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ever time antifa has showed up they've just hidden behind the cops and chanted

none of them ever try to pull the shit they say on twitter

the only ime they attack is when its literally an entire mob on 1

Probably going to need someone to drive me and my gf from our hotel to the rally itself. Everythings booked so we're going to end up staying far away. Willing to pay gas money + a little extra of course.

Everybody post your swastika tattoo to prove your not an undercover FBI agent

Heres mine

Think the police are going to stand down like on Berkley?

Or are these cops less cucked

At town hall meeting the cops said they where going to offer protection regardless of where the rally takes place

Do we trust the cops tho?

Keep your tism in check gentlemen

Hopefully we dont have some geriatric oathcucker have a flashback and pop off

Don't speak to police at all unless you are reporting something

Honestly guns are not a good idea in a crowd like this.

I'm gonna avoid group pics

We need a minimum of 6 beta orbiters per roastie

We need to protect the ((mostly)) white pussy

Oh sheit

Dey crackas seen me

Right wing bottle pissers

Right wing tree squads


Securing a future for basically white children

Just a bit of curly hair

White passing children

Please no one come dressed like a power ranger

Hey is there anyone in line for the bus rn?

So is it pretty much confirmed that there are active shills in this discord?

Like, there's always shills but do we think these ones are actively giving out information?

Not singing at all would be better than shit singing

Srsly y'all have car rides

No exuses. Play it on repeat

We're doing dixies land Right? Not dixie?

I would assume incompetence before malice

People should have been careful anyway

Well even post vetting theres no way to be sure

What info has been leaked exactly? Location and planning shit?

Someone got a direct line?

Might want to give them heads up

How's access to the rally?

So it wasnt our guy who ran over antifa?



A large number of attendees where undouptably law enforcement

We had lone wolves from crews that don't exist not talking to anyone

Gentlemen today we witness the absolute state of the constitution in America

The police deliberalty failed to even attempt to contain the opposition

They diliberatly allowed the violence to escalate

Night bruv

49 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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