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I'm ready and waiting

We're experiencing technical diffculties with Gavin and Stickman. They want all pro-white references scrubbed, to change the title from Unite the Right to a more generic "free speech rally" and put a bunch of nonwhite speakers up as shields.

Obviously that's not going to work

Baked Alaska is onboard no matter what and says he can bring the Proud Boys. I think we can get Stickman off the fence but we're not going to compromise our integrity

We are still going to bring a large coalition. I just think the Gavin thing might be a bridge too far

For the sake of this rally getting 800-1000 people to be openly pro-white is good enough for me

I'll be damned if I'm going to put any celebrity before the average men and women of this movement though and every leader worht their salt should feel the same way

We have people's families, their businesses and more being threatened just for being pro-white. This is bullshit and we have to make a moral stand against it

We won't be cucking. Make no mistake. This is a pro-white event and folks are going to have to accept that

They understand the rules of engagement

Baked is 100% onboard with us

@everyone This event is during the day so we're not doing the torches again. After the event we're taking over the downtown mall which is right next to the statue and kicking all the SJWs out of the local bars.

Next day we might have a more low key event at a very important location but we have to keep that under wraps for now.

Here is the Facebook event page. Lots of normie Confederates and Alt-Light will be in on it too but if you're sensitive about doxxing use an anon account

Here is the Facebook event page. Lots of normie Confederates and Alt-Light will be in on it too but if you're sensitive about doxxing use an anon account

The local media know they just dont know the extent

@everyone I highly recommend you use this website to help find the lowest possible airfare. If you have flexibility with which airport you can fly out of and which date you're leaving it can work wonders

Here's a video of what occurred during the liberal demonstration the day after the Alt-Right rally on 5/13/17. This may give you an idea of what kind of people we can expect, althought his event will be on another level.

15:07 Wes Bellamy using bullhorn for a length of time. Other SURJ activists use bullhorns for extended lengths of time
34:00 One of the many times the crowd grabs my friends camera and assaults him in an effort to obstruct the press
48:00 I arrive. Clearly just looking for my friend to make sure he is okay.
49:00 I tear down the Black Lives Matter sign they'd draped on the Robert E Lee Statue
53:07 One of the many times my friend, who is livestreaming the event, is attacked. Rioters pull his camera away.
54:30 I use my megaphone to communicate with my friend and make sure he got his phone back. This is important because the arresting officer said I was using my megaphone "to get in peoples face". I was just using it to communicate with my friend.
56:30 I'm trying to leave the park when I'm entrapped by the Antifa. When I try to duck and and escape they squeeze in so that I have to push them off to get out

Here is the Antifa lawyer who assaulted a local activist when he was trying to have dinner with friends. This guy is running to be essentially the District Attorney of Charlottesville

@⚑Clark⚑ A few years ago Occupy Charlottesville camped out there for like two weeks. The leftwing city council let them get away with completely trashing the park and setting up a homeless camp there

@everyone One thing that worked really well about Battle of Berkeley was the way they got digital fliers and memes going on 4chan. This is something we should work on going forward

This is not true BTW.

Here is the video of "Jared Taylor" pretending to be a French Kenny G

@ScottTheSwole The main thing we can do is work on our numbers. We want to make sure all of our local allies are coming and work on our social media presence on 4Chan, Twitter, etc

@everyone Event details:
WHEN: August 12th at 12pm
WHERE: Lee Park In Charlottesville, Va
WHAT: This is a UNITE THE RIGHT event bringing together the Alt-Right with the Alt-Light and Confederate supporters around the country. We're demonstrating in support of the Robert E Lee statue, the right of white people to organize for our interests and to show that we will not be intimidated by harassment campaigns of the Left.

Confirmed Speakers (so far):
*Richard Spencer
*Mike Enoch
*Augustus Invictus
*Jason Kessler
*Baked Alaska
*Christopher Cantwell
*Matt Heimbach
*Dr. Michael Hill
*Pax Dickinson
*Johnny Monoxide
More to come...

Baked has been very supportive of the event so far

@Munich No open carry for this event. If you want protection bring concealed



STICKS AND SHIELDS: I recommend you bring picket sign posts , shields and other self-defense implements which can be turned from a free speech tool to a self-defense weapon should things turn ugly.

OPEN CARRY: Please do not open carry. We want to avoid that optic for both the media and Antifa. We ultimately don't want to scare them from laying hands on us if they can't stand our peaceful demonstration.

CONCEALED CARRY: If you have a legal permit to concealed carry this should be fine. Check the local laws but Virginia is very friendly on this issue.

We should bring picket signs that can be used as sticks to bludgeon our enemies if they get violent. Avoid open carry. Concealed carry is fine.

@Gavius Corvus Gavin might not be coming. Don't worry about that stuff. Let the event organizers take care of it

We will have Alt-Light onboard but exactly which ones are in negotiation right now. Look at the pinned post here in general for the list of confirmed speakers

@Diethard I agree with this strategy.

@everyone Pax Dickinson will now be attending the rally and is being added to the list of speakers

@bass Welcome

Turn the sound down on your computer

It's probably in user settings

ah, good to know

Baked Alaska is putting himself on the line for us. He's willing to stand with each and every one of us and not counter-signal. We should extend him the same courtesy

He's one of the guys that is 100% behind us. He's not on the fence at all

He's not organizing the event. He's one of the speakers

I don't know that Stickman is coming. Enoch and I have been negotiating with him

Stickman might not come

We can't compromise the pro-white message so we'll see if he can get behind that publicly or not

@Aaron - VA No booing the speakers. If they're willing to stand on the same stage as us that is more important than what they say

Right now we have an issue with being able to do events and stand up for white people without being banned, marginalized and/or arrested. We need to show the media and establishment power that we can turn out large numbers for white advocacy and that we're not going to back down on that.

If we get the numbers we're looking for on this thing we can make the powerful start to respect and fear us.

Anyone else need to be sorted right now?

@everyone Help us to promote the event on Normiebook by sharing the event page and promoting it on social media. There will be enough normies going to this but if you're concerned about doxxing issues sign up using an anon account.

@JohnnyMonoxide Check out the pinned post on this channel

We might try to bring them in here

Are you looking to speak?

@JohnnyMonoxide Sure, we'll bring you on as a speaker

@ManWithTheHand We'll either create a seperate Discord for them or find a way to ease them in here

@everyone For everyone who has been asking, no the Lee Monument is not going anywhere. It is illegal by Virginia law for them to move it and the judge who issued the injunction has already recognized this. Charlottesville's Lee Monument is not a lost cause like New Orleans. This is a place where we are winning and can rub the liberals' face in it.

Yeah, "Justice " and "Emancipation" Park


@everyone Here is the latest news on the alt-light involvement. Based Stickman is not going to speak but he has agreed to come in with the Proud Boys as enforcers against Antifa. He has promised that there will be no counter-signaling or infighting. I don't think Gavin will be coming but we are going to try to get him to promote this event and encourage the Proud Boys to attend

@everyone Everything is under control. I'm about to go to a meetup but I will be available to speak to anyone who wants to speak to me tomorrow and make sure everyone is happy

All the drama is exaggerated. If you have an issue bring it up with me and I'll take care of it

For the moment I'm about to do a meetup and trap me some Antifa but I'm free tomorrow

@ManWithTheHand Here is y'all's channel I'll work on turning into a group later

So my group just showed up and got banned from 2 consecutive bars in Charlottesville

These fucking Antifa just spent 2 hours chanting until they got us banned by the bar

I'm so fucking triggered by these white cucks being such niggers

Basically by two separate bars in one night. We need an army to make sure a proud white man can get a drink in this town

The "Klan" rally is by an FBI informant named Chris Barker

Probably paid by the liberals

Ignore it

@Munich I've been sleeping next to a gun for a long time now

@everyone Is there anyone who can help me create a digital flier for the event listing the event details so far?

Event details:
WHEN: August 12th at 12pm
WHERE: Lee Park In Charlottesville, Va
WHAT: This is a UNITE THE RIGHT event bringing together the Alt-Right with the Alt-Light and Confederate supporters around the country. We're demonstrating in support of the Robert E Lee statue, the right of white people to organize for our interests and to show that we will not be intimidated by harassment campaigns of the Left.

Confirmed Speakers (so far):
*Mike Enoch
*Augustus Invictus
*Jason Kessler
*Baked Alaska
*Christopher Cantwell
*Matt Heimbach
*Pax Dickinson
*Johnny Monoxide

Based Stickman will be in attendance to help maintain order against Antifa.

More guest coming soon....

@卐 Heimdulf - VA 卐 Let's go with something new to distinguish this event

He said that he wanted to speak, yes

@White-PowerStroke(Dillon) The speeches are going to be short and sweet

We may spread some of them out into a private event on Sunday

I'm almost certainly convinced this negro and his ANTIFA mob hired the "KKK" member who's coming July 8th

I think they're going to use their protest against this fake KKK as a model for their attack on us August 12

They won't be there though

He's been trained to do this like a circus animal

Bad because it sets up Wes Bellamy and Mayor Signer as heroes to the liberal media standing up against the big bad KKK (who in turn looks weak because they only turn out 10 people)

Fortunately it will be a short-lived media coup for them

The liberals are going to love the KKK because they will only get 10 people and look weak

Fortunately our much larger rally will counter-signal that

This is one of the arguments they're setting up

It is (((organized)))

Most definitely

Google Chris Barker

@SchoolShooterRecruiter Absolutely. That's why we have to double down and turn out more numbers than ever

Their whole narrative is to marginalize us and put our people in a state of fear so they dont turn out

We have to break the conditioning with extreme prejudice

I have no idea. I can tell you both of them were announced to the press at the same time


The media is going to smear us no matter what. The future of our race depends on us being fearless in the face of these attacks

That is our #1 goal: DON'T BACK DOWN.

The more they try to intimidate us and marginalize us the more numbers we turn out

@ManWithTheHand We are the future. That is why the media is trying to bring in an old group to tie us to the past. It's not going to work. We don't owe the media anything

We don't even have to acknowledge this Chris Barker guy.

We're good on August 12th. The media already called us klan after the 1st event. No worries


The media wants this to be about the klan. The fact is they're much more afraid of the Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right is a modern movement and a movement that is gaining momentum.

I 100% agree with @SaintCharles . If you want a chance to crack some Antifa skulls in self-defense don't open carry. You will scare the shit out of them and they'll just stand off to the side

@ale We're still adding speakers. That's all that can be said for right now

I wonder if this supposed KKK demonstration is going to draw out any violent left-wingers

The way these blacks attack the guy makes me angry

His strategy of, "let blacks beat you up and hope the media takes pity on you" is more than retarded

If they're not feds they're at least a sub-IQ version of the Alt-Right. Who in their right mind would think you could brand the KKK as a civil rights organization?

And that the media would feel pity for you. The only thing you can do is earn their fear and respect

You have to bring enough numbers to defend yourselves

One of the main talking points for the media is to try and make us look weak. That's why I loved Battle of Berkeley because it was a defensive action and a supreme display of domination

That's the only thing they can't spin: large crowd size and assertive self-defense

@Hand Banana Probably. I spent a lot of time out there

Since I've now been banned from almost every bar in Charlottesville I think I'm going to need to go in disguise with you guys next time.

We should go back to Millers

@Hand Banana Oh, I'm totally down to get kicked out. I just want to make sure they serve the "ebil natsees" first

If they kick us out when we're in the middle of a pitcher drinks are free

That's what I'm saying. If they kick us out they get stuck with a multi-hundred to a thousand dollar bar tab

You say you don't like natsees but are you going to turn down $1,000 plus tips?

Money talks

I'll be there

It will be good to see my friend Jared Taylor once again

It's actually a masterfully written article. It's like one of the writers of The Naked Gun decided to parody Antifa

Who wants to go in disguise to infiltrate Antifa?

If we get Nathan Damigo to punch you in this disguise you'll blend right in

Yes but then I'll have to find a horse to ride in on as well

We should all show up on horseback

That's the way the Confederacy would have wanted it

Political discrimination

When I go out the local Antifa group SURJ screams at customers and staff until I get banned

The Civil Rights Act forces businesses to serve people based on every characteristic but political beliefs

The downtown area where all the cool bars are is a bricked public walkway where they can scream and holler while claiming they're in a public space exercising free speech

They did it last night too but I haven't been posting the videos because I got pretty angry and was talking a lot of shit. It probably doesn't make me look that great to the normies

Evidently even bartenders are quitting their jobs because the Antifa spit on them in public for serving us

These are two of them

@AltRightVa That's an interesting point. You'd have to ban all Obama voters but that would pretty much ban voting blacks de facto

@Hand Banana It was taken down until we have some clear guidance to give people.

It will be back later

Charlottesville's Jewish "civil rights" attorney Jeff Fogel assaulted a right-wing activist.

Afterwards you see the many tricks he tries to play to get the police officer to cross the line so he can look like a victim. Know the many tricks of the Jewish "civil rights" attorney. He is currently suing another police officer for "racial profiling"

He is being represented by the partner at his law firm, Steven Rosenfield

While Fogel thought the matter would end with a simple summons, he said that when he opened his door in his pajamas after midnight, he saw about five police cars in front of his house.

β€œI was shocked,” he said. β€œThere were at least five officers there, and when I asked why there were so many, one of the officers said it just happened that way.”

We should burn an Antifa flag at this event

If you watch the Battle of Berkeley footage the best stuff is happening in the streets. Maybe we need to organize a street march after the rally

@everyone If you want the cheapest possible travel cost I suggest you check out the 2 carpool sections of the Discord. I've rented a car to go to AmRen for only $250 and I have guys riding with me to split the cost.

We have over a hundred confirmed on the Facebook event page as well and another 300 interested in going

@AltRightVa At least they took good pictures of you. And I like how you guys went out in the traditional garb of the Trump supporter, LMAO. When they attack Trump supporters it only gives us power

@Yankee Lol at this Hatewatch being triggered by the Oathkeepers

We really need you guys in Charlottesville. They're too proud of their Weimarican degeneracy here

Oath Cucks have not been invited to this event and obviously nothing they've done this weekend is going to change that

I have a few individual OKs who might break off from the organization but as a group they're not a good fit.



@ManWithTheHand Looks like Corey has a good shot of winning

If he gets in I'm going to do whatever I have to do to take down Perriello.

Worthless to deal with their leadership. Totally cucked. I have Virginia Oathkeepers who will defy their leadership to attend our rally. That's the best we can expect from them.

Here is where we bring Proud Boys into this thing. It doesn't matter if you're Alt-Right or PB, if you're in Virginia, try to show up to this event because we're going to be baiting Antifa

Sorry the link is for a closed group, evidently

@everyone If you want to help bait Antifa into attacking the Proud Boys come to 207 Pineridge Ln Charlottesville, Va 22902 at 6pm this Saturday, June 17th

We're going to take the Proud Boys out to a bar and invite the Antifa who did this

@everyone If you live in the Virginia area you might want to consider bringing your MAGA hats to Charlottesville on Saturday for the Proud Boys meetup. Word is that Antifa is going to harass the "Neo-Nazi Proud Boys organization" and this will probably help drum up interest in Alt-light circles for the August event.

6pm this Saturday. PM for location

@everyone Attendees, don't forget to post in the <#321381086166908929> channel.

@everyone We need to do a march along with the rally. Should we do it on the Downtown Mall (which is closed to traffic) or should we march through the streets the way they did in Berkeley?

It will get very expensive very fast if we start asking to close down streets in advance. We'd have to pay off duty police officers

@Dreiiaa (TWPVA) There's no doubt we should march through the Downtown Mall. My only wonder is whether we should keep it contained there

The downtown mall is public and the police wouldn't be able to remove us without violating our First Amendment rights

Decision: For now we will not plan to march through the street and block traffic. But if Antifa does we should be able to confront them about it

Pleased to announce that Milo will be attending the rally

Pleased to announce a new attendee for Unite the Right. It really isn't about hate guys.

*blocks your path*

You guys are welcome to come to Charlottesville this weekend for the Proud Boys event. We're going to be triggering Antifa to protest and force the Alt-Light's hand. Just wear your MAGA hats and blend in as Proud Boys. It'll be fun.

The Downtown Mall march will be unannounced to the public but we'll coordinate it among the leadership and let folks know prior to the event

Big if true

What is it you Detroit guys need? Is everyone that wants to be in the group in it?

Can we get a hold of a fake SJW account for passing misinformation and bait along to the Antifa during this event?

Bring your MAGA hats if you've got 'em. If Antifa fucks with us it'll look like average Trump supporters and Alt-Light are under attack

Haha, Cucked Spartan looks intimidating to Leftists though

Especially in that pic where he's covered in blood

Can someone give Paddy Tarleton a ride down from Boston?

Can someone give Paddy Tarleton a ride down from Boston?

@everyone Can someone give Paddy Tarleton a ride down from Boston?

What is the name of the DC Antifa group?

Feel free to start taunting them about our rally

We need some anti-Antifa psy-ops

The more hysterical we can make them the better

"a saying associated with white nationalists"

>From George Orwell's book 1984
>George Orwell was a socialist

The leaps of logic used to stuff every sentence with "white nationalist" beggars belief

@everyone Richard Spencer will now be attending the event. You can begin promoting his appearance publicly.

He'll be added to the flyers soon

PARKING: People are either going to need to pay a few shekels to park in the Parking Garage about ($10 for the day) or we can shuttle them in from a nearby location like Darden-Towe Park

What about the McDonald's and Staples parking lots?

The Parking Garage at Carver Rec is open to the public as well

We need to make a list of solid parking locations. Carver should be #1. What else?

The Carver parking garage is a 5 minute walk from the event and should be safe

Plus its free. Market Street and Water Street garages are an option as well for those willing to play for parking

Do we have access to a bus or other high occupancy vehicle to shuttle our people in with?

@everyone We need access to busses, vans and other high occupancy vehicles to shuttle in our people from parking lots. Please contact me ASAP if you have access to such a vehicle.

Renting a bus is going to be hella expensive. We'd do better directing people to public transportation or finding someone on our side who owns one

I want people to be able to get to the event as quickly and worry-free as possible. If they're delayed by parking logistics they might have to walk through a wall of protestors to get to the event

@Goldstein Riots How would that work? Pile people into the back of a moving truck like Mexicans crossing the border?

I don't really know. Just see what pricing options they have

The Detroit group evidently is coming in 2-3, 15 passenger vans so perhaps they can help us shuttle folks in.

@everyone Why are they allowed to march through the streets like this without a permit? We should be allowed to do the same thing

We can do everything they can do. The left already did a march through the streets here a couple weeks ago.

@everyone Here is the latest version of the flyer. Feel free to share everywhere #UnitetheRight

Charlottesville liberals are getting gaslit about the Proud Boys πŸ˜‚

@everyone If you have access to sound equipment please get in touch with event organizers ASAP. Don't forget that the other side will try to drown out our speakers with sirens and other noisemakers. We cannot allow that to happen

The Left was outnumbered in Pikeville but they were still able to make a disruptive amount of noise. We're going to need to be louder.

We're tightly controlling the area around the speakers.

@everyone If you have access to sound equipment please get in touch with event organizers ASAP. Don't forget that the other side will try to drown out our speakers with sirens and other noisemakers. We cannot allow that to happen

@everyone Guys they're onto us. SURJ is handing out these flyers on the Charlottesville downtown mall right now

If they want it to be hidden all they have to do is ask.

There's a "Proud Boys" meeting here tonight the left is extremely triggered about

Back of the flyer

TFW been born too early for cyberpunk micropchip brain implants to process hyperlinks IRL

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