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And maybe hello Kobach to DHS?

Yeah supporting the ethnostate and not being a homo are basic requirements for being an ally to our cause

Probably chimps. Bearded ladies never hurt anyone but themselves and their parents

I think if the US lost the war Japanese internment camps and regular prisons would have looked a lot like Jewish concentration camps. When your own people are starving you don't put a high priority on prisoner well-being

There can be no cucking

They won't arrest anyone for going to the park

@Athena Marie how rich is Kyle chapman that he can afford to hire people to tweet for him?

He can ship his kids back

Haha that's his only path to redemption

Usually weak willed low self-esteem men race-mix

Yeah I mean the conquistadors probably had good self-esteem but in modern times race-mixing is for cucks

It honestly shouldn't matter to us what the police are or aren't doing. If they are there, great. It will be a nice peaceful event. If they aren't, only idiot antifa will really be at risk if they try and attack us. Most they can do is ask us to leave and then we move to another location

Bring a rain coat/umbrella

Shovel/broom handles at lowes for 6-7$

@Skrrt We have nothing to fear.

Nobody will mess will seriously mess with us. Worse they have ever done is pepper spray and bike lock

Cops here will not be nearly as pozzed as in Berkeley

And you will be with your white brothers!

They'd need a tactical nuke to harm us

Never heard it, but will check it out on the drive up

Good night brother

Definitely good for rain at least. I would also avoid wearing all this stuff right away if you bring it. We don't want to look like larping idiots in a field

If things get out of hand a helmet/shield/goggles might come in handy but just standing around in that outfit will look pretty ridiculous imo

Yup. We want more and more "regular" Americans to feel comfortable joining our ranks. And looking like autists does not advance that goal.

Nothing against autists, just look normal!

Filing a false police report?

Shovel handle, wooden dowel from lowes or Home Depot. Plus industrial stapler

johncolt 2017-08-11 17:42:51 [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]

Muh black Confederates

We need an event on private property

More would if there wasn't nazi larping

Love Nazis but that is not the way to win more hearts and minds

Billions have been spent by Hollywood and the media to make Nazis synonymous with Evil, why fight that fight? We are white Americans

Same thing would have happened but we could at least sway public opinion

Nobody feels bad for people carrying swastikas and doing roman salutes. This is not countersignaling this is just basic branding and common sense

I'd be down

That's definitely the same giy


I heard his mom was Jewish

Is that verifiable?

That would certainly lend credence to the false flag/infiltrator theory

That's more than just similar, they look identical down to their 5 o'clock shadow

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