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York PA here

Conceal carry works just fine too

You are legally obligated to use the least amount of force possible

And does anyone think a jury of Charlotesville shitlibs will think you were not provoking the situation?

I'm conceal carrying, I mean I don't go to the grocery store unarmed let alone this lol. But that's for extremely last resort. I have other less lethal alternatives like a fire extinguisher, mainly in case we face molotovs...

Bring a small fire extinguisher for molotovs and blasting commies in the face

Can't use a blanket offensively though

Hence both

Midatlantic this time of year is like Florida, rains every day around 7pm

Great podcast, listening now

York PA bringing 4

Respirators should not be illegal

See (ii), since they are protective equipment and the intent is not to hide identity...

If you are in a situation where you are being maced why Not?

Can't wear it while randomly walking down the street

I'm bringing a 3m half mask respirator

2017-07-28 03:44:25 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Kessler ordered portapots I read somewhere on here

So I'm bringing two advanced EMTs with me, not licensed in VA though. Is there any coordinated medical staff I can put them in touch with?

There's going to be a lot of those there

"Muh monuments" types

Yeah he says it's his oldest daughter

So I'm bringing two advanced EMTs with me, not licensed in VA though. Is there any coordinated medical staff I can put them in touch with?

Of cooouuurrrssssssee

He seems quite insufferable

2nd amendment

He still thinks it's 2008 and Ron Paul can still win

Good call

When I asked him if he will defend antifa he says "if attacked yes"

@crockett say the word if you want me to back off

I hate these faggots


Especially these 1776 with 1965 values larpers


Oathcuck says they will defend antifa

I'm on the 504um yes


Currently listening to this... what happens when I'm not behind the paywall yet lol

I just gotta grab a visa gift card next time I'm out

Speaking of, I'm coming down in a car from PA with 2 emts, any idea on if we have a medical coordinator?


Intent seems to be a key word there

And what is the definition of "other activities"?

I do know a Virginia lawyer... I'll inquire

I'm bringing an emt, he says do not mix maalox and water until needed to keep it sterile

No love for the freikorps??

A few of us have these armbands and are painting it on our shields and helmets

Shields ready

Depends on how you intend to use it... many different shield types throughout history

And when crouched it covers about that

See Saxon shields from Hastings for example, thry were about this size and thry were famous for shield walls

There is a reason armies evolved from those to smaller shields too

On a hot sunny humid Virginia afternoon...


I also quick detach straps so if antifa grab it to pull me into them I can detach it quickly to avoid being sucked in

Also have soft body armor but won't be bringing it. Might see about getting some steel plates for a PC for the stab protection

I'm more worried about knives and tazers than firearms

I think they will

Rural VA cops are our people

They hate the left as much as we do

But the VSP recruits from there

They Btfo'd antifa few weeks ago

They will again...

This place has Spartan armor, same as pictured for $99 per plate in their retail shop, not sure about online but worth a look

Trop Gun Shop

910 N Hanover St, Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 367-5585

I'm saving up for ceramic. Steel is heavy and good green tip 556 ammo punches right through it at 100 yards

Have you seen the super light synthetic plates? It's level 3+ or 4 but weighs 3 or 4 pounds?

600 a set

They make riot shields for pasgts too

VSP were the main LEO's for the klan rally

Read AARs from that

CPD is too small for this

VSP will be focused on antifa not us

Especially if we kiss some ass with a few blue lives matter chants

Be nice to cops and they will be nice to you

I have several cops in my family, most white cops are sympathetic to us

And VSP from rural Virginia...

Indeed but I'm not too worried about the cops as long as we act like whites


Acting like an ancap autiste is only going to get you treated like a nigger

Ha! Mine too

Same thing.

Get to know more cops IRL

No one hates niggers more than white cops

VSP will be the main force on the ground, i.e. rural whites from VA

The institute isn't

Individual rank and file may be

And many times it's those individuals who decide if you are getting a warning or a felony

Can't we ban them?? Lol

Yeah.. I despise those larpy tryhards

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