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Am I going to need to acquire a shield and helmet? I have a very non-standard sized head (8 1/2)

Confirmed +1


BTW "net neutrality" under Jews is BAD news.

The concept is cool

@ 220-244 confirmed thus far.


>TFW all your former libertarian acquaintances who went neoreactionary as you did are now spontaneously NS right there with you

Support our brothers in England:

That's you?

I'm proud of you and your ability to speak to the serpents

Thank you brother

Genuinely impressed with the points you made in a rather rapid fire method... you kept speaking and found a lot to say.

That is freaking awesome


A lot of important people in our movements throughout history have started out as orators... some of THE most important

Wew philoys, they just keep making our cases for us don't they?

The whole economic system is collapsing August 21st, don't worry

Buy ammo


How's this for shitposting?

MRW White birthrates go up again

We survive.

You know... if you really think about it, we've gained SO much more than we've lost...........

Do jifs work?

Some redpills for any infiltrators 😃

Hey where's the shitposting channel then?

"Maaaan where's a young kneegrow sposta shit post mann sheeeit, the man always puddin a brotha down!"

Jews are ALWAYS relevent

For example:

I think it was one of those degenerate "written one sentence at a time by anon" 4chan things

From that video at the end: "pay pal dot com slash _____ stern, hit me up" geif monies plox


LOL about 70% of them will be killed by niggers with guns

"When we're not fucking ass we're kicking ass, YAY!" <:globalist:321790059449810945> 💩 <:angry_pepe:321788304406085652>

<:spaghetti_supremacy:321790566851543041> "CUM AT ME BROS" is what you should say.... god the two main guys talking look completely Jewish, on top of being faggots

Holy SHIT I'm a fascist.... 😮

Here's the thing, if they want to, eventually, they can destroy it... the question is how noted it can be, how many people will remember it and how many of our natural allies will awaken because of it. What we are doing raises awareness, we are not fighting for the statue but rather what the statue stands for, our people, our blood, our legacy and our futures. At the end of the day it is a statue, a statue is a symbol but a symbol only has as much meaning as we imbue it. It would be sad to lose it but it would be sadder if we lost it and the symbolism of losing it was lost on the larger part of our brethren.

Please reread.

I need an invitation for my fiancée. She is coming with me.


If they get it shut down it will be all the better

They think they are fighting us but they are fighting deterministic reality itself

This isn't the result of "racism" or "sexism" or "reactionism" and has nothing to do with Whig history. This is the return of the base.

Fuck the Overton Window, we are shattering that shit, they don't even realize it.

The more they fight us in this, the stronger and harder it is going to come about.

More important is the cattle-prod question:

@ 281-307 total confirmed thus far.

Trannies are just mad at reality, the reality that they are unnatural and nature can't have that

It's just how I was born tbh

They were born the wrong gender and I was born to remove pedos and trannies and faggots

I can't control it

It's in my nature

Really they're the hate mongers

Trying to shame me for my nature

And, if you want to get down to brass tacks, no leftists have to come to OUR event

It's OUR event

If they don't come it's not like we'd plan violence against ourselves, they're the antagonists, we're just trying to demonstrate our values

Tell him he'll never have a period, period.

It's good to know that our future fuhrer is training for battle with the orcs.


Personally I'm all about Crusader Kangs

Somebody need to make a mod where everybody in Europe is black

Call it Crewsader Kangs


Warband is spectacular

Needs more detail, extreme depth

The Napoleonic expansion was ass

That'd be a bad idea


>she is some kind of hapa
Mystery meat

Dykes aren't American

NF? Sorry if I'm ignorant here

Northwest Front comes to mind

Ah cool, looking now

IE is solid on everything simply have rules against promoting violence etc, strict on it

Ask the IE leaders to confirm they are solid on your 14 points

6. We reject racial supremacy and racial hatred in all forms. <<

I'm a racial supremacist and chauvinist

So I wouldn't be good to go

Sorry we invented 95% of civilization, we are it

Civilization = Whites & Whites = Civilization

Most specifically modern descendants of Europid subraces

My views:

I'm with the SBC

Stormer Book Club


100% National Socialist/Mutualist

Well that's the modern leftist definition of supremacism


Watch this....

R1a = Aryan


I'm R1a Scottish FTR, Scythian/Frisian descended from 2000+ years ago

I can count my direct male ancestors back to 900 AD via DNA

Amazing shit

I'm Scottish, English and Prussian

If you are Anglo there is a chance they will come back with 0.1 - 0.5% Ashkenazi

Don't pay mind to it


I'd put it at like .8%

Oh yes

Of course

They stole everything

Including half of their genes

The only thing they created themselves is usury

That's purely Jewish

Oh and child rape

23andme does


I'm big into genetics

Here's the problem with my genetics...

I'm 25% Prussian

Prussia no longer exists

It's not a population tested for

It's just included within Germany now

16 million moved

I'm Stephans and Wolfson Prussian

2 whole families of mine, cousins, fathers mothers and children, were slaughtered Bloody Sunday

No never seen it

Those were those girls right?

Yes sir

They used to look like this...

I prefer this

If it's under .8% there's a chance it's static

You have to understand how they determine these things

They COMPARE your DNA to living populations

If they see a segment in your DNA that is NOT in their sample from say Scotland, where that is from but they see it in some African populations or Asian they'll mark it as that

Even though there is a pocket of population in Scotland that has that DNA

It might even be RARE in Africa or Asia

Doesn't matter, they didn't catch it with their sample populations

I mean even if they weren't kikes, it's understandable

What is NOT understandable is that they had like a sample of around 50 from france and 1400 Ashkenazis

If they are kiking it's not on the individual level

I doubt it anyway

Americana is clearly not

We have to change things to the point where it doesn't matter


What the fuck you gonna do bout is Shlomo?

I'm making lists

I'm not kidding

In my vicinity

I'm getting to know my local kikes

These kikes have no idea, I'm excited

I used to think there were too many of them, now there's not enough

My fiancee when she moved in: "you have HOW many guns?"

You may as well go and fuck a nigger


Honestly I'm not impressed with Trump until he hangs his kike-in-law

I don't care if it's with floss so long as it seperates that Neanderthal skull from his spine

If you're anti-white, damn right I'm gonna hurt ya.

Mr Bond is my shit, he's the reason I'm now creating music too

Even toddlers are encouraged to cut their dicks

It's unfortunate he's not in the US

I'd have really enjoyed meeting him at Unite the Right

My faves in order: Ashkenazi - Fascist - Why We Pissed

His best lyrics are in Ashkenazi


"How many Jews do you know like this always claiming to be white when they push their shit"

I bet you didn’t know we were dangerous, you were told it wasn’t in our character
There are nations in this World only for Europids, like America
Fuck your fam and fuck your sect
Get the fuck out, we are about to set this whole thing off now
Better leave right now before your options run out
Didn’t hear me the first time, fuck off now
Jew mind tricks stopped; rearranged our thoughts
No power in these propagandist props
Bullshit lies about about history, like the holocaust
It’s no mystery
How White men win at any cost
You don’t wanna be around when we balance the books
Every good goy NOSE it starts with the HOOKS
And everyone knows that Shlomo is shook

Ha I bet you thought you had it figured out
That this was the end of history
That all the rules that applied before
Just upturned and entered periphery
Occidental man, a million years of natural selection ain’t fading away
We broke the Overton Window, shit’s gone, OOPS, too long we’ve been held at bay
What made you think we’d let this happen, your grandpas were desert hole crappin
And your grandmas were being seeded by monkeys, I can understand the dissatisfaction
But a plane ticket should be your next acquisition
Yes your presence is an imposition, if you’re lucky we’re talking extradition
If you stick around and it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that we got enough ammunition
After we’re done with all this Jewish sedition
To end your whole family’s mortal condition and create a new holiday; make it tradition

^^^ My lyrics... I'm working on about 5 other songs right now though

Yeah that's his style

I don't use nigger parlance in my rhymes

Never will

And here's the thing about it, rap is poetic and informational verse set to syncopation. It works and there are plenty of young Whites out there who can be influenced... they like rap but the nigger lyrics are too stupid for them. This fills a very very important niche in our movement. The more propaganda we put out there in different styles/formats, the better.

You have to remember it's not niggers

It's not wiggers

It's kikes

Remove kikes and we can equalize

Find our balance again

Kikes are the ones that have kept "hiphop" alive as popular for so long, it would have been dead a LONG ass time ago otherwise

It's forced so there is no need to counter-signal, simply subvert it

Think Judo throws strategically speaking

I hate talking shit on my brothers.... I can't wait until we have hegemony again when this attitude/tendency will be much more valuable.

He's related to you

Your brothers are blood and there are tons of men out there out of line with their thoughts. Things will get better but we have to focus on the ideas.

We can adjust our brothers' thoughts

We need propaganda and we need indoctrination.

Dicky is one man

Amongst many kikes

Kikes spread lies and its our jobs to crush them

The kikes and the lies

We will see where he sides when we take control back

It won't be difficult to figure out in due time



I looked away and looked back and WHAM


We have plenty of time to purity spiral when we are in control

I hate infighting

Always have

It's like against my very nature

Call it "Only_Fucking_Cucks_Talk_Here"

What about SBC guys?




Oh boy

Because content

And funnies

And enough articles you can sarcastically share with your buddies

And look like a badass doing it

This runescape video is the gayest thing ever

Talking this much about locations in a worthless game deserves a sword through the soft spot under the chin up into the skull

Sorry, I'm on the old end of the Millenial generation... my childhood was filled with RotTK, EVO, SimCITY, and Civilization 1 & 2


I don't think he was subversive, just immature


Am not

I'm Millenial



With almost 20 million Jews in the world what else would you ever need to countersignal?

@Tyrone, I'm meeting with my SBC chapter and investing in cryptocurrency, also repairing our ac unit so the future mother of my children doesn't die from exposure. I'm also hitting the gym as I do everyday.

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