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The online business Patriotic Flags will have Black & Yellow Lambda flags for sale starting next week.

I got bored of that video after 30 seconds, but I am going to guess the answer is wealthy parents

I'm bringing 3 plexiglass police shields. These are the same ones in police/army surplus catalogs for $150. You can cut the middleman and order them direct from China for $75 postage paid. Mine came really fast, so you could probably still get one in time if you order now.

I was at a Confederate flag rally recently where Antifa showed up early to "occupy the rally area." The organizers had a permit, so cops moved in and physically removed the Antifa. They arrested three and made the rest take off their masks. At least two of the three were charged with serious crimes. This completely demoralized the Antifa and set the stage for a rapidly deteriorating Antifa presence. They were standing there humiliated and half wouldn't even look directly at us because people were taking their pictures. Within thirty minutes their crowd was rapidly dwindling. Some of them walked down the street and huddled in a dark alley and didn't even protest for the majority of the rally. Over the next few days, there was massive doxing of Antifa online. The ringleaders were all teachers and grad students at two different local Universities. This led to actual twitter and Facebook pages being deleted because people were mining them for info. So if Antifa shows up at 9:30 to occupy the park, it will probably work out in our favor. The county and state police already demonstrated that they are willing to arrest large numbers of Antifa two weekends ago.

That girl would probably much rather ride on the back of my Harley

How do you know that they anticipate being outnumbered?

Media always exaggerates how many people the left have and lies about how much the right has. If the NAACP spends $50k on buses, free hotel rooms, and free food to get 5,000 people, the media will say they had 60,000 every time. If right-wingers spend zero dollars and get 200 people, the media will say 50.

I seriously doubt there will be 4,000 counter-protesters, especially with 23 people getting arrested two weeks ago. Arrests really rain on their parade. The only way they will get that many counter-protesters is if someone dumps about $30k to pay for everyone's travel expenses and food.

There is an annual NAACP march with a budget of over $50k+ each year. That is spent on free hotel rooms, buses, and free food. That is how they get a big crowd. Even then they will only have 5k, but the media will lie and multiply that by a factor of 12. I've counter-protested this march and there are rental buses and rental vans as far as the eye can see. They bring in welfare moms and their kids from a three state area. There are almost no men in the whole march except for the leaders who are paid employees of the NAACP. They used to give them a free buffet right at the end of the march, but they kept trashing the statehouse grounds with chicken bones and garbage, so the city makes them feed everyone someone else now. People don't realize how much money goes into these left-wing marches and protests.

That inverted ISIS flag is actually just another kind of ISIS flag. An inverted, white background ISIS flag is their administration flag for offices of the Caliphate.

Well, it says rasul in Arabic letters. It means messanger. You have to really use your immagination to see the word Jew

Prosecution moving forward with the 22 Antifa arrested in Charlottesville on July 8th. They will eventually all get wrist slaps, but it puts a huge damper on the Antifa parade. It will cause fewer of them to show up.

I know they are trying to bring people from DC, but I am skeptical as to how many will show up. The Antifa did violence with impunity in DC for twenty years and suddenly over 200 of them are facing felonies. Antifa is afraid to protest in DC now. Antifa's own rally against the DC Police HQ was a total disaster. Since they now know that the VA County and State police will not let them wear masks or let them do violence with impunity, a lot of them will not want to come.

Pictures & video of Antifa's own rally in DC a few weekends ago. Total flop. Almost no one came, despite having major Antifa leaders there.

The media always lies for the left. The media will, at a minimum, double the number of lefties who show up. For the NAACP, the media will repeat whatever ultra-cartoonish fake number the NAACP gives them. I don't think 1,000 people showed up in Charlottesville on July 8th. Probably was 500 at most.

You can peacefully assemble anywhere in the USA without a permit. A permit is a courtesy to the police and provides you with certain legal protections and makes the police obligated to protect you and secure the area for you. Antifa tried to occupy the rally area at a Confederate flag rally recently and it blew up in their face. The police ran their asses off and three got arrested, leading to mass doxing online. Then Antifa was totally demoralized and just started leaving within a half hour.

Milk will wash off pepper spray the fastest

My personal experience is that Antifa fear being doxed way worse than right-wingers

Where is this picnic

If you're concerned about Antifa showing up and being violent, flood the internet with memes about how great it is going to be when dozens of Antifa are hauled off to Albemarle County Jail and join the list of 22 Antifa/BLM who have already been charged with crimes

Is this even a worthy enemy?

Antifas are the kind of people that Marxist Revolutions use as cannon fodder foot soldiers and then the survivors are mass murdered by their own leaders.

How many of you are staying in Cabins at the nearby campgrounds?

There are quite a large number of people staying in cabins. There is a huge number of campgrounds in the area. I understand that there is even a meeting hall at one campground that is being rented.

This is representation of the logo they will have using t-shirt vinyl and a mask. The final logo will be sticker vinyl and larger.

Local police allegedly told the NBC station that they think there will be 4,000 people total, including both the rally and the protesters

It looks like there are now 4 rallies going on at four different parks. Unite The Right, The III%er "Unity" Rally, and two lefty rallies.

By the way the III%er rally is being led by a young blond girl who looks like Lauren Southern. Except she sounds like section 8 trash when she talks.

2017-07-26 05:20:41 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

The III%er rally is scheduled for Darden Towe Park and called the "1Team1Fight Unity" rally. However, it looks like it could be totally off now. The woman putting it on goes by Chevy Love. It was originally scheduled for August 12th in Greenville, SC. She moved it to Charlottesville to capitalize on the publicity and threw up a GoFundMe asking for $10,000 for expenses. She looks a little bit like Laura Southern. However, she sounds like a hoodrat when she talks. Some sort of long triangle was exposed online. Leaders were disavowed. Scandalous "sexting" was posted online. Chevy Love appears to have deleted her Facebook account. Chevy Love's GoFundMe page for the rally is still up:

2017-07-26 16:51:08 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

One of the III%er groups is planning to come to Unite The Right as supporters. One of the same groups that opposed alt-right people at other rallies has split into multiple factions. One of those factions is now on board.

none of the Surj, Antifa, Socialist, ect. Facebook event pages for counter-protesting even have shit for people signed up. Charlottesville Surj, the main ringleader only has 56 people who clicked that they are going on Facebook and they have like almost 1,800 in the Facebook group.

The two biggest Antifa leaders in America held a rally in DC and almost no one came. The same two only brought about 15 hardcore Antifa to Amren, most of the protesters at Amren were local aging SJWs who did not stay very long.

According to the almanac, there is a 33% chance of rain on any given August 12th in Charlottesville. Wunderground is calling for a 58% chance on August 12th., However, Wunderground always exaggerates the chance of rain. It is just their thing. They always call for rain. That being said, the satellite images suggest that there will most likely be some rainy days in Charlottesville next week. It might be over by August 12th.

The forecast is calling for mid-80s all next week, which was a relief. Sick of the high 90s

Why does Antifa depict themselves as little faggot sparows and the "racist" as a big Roman Eagle?

Just not seeing much evidence online that the counter-protest will even be that big:

Surj is the main group organizing counter-protesters and their event page is dead. Some of their people have broken off and are having different events in other locations because they don't want to see more of their people get arrested.

This is interesting. After years of publishing pro-Antifa articles, SPLC suddenly describes them as having "a track record for violence."

There are alleged counter-protests being organized for Jackson Park and McGuffy Park. There is also a back to school event at Tonsler Park, targetted for black welfare moms to get free sheeit. The Tonsler Park event is not related. The Jackson and McGuffy Park events might not actually amount to anything. Especially if its raining.

This is people getting arrested in Charlottesville on July 8th. lol.

Patriotic Flags is a pro-white company that has been in business since 2001:

There are lots of campgrounds. Most of the cabins are getting booked up, but there are still places to camp out with a tent that have shower facilities.. Or if you bring a cot or something maybe people can squeeze you in.

City Council just said the rally is being forcibly moved to a new location

The city has now basically obligated itself to provide us with safe, secure, general parking for the rally since they are ordering it moved.

McIntire is way larger on the map. My suggestion to the organizers is that they demand the police designate the entire Charlottesville High School parking lot as a secure and protected location for all of our people to park.

Parking wise, McIntire is probably much better if the police and city council cooperate

The fact that the city forcibly moved it do to threats from violent leftists makes the leftists look like thugs and makes us look like the good guys

There is legal grounds to move a rally if the city honestly feels they can not protect your safety. The city is now on the hook to kiss our ass to avoid having to defend their decision to move the rally in court.

I watched videos from July 8th and I beliebe that the protesters were only about 500.

Media claims of 1,000 and 1,400 are typical eggerations

The Unitarians will not get 1,000 Clergy. They are not even taking their own claim seriously. They said the 1,000 people will all stand on the steps of a church facing the park. How would 1,000 fit.

Optics depends mainly on people dresses nice and acting professional. I can see several benefits. We have people flying in to crop duster airports and planning to taxis and ubers to Lee Park. Parking situation is potentially dramatically better at McIntire. Imagine taking a taxi into a mob of protesters. There was an episode of Seinfeld about this. A lot of the left-wing fucks may not even show up to protest now. Moving the rally makes us look persecuted and the the protesters look like violent thugs trying to supress other people's rights. The fact that so much shit is going down, will discourage other city councils from taking down statues.

McIntire Park is listed as a trending topic on my twitter now

Charlottesville City Council just gave the rally a huge injection of free publicity on social media, everything is blowing up about it

I'm hearing from people who have only just now decided to go because the city is fucking with it, not in spite of it.

Netflixs has two documentaries. One for Ukraine and one for Egypt about people holding illegal protests that led to the peaceful toppling of their governments

The local media in Charlottesville is basically admitting that City Council probably can not legally stop the rally from taking place at Lee

SPLC just endorsed Unite The Right. Says it will be historical event. Possibly the biggest pro-white rally in decades.

Wes Bellamy was intentionally making a mockery of the entire closed city council meeting:

We need the ACLU to get on the port-o-john company

Charlottesville KOA right outside of Charlottesville is all booked up. However, there are two more KOAs within 40 miles. I checked one and they still have some cheap cabins and the $5 per head extra person rate. So people can bring cots and what not. There are an additional 2 KOAs within 50 miles on Charlottesvile (grand total of 5 in a 50 miles radius).

The Charlottesville KOA has no cabins left, but there are four other KOA's within a 50-mile radius. I checked and the next closest one still has cabins. There are also tent sites with electrical hookup and shower facilities on site all over the place.

The owner of Foxfield Inn just told me that he will not refuse service to anyone. It looks like a high dollar luxery place though.

There are dozens of campgrounds in the area. You can always campout. Most of the campgrounds have shower facilities. The cabins at the closest campgrounds are booked up, but there are still cabins available within 40 miles (at least last night when I checked). There are still places where large groups can stay cheap. The campground I'm staying has no more cabins and we already have people sleeping on the floors. But there are camp sites with running water and electricity for like $40 a night.

Is anyone getting threats on Facebook from the Event Page. One girl showed me a screen capture of a threat she got. If your getting any threats, please screen capture and save.

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