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Any nationalists horny here

Michigan minutemen here

I'll hit up voice when I can

Mostly text tho

Yeah this is pretty much what I expected

We need to get off the faceberg

It needs to be a concerted effort

Oh shit I should run Kali on my Rpi

That's what I got, getting another soon.

Soon, I'd like to start working on a home media server

Rackmoint in the basement and run output throughout the house

Yeah, it's been a goal for a while

Did the public discord just go down?


Dude have you seen all the confiscations on the Portland PD twitter?

@Reconzfury No different Rockwell

I heard the thots are at it again.

Just stand outside and heckle them


Mass public intoxication nationalism

Hoooleeeee fuuuuuuck

u rite


I have a commie flag to burn

I will

I took it off a tranny in Portland\


Steel reserve is the official veer of the Alt Right wtf

Beer even


I'll be there, Portland right now, moving to michigan

Ohioans are the strongest race on earth

Sure am glad Erika doesn't live here, amirite?


Weeeeeeeh, I'm bored so I have to nitpick inconsequential shit

Well, you should be doing irl shit no matter what

I hate when our movement gets bored

Okay, great plan

I think he should personally say that to Heimbach

No really, he should hop on over to the Cville rally, and say that to Heimbach himself

Just like the kid in another channel who said he wants to ask why Mike didnt bring his kike wife to the rally

I'm honestly very much in favor of allowing physical violence between members of the alt-right

There needs to be an example set for "Hey, you said this stuff that was way out of line, and that's why this is happening to you"

And then have the parties involved beat the fuck out of each other

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong


You're not sleeping

Dude, there are definitely going to be brawls at Cville

We just need to make sure they happen after the rally, not before

Split lips are bad optics

Dude he's like a typical 8pol shitter

Who gives a fuck

Unless he's a danger to opsec

Did you see we got a normie share?

Red Elephants advertised for the rally

I encourage everyone to talk to the normies commenting, get them to come

We need to be a public face

This rally needs to go well

By any means neccesary

The anti fash pages are surprisingly quiet

And like you said, infighting irl

Well, it's up to us to patrol our own

Well, the Proudboys are supposed to bring a good number

Right now, I'm worried about uppidy civnat normies, and infiltrators

As far as I know, the system is going to be, if you see someone who looks suspicious, calmy confront them, ask who theyre here with, if you doubt their story, ask if anyone can vouch for them

So, do you know what the schedule is?

Are we having a seminar or something before to go over the rules and plans?

I haven't seen anything

Alright, I'll try to contact one of the security team

That's being handled

We have a solid team

Heres the thing about that

And I assume the antis know this as well as anyone

If they ever tried something like that

It would be open season

They're showing up

No idea as to their numbers

They going to try and noplatform us

Make as much noise as possible so no one can hear our message

Are you in the event discord?

Try to get in

Just a channel to get updates and shit

You need to be approved I'm pretty sure

All in all, it's shaping up to be a great time

Looking forward to the afterpartying

Biggest event of the year

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