

2017-08-11 16:22:16 UTC

The antifa zone thing

2017-08-11 16:22:50 UTC

Let me check

2017-08-11 16:25:56 UTC


2017-08-11 16:26:59 UTC

Be careful out there goys

2017-08-11 16:32:36 UTC

Post deleted

2017-08-11 16:32:38 UTC

In Seattle

2017-08-11 16:32:56 UTC


2017-08-11 16:35:36 UTC


2017-08-11 16:37:29 UTC


2017-08-11 16:39:22 UTC

@wyatt Might want to keep an eye on this

2017-08-11 17:11:49 UTC


2017-08-11 17:12:10 UTC

Lol antifa called the cops

2017-08-11 17:13:25 UTC


2017-08-11 17:21:26 UTC


2017-08-11 17:21:34 UTC

Any footage?

2017-08-11 17:22:14 UTC

Cantwell might post the footage he got, who knows. Just an update from a goy at the meetup

2017-08-11 17:37:41 UTC

Filing a false police report?

2017-08-11 18:11:32 UTC

Nice phone numbers. I'm about to have some fun!

2017-08-11 22:32:44 UTC


2017-08-11 22:33:29 UTC

So antifa knows where Richard is

2017-08-11 22:34:15 UTC

Well shit

2017-08-11 22:37:05 UTC

Someone got a direct line?

2017-08-11 22:37:13 UTC

Might want to give them heads up

2017-08-11 22:37:23 UTC

He'll be fine.

2017-08-11 22:43:32 UTC

Apparently they know about the torch lit rally

2017-08-11 22:46:22 UTC

I feel like coordinators were too trusting this time around

2017-08-11 22:50:33 UTC


2017-08-11 22:51:45 UTC

Events should be done only with leaders of org's and those leaders will invite inly vetted ppl into servers. Better yet there will be no server and inviting will be done in a organizational basis.

2017-08-11 22:52:09 UTC

Let's ban fashy frog for being a Nazi but let in communists - server mods

2017-08-11 22:53:34 UTC


2017-08-12 00:01:49 UTC

I assume ya'll or going to be crazy and still do a torch rally in the dark with antifa...right?

2017-08-12 00:01:56 UTC


2017-08-12 00:06:06 UTC

They are laughing their asses off at us rn

2017-08-12 00:40:57 UTC


2017-08-12 01:23:54 UTC

If anyone meets a guy going by the name Jay he is an infiltrator. He is a tall skinny guy with beady eyes and tattoos up to his wrists. He's always wearing an Irish flat cap

2017-08-12 01:25:32 UTC


2017-08-12 03:14:11 UTC

@Fashy Frog @Quartermaster's Ghost

They weren't laughing when thy got surrounded and got their asses kicked

2017-08-12 03:26:58 UTC

Fucking lmao their "megathread" only has 7 comments

2017-08-12 12:09:31 UTC


2017-08-12 12:10:01 UTC


2017-08-12 12:10:08 UTC

Quite a change

2017-08-12 12:17:13 UTC

Did someone follow the antifa from 711? We should find their meet point

2017-08-12 12:33:38 UTC

Careful. They've got backup rolling around. These Antifa are scary.


2017-08-12 12:48:50 UTC

There is a guy in a brown car by the McIntyre park parkinglot looking at you guys, on his phone

2017-08-12 13:04:01 UTC


2017-08-12 13:04:23 UTC

Wave and tell him we are flanking him

2017-08-12 13:04:50 UTC

(With our token based negro)

2017-08-13 15:18:10 UTC

@everyone this is what antifa is saying

2017-08-13 15:20:55 UTC

"The battle is over and the white nationalists got their fucking asses handed to them.

Here's a relative synopsis of the events.

On Friday night just over a hundred guys showed up to a college campus with Tiki Torches shouting "Blood and Soil" (A Third Reich War Chant) and throwing up Nazi salutes. They were almost instantly surrounded by pissed off college jocks and were forced to leave by the cops.

2017-08-13 15:21:26 UTC

On the next day the actual rally began. Immediately the police surrounded them to protect them and the Alt Right wanted to look like cool guys so they started rushing the police barricade that was protecting them. It was pretty pathetic and they didn't even cause the pigs to flinch. Richard Spencer tried to punch a cop and ended up fucking up his fingers on a riot shield instead. I'm being told he's in custody.

2017-08-13 15:21:52 UTC

It was at this point the only resistance groups that had arrived were Antifascist Action and Black Lives Matter. Due to Virginia laws Antifascist Action was unmasked, but they still came in with massive numbers.

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice apparently dragged fleeing fascists into alleyways and threw them boot parties. Allegedly one of the Proud Boys (the Proud Boys did not officially endorse the rally) was curbstomped by a SHARP Skin.

2017-08-13 15:22:21 UTC

Shortly after their arrival the Alt Right were forced to flee the Lee statue and Emancipation Park by BLM and Antifa. Several were hit with glass bottles and bricks. It was at this point the ranks of the fascists began to dissolve into complete disarray.

Other alt right strongholds were set up only to be destroyed by Black Lives Matter and newly arrived Militia groups like the Oathkeepers and III%ers. At one point Alt Righters abandoned their flags and signs while runnning from a local Virginia militia screaming "REAL AMERICANS KILL NAZIS!" as they waved shotguns angrily at the Nazis.

2017-08-13 15:22:44 UTC

The police were planning on doing mass arrests of Antifas, but Oathkeeper militia members began to stand side by side with them, so the pigs backed out.

Right at the climax of the fighting Redneck Revolt arrived armed with AK-47's shouldered, with the fire rate set to "So Much For The Tolerant Left". Fear completely overtook the fascists and they all ran in different directions. At one point a Klansman was surrounded by Antifa and Oathkeepers and jumped into his car, running somebody over. His car was pelted with beer bottles and he rear ended what looks like a mailbox and his car was disabled. The police had no choice but to arrest him as they were being recorded.

2017-08-13 15:23:36 UTC

Antifascist Action has apparently gotten the locations of where the Alt Righters and Klansmen are staying for the night. If they stay and don't leave town, many of them will most likely be killed in the streets by Antifa and pissed off Rednecks now that the police are completely exhausted.

Donald Trump's response was typical liberal bullshit. "Violence is wrong, we have to work together."

Many on The Daily Stormer were hoping Trump would congratulate them somehow. They are very likely to be upset now that they've bern cucked by Trump yet again

2017-08-13 15:23:53 UTC

Many on The Daily Stormer were hoping Trump would congratulate them somehow. They are very likely to be upset now that they've bern cucked by Trump yet again

I have to say that I didn't think we were going to win this one at first, but we did. They got absolutely trashed.


2017-08-13 15:24:00 UTC

Absolute fucking lies

2017-08-13 15:24:05 UTC


2017-08-13 15:32:54 UTC

Source pls

2017-08-13 15:43:24 UTC

Friend got it from a friend from a friend. Just Facebook hearsay

2017-08-13 15:43:32 UTC

But still

2017-08-13 15:44:03 UTC

Pretty pathetic to make up lies like that

2017-08-13 15:54:19 UTC

Nobody but commies read that shit anyway. Let them jerk themselves off who cares

2017-08-13 16:59:08 UTC

@Frederick De Peyrens - VA which site is saying that??

2017-08-13 17:02:35 UTC

I don't know where it's from someone passed it along to me and someone passed it along to him. Could be fake but this seems like some shit they would say they did

2017-08-13 17:39:04 UTC

Shit that never happened for 500, thanks!

2017-08-13 18:00:14 UTC

Antifa is just super blackpilled so they're trying to boost their morale with lies

2017-08-13 18:19:15 UTC

this tbh^

2017-08-13 18:19:24 UTC

they got btfo by all objective measures

2017-08-13 18:19:45 UTC

only people that moved us a single inch were the zog-cops

2017-08-13 18:21:36 UTC

Unless of course antifa/BLM are now allied with cops, and taking credit for their acts? I think this may be the case; antifa is now police allies ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰

2017-08-13 18:23:55 UTC

If you can't back your shit up, pls keep your tinfoil away from possibly hysterical twitter-addicted children on here and the antifa infiltrators

2017-08-13 18:24:01 UTC


2017-08-13 18:24:40 UTC

Look into it, find something, but don't freak people out with something that's (so far) h substantiated

2017-08-13 18:24:52 UTC

That's how people got spooked into leaving early

2017-08-13 22:05:18 UTC

Commie totalitarians always invent their own histories.

2017-08-14 00:00:48 UTC


2017-08-14 00:01:45 UTC

Guys, copy some of this into the antifa watch channel.

2017-08-14 05:33:53 UTC

chill out faggot, learn what nuance is

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