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Hey y'all, can't wait for tis

Have y'all heard about leesburgh and Baltimore trying to remove their statues?

I've got a French flag, American flag, Celtic cross, don't tread on me and a rectangle battle flag that's on a wall so I rather not bring that

@TiborSzalasi-MI that flag is sick

We need non rectangular flags tho

That's the flag of the polish Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Like the Nepalese flag for instance is bad ass

Didn't y'all have a rally with them in pa last year?

I saw some klan guys in pikeville

Well antifa already know we're gonna be there so.......

We should deffinetly go that route


Nice guy natsoc or bust

2017-06-07 01:33:33 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #dc_va_md]  

We should get another rally in Lafayette square going one day

2017-06-07 01:34:55 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #dc_va_md]  

With like 100 guys that would be awsome

Isn't the black sun a Slavic symbol?

Also I'm pretty sure the identity eurvopa logo is as well

Surprised baked is coming... He seemed to have gotten really aware of the situation at Portland concerning racial issues

Not sure... I mean it's a sun symbol so there may be variations

@ManWithTheHand I recommend we look into using bull whips... If we get charged it's significantly less

@MatthewHeimbach what are your shields made out off? Vanguard makes our Shields out of Baltic birch... I've thrown a hatchet at mine pretty durable stuff

@Americana - MD we need to do a banner drop like that

@well the NAACP is trying to remove the one infront of the Leesburgh courthouse

What is the beltway bigots? Is there Twitter page

@Tyrone where was that put up

@here come to the antisharia March in harisburgh

2017-06-08 13:41:32 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #dc_va_md]  

@here come to the anti sharia March in harisburgh this saturday

I don't judge groups of ppl collectively I just acknowledge truths

@everyone I urge y'all to make the trip up to Harrisburg PA this Saturday for the antisharia March... @Francisco VA will be giving a speech that is sure to be great. We also will be having fun poking at antifa while there.

2017-06-08 14:34:02 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Disavow da klan

Should be a great time meeting all of y'all @everyone

These are the sheilds that vanguard America has

I agree with using that flag as well we should contact the Europeans to see if they are fine with us co opting that as a symbol

Kkk is horrible optics

They are the #1 MOST HATED group in America bar none period.


I think the klan is cool (at least their cross lighting) but the optics are horible

2017-06-08 19:02:56 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Why Tf are ppl in it then if it skews by a fed

The only "cool" part is the esoteric nature of previous clans like the cross lighting ceremony but besides that they're bad

Tell the honey pot klan to fuck off

Don't be nice

Tell them their screwing with our optics


So have they found out about us going to harisburgh? @Americana - MD

@heimdulf#1629 put a bust up at potters house

@Hand Banana plz gimme a bull whip

@tom (twp) that's the plan

Antifa jumped us with 20 guys in harrisburgh but we took it like champs

Yeh me @Stormer DC and his bro were Spartans we repelled 20 antifa ourselves


How many guys where at the twp thing

@Americana - MD I call dibs on burning it!


I hope this free speech event has more alt right guys then normal ppl

How bout this?

@HipToTheJQ is he in the vetting server?

@Americana - MD you going with the gf?



Antifa already trying to doxx him lol

@MadDimension link is gone

@ManWithTheHand your zz top?

@Commander Davis (TWP) our Injun allies are from Estonia?

Vanguard is F A S C I S T not natsoc

But we're all natsoc but officially we are fascist lol

Also I'm pretty sure the libertarians would rather have a no steppe snek then a Roman Empire flag


@StrawberryArmada on this server or combined with the Facebook?

I think we should be somewhat concerned about the count at this point @Erika

We're close to a month out

I don't think it's likely were gonna hit the 1k number we want @Erika

O think at this point 1k is optimistic

Yes they know that

Well as long as we don't associate with skinhead groups we should be fine

It's mostly antifs

Can we stay on topic tho...

We're not here to brawl

Ok well we don't want that image in us

Yes we don't want the shaven head kinda thing.. The reason the alt right has been so successfull is because of our clean cut and companionate image


We need the masses Intrest not several small groups of klan and skins to join us


@Skull were officially fascist but many are natsoc

Lmao accurate

@Commander Davis (TWP) where you the guy holding that flag at the DC free sleech

@MadDimension I thought he was coming as a enforcer?

It should

Are you Ie @Evan - NJ

Ah ok cool

@Nicklis - OH why don't you buy the riot shields of Amazon for the sake of unifromity

Lmao it's a sugestion

And 16 year old who has had 3 violent altercations with antifa thus far...

It's a suggestion Raph last I checked we can all give those

What are your thought on the don't tread on my flag?

I'm talking about the kind that nordfront uses

I personally like the ones that the Ukrainian police had during maidan and azov and right sector stole


It's just a suggestion Raph take it easy

@WASP-VA no I do not... I've got a sheild made out of Baltic birch... But I'm looking for one like thay

I was with @Stormer DC and his brother and we got involved with 20 plus antifa I had bricks and shit being thrown at me it may have saved me from teh hospital

Some of the three percent militias are pretty based

Raph has a helmet got taken off and thrown at me along with his sheild lmao



@Stormer DC plz expose him

"The truth fears no investigation"

I think There's a good chance Nathan will sue

He's built a great image and I doubt he's gonna take any bullshit


How is that loyal Knights of the Kkk in the FBI?

I see

Are they big to any extent

I'm thinking of bringing it just because it's a revolutionary flag

And we are *true* revolutionaries

I'll take a look

Wait a facses?

Will duke be there?

I agree

I counter signal tiki torches because we should have real torches. M

Meanwhile vanguard and the DC pilots had a great event with the suidlanders Ie is busy being frats and pull a stunt that gets busted in 5 mins only to later delete any video of said stunt

@JacksonSmith - PA/TX say what you want but "unite the right" is useless if it remains a slogan rather then action.

@here anyone have a good live stream of the klan rally. I want to do a analysis of events as a preview for August.

Their low energy af


@DavyCrockett start the stream boiii

@MadDimension what are the odds of Tim pool, Lauren and Luke coming. It's shaping up to be a berkley of the east

@MadDimension dude I was in DC today and there where some commies with plain red flags using little black kids to run around with them and shit

@1Robertelee#8245 im in Rockville as well... Expect news to break.

@Americana - MD banner drops are the next step at this point

@1Robertelee#8245 where you get that helmet from

Same lol

Delete post!

He's not comming tho from what I understand right

Can't join voice?


@HipToTheJQ vanbrit got flags right

Vanguard knows a good band


@MadDimension vanguard has members in the pa militia we could do some networking

Well I have been meaning to get a kolovrat tatoo done...

@Stormer DC glad your redpilling your mom I'm proud of you sir

@1Robertelee vanguard is not focused on normies... Yes we'd like to look good but the fact of the matter is they'll view almost anything as rascist.

That's why the IE/vanam duo is so good... You get them redpilled and then you can ease them into actuall solutions .

<@&322241134355283969> are y'all down to make some banners? I'm planing on making 3 for vanguard and y'all can make 2 or so. I'll try to provide some of the materials but I'm hoping it will be more of a potluck... But uh were going to be making high power nazi assault banners, so hopefully some materials will be brought. DM if interested! Let's make this good!

@ManWithTheHand for both the rally and for banner drops along road ways.

@Hand Banana that video is sick man. If I where in Michigan is join y'all... And vanguard lol. But seriously good fucking work. Also those flags are siiiiccckkk

Not sure how Ie will take to those symbols

Like Stephan bandera?

Watch out @Hand Banana Erika will show you again!

Clear the waters lol

Tell them about ur tattoosπŸ˜‚

2017-07-17 00:15:36 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@Herrenvolk - MD link to that interview?

Dude after we got jumped we where joking about Raph taking bus shirts off and showing his tatoo


Nothing we didn't know


It sucks here

And don't u worry it will be in wv to soon

Snake flag is fucking amazing

You'd be able to make some monney if you got in contact with Agustus

They even got whif of the banner drop in Austin... Little do they know DC has a bigger one planned

Tag him in Twitter or somthing idk @VasilistheGreek

@VasilistheGreek novorussian sonnernad

Goat fucking Isis flags are all the rage in poland

Nsm is not the optic Kessler wanted tho

That ain't the least of it @wyatt

Check his twitter

There has been berkely style brawling

As faggoty as the proud boys are they stood their groud

They ejected Steve ott the local leader from what I'm hearing

Aint gonna lie it's pretty fun

I'll be honest if one guy has a sheild he can take on 20 antifs easy


I've been in 2 brawls with antifa in the last year they wolnt Engage unless it's at the very least 5-1


Word of advice; don't under estimate your enemy, as faggoty as they may be they have been training lately and Philly antifa is pretty radical and they will be there

Wrong emoji @Fashy Frog

I believe this is the correct oneπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I used to be in that server can't find it...

Nvm I see it, just a weird logo. I can't see any of the chats tho

Oh ok

Do you know if shuttershot45 and Tim pool will be there

Been hearing rumors



Would it be possible to have the streets as well? I mena during the kkk rally they didn't do anything with everyone in the streets

I think it should be a given but the new location of the park will have varying elevations; take the high ground folksπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Here's a Ariel view, I do believe it is outdated

Would y'all stop sperging for a bit, now is not the time to be a sperg but rather to be call & collected and work to solve the issue

She has a point

I'm sure the corruption is similar to that of berkely

It will come down but I don't think these protests are in vain as it Deffiently makes the process of removal more difficult

The most strategic area seems to be the hill in the middle of the golf course ( It's within park limits)

Take this high ground

I expect at least 25 of them to be doing so

They had like 10 masked figures during the klan rally

That's fair but there will significantly more of them this time and they will be able to just fall back into the crowd and avoid detection

@Quartermaster's Ghost how do u know they're throwing bottles of concrete?

@ManWithTheHand get emt tubes and cut them down to a desired length. Light cheap and sturdy

@wyatt we should bring that fabrezeπŸ’ͺ🏻

Keep the stench away

Would of been good at stay true

What happened to real totches


I woudnt u determinate antifa this time. They only get rowdy in numbers. And they have some pretty violent cells in the area. Notably philly and southern nj.


He's like ye tall

Have you delt with southern nj antifa? @Joseph McCarthy - NJ


Me and 2 others got jumped by 20 antifa in Harrisburg for the antisharia March. We fought of 20 of them for 2 minutes before they herd sirens and ran away.

Where's that

Signs are present around town saying "antifa zone"

Refuse fascism is going. They're one of the new soros groups.

Let me check

Post deleted

In Seattle


Any footage?

Emt tube

(Electrical Metalic tubing)

I agree.

Well shit

Apparently they know about the torch lit rally

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