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2017-02-25 05:33:33 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

ardent rain = pale hom?

2017-03-04 19:35:54 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

The long URL, the comment.

2017-03-04 19:59:06 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Yeah, it's a tranny. Who's giving wrong opinions. It's actually pretty typical.

2017-03-04 19:59:11 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Do you see my comment?


Good idea Inquisitor. Thinking of bringing my Bandarist flag. The eurasianist faggotry enjoys far too much uncritical spouting.

But I'm afraid that goes against the spirit of the event. So celtic cross it is.

I want to say that goes without saying, but then people surprise me.


2017-07-17 01:56:53 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I'm the next best thing.

2017-07-17 23:19:14 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  


2017-07-17 23:44:02 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

I can see why you'd avoid it if that's the case, but I think LoS is more stylistic than LS, which could mean anything under the sun.

2017-07-17 23:44:09 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

Not that it matters

2017-07-17 23:56:06 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

And great. The threeps credibly could jeopardize the event. NICE

2017-07-18 00:12:08 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

Absolute subhumans

2017-07-18 00:13:17 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I sure hope not.

2017-07-18 20:07:05 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

"as a Jew..." oh great, we're off to a great start here boys.

Pretty shocked blackjacks aren't kosher.

I just want everyone here to know I'm a real swell guy.

2017-07-20 02:00:18 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

John McCain gets cancer best day of my life

Speaking of steel helmets, does anyone know of a protective insert one could put in a hat?

2017-07-21 04:51:47 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

That's not "bogfeed". That's a biological woman, and she shows up to all the non-cucked FL events. She's a snowflake obviously, but isn't that just par for the course?

2017-07-21 05:21:16 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

It's a heterosexual woman

2017-07-21 05:21:56 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Yeah, women love fag shit.

2017-07-21 05:22:41 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Lesbians also don't exist.

2017-07-21 05:23:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I stand corrected. Whatever.

2017-07-21 05:38:11 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Sorry for having incomplete information and actually getting into the spirit of the rally.

2017-07-21 05:38:21 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

gee, I'm such a fag enabler.

2017-07-21 05:41:47 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Thanks for clarifying <:spaghetti_supremacy:321790566851543041>

2017-07-22 04:33:59 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

The "muh optics" people are still blabbing? JFC ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ค

2017-07-22 04:34:11 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

I thought they were joking.

2017-07-22 04:46:07 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

So Billy Roper?

"novorussian sonnernad" gross. ัะปะฐะฒะฐ ัƒะบั€ะฐั—ะฝั– TBH.

Terribly wrong. Event organizers will ask you to leave if you open carry.

But you know that. Hopefully.

2017-07-23 01:14:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Anti-Azzmador is codeword for anti-south.

2017-07-23 02:29:35 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Kessler could just be busy.



2017-07-23 19:14:03 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

Far from our enemies, antis are a godsend. They bend over backwards in an effort to make us look good.

2017-07-24 05:07:56 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

May I have some oats, brother?

2017-07-27 03:39:20 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

"Implying hotels are going to ask guests their political opinions and deny them rooms based on that"

2017-07-27 03:39:25 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  


2017-07-27 03:39:34 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

Implying they won't?

2017-07-27 03:40:05 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

Amren struggled for years because the hotels shut them down.

2017-07-29 02:20:54 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

If you guys ever want to get your Noggin joggin

2017-07-29 02:21:04 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

It really makes you think

2017-07-29 04:13:53 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

It's just a really deranged vocal Cadence

2017-07-29 04:14:05 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Like Matt Forney if he were a black female.

2017-07-29 06:29:28 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Wear shades instead.

2017-07-29 22:10:41 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

We should really stop linking directly to the site. And everyone's seen that by now.

2017-07-29 22:11:13 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

They don't need our IPs, or our traffic.

2017-07-31 06:48:44 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-07-31 06:56:53 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-07-31 06:57:04 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Lyin geographers

2017-08-01 22:23:05 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Librarians too

2017-08-01 22:50:35 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Are we kind of belaboring the subject, at this point?

2017-08-01 22:51:46 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  


2017-08-02 21:42:17 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  


2017-08-02 21:42:20 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

don't do this

2017-08-02 21:42:22 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  



I may not get my custom 'Make America White Again' hat in time for the rally.

Preemptive sad reacts are welcome.

Black as a rule is a bad color imo.

2017-08-06 03:06:46 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

On the post about not purchasing anything. I probably won't be, but is this an OPSEC concern or an ethical concern?

2017-08-06 03:07:39 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Like, are we now afraid of personal info leaks?

2017-08-06 03:10:29 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Context is available if you scroll up just a tiny bit

2017-08-06 20:08:43 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

^ how is that even real in 2017. I can't imagine the lack of self awareness

just fuck my shit up fam.

2017-08-07 22:00:31 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

It's not the misdemeanor it's the doxxing.

2017-08-07 22:00:48 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I'm still going, but still.

2017-08-07 22:00:56 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

It's a concern.

2017-08-07 22:02:15 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Yeah, "other issues" like a life outside of WN.

It's better to just not get arrested.

2017-08-07 22:04:51 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

If they're going to be arresting people for unlawful assembly then people are going to get doxed after they're booked. It's an unescapable fact and I think we're getting all bent out of shape over nothing but still, my only point is that it was a valid concern.

2017-08-07 22:48:27 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

"hell if they couldn't get damigo kicked out of college..." He goes to a community college, they're open admission, and there's not as much drive to expel as there otherwise would be.

2017-08-07 22:48:50 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I find it odd this pretense that people don't suffer from doxxing in real terms.

2017-08-09 05:55:42 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #antifa_watch]  

Kriegs, you ought to delete that link.

2017-08-09 17:33:48 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

There's nothing we can do about their poor choices right now. If we can get them to say and do the right things now, that's what counts. Coopt every platform.

2017-08-10 20:01:54 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

They used a great pic of him

2017-08-12 19:42:58 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Are people trapped in the park?

2017-08-12 19:43:10 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Can we get confirmation?

2017-08-12 19:44:41 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  


2017-08-12 19:44:46 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

But back on topic.

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