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York PA here

Conceal carry works just fine too

You are legally obligated to use the least amount of force possible

And does anyone think a jury of Charlotesville shitlibs will think you were not provoking the situation?

I'm conceal carrying, I mean I don't go to the grocery store unarmed let alone this lol. But that's for extremely last resort. I have other less lethal alternatives like a fire extinguisher, mainly in case we face molotovs...

Bring a small fire extinguisher for molotovs and blasting commies in the face

Can't use a blanket offensively though

Hence both

Midatlantic this time of year is like Florida, rains every day around 7pm

Great podcast, listening now

York PA bringing 4

Respirators should not be illegal

See (ii), since they are protective equipment and the intent is not to hide identity...

If you are in a situation where you are being maced why Not?

Can't wear it while randomly walking down the street

I'm bringing a 3m half mask respirator

2017-07-28 03:44:25 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Kessler ordered portapots I read somewhere on here

So I'm bringing two advanced EMTs with me, not licensed in VA though. Is there any coordinated medical staff I can put them in touch with?

There's going to be a lot of those there

"Muh monuments" types

Yeah he says it's his oldest daughter

So I'm bringing two advanced EMTs with me, not licensed in VA though. Is there any coordinated medical staff I can put them in touch with?

Of cooouuurrrssssssee

He seems quite insufferable

2nd amendment

He still thinks it's 2008 and Ron Paul can still win

Good call

When I asked him if he will defend antifa he says "if attacked yes"

@crockett say the word if you want me to back off

I hate these faggots


Especially these 1776 with 1965 values larpers


Oathcuck says they will defend antifa

I'm on the 504um yes


Currently listening to this... what happens when I'm not behind the paywall yet lol

I just gotta grab a visa gift card next time I'm out

Speaking of, I'm coming down in a car from PA with 2 emts, any idea on if we have a medical coordinator?


Intent seems to be a key word there

And what is the definition of "other activities"?

I do know a Virginia lawyer... I'll inquire

I'm bringing an emt, he says do not mix maalox and water until needed to keep it sterile

No love for the freikorps??

A few of us have these armbands and are painting it on our shields and helmets

Shields ready

Depends on how you intend to use it... many different shield types throughout history

And when crouched it covers about that

See Saxon shields from Hastings for example, thry were about this size and thry were famous for shield walls

There is a reason armies evolved from those to smaller shields too

On a hot sunny humid Virginia afternoon...


I also quick detach straps so if antifa grab it to pull me into them I can detach it quickly to avoid being sucked in

Also have soft body armor but won't be bringing it. Might see about getting some steel plates for a PC for the stab protection

I'm more worried about knives and tazers than firearms

I think they will

Rural VA cops are our people

They hate the left as much as we do

But the VSP recruits from there

They Btfo'd antifa few weeks ago

They will again...

This place has Spartan armor, same as pictured for $99 per plate in their retail shop, not sure about online but worth a look

Trop Gun Shop

910 N Hanover St, Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 367-5585

I'm saving up for ceramic. Steel is heavy and good green tip 556 ammo punches right through it at 100 yards

Have you seen the super light synthetic plates? It's level 3+ or 4 but weighs 3 or 4 pounds?

600 a set

They make riot shields for pasgts too

VSP were the main LEO's for the klan rally

Read AARs from that

CPD is too small for this

VSP will be focused on antifa not us

Especially if we kiss some ass with a few blue lives matter chants

Be nice to cops and they will be nice to you

I have several cops in my family, most white cops are sympathetic to us

And VSP from rural Virginia...

Indeed but I'm not too worried about the cops as long as we act like whites


Acting like an ancap autiste is only going to get you treated like a nigger

Ha! Mine too

Same thing.

Get to know more cops IRL

No one hates niggers more than white cops

VSP will be the main force on the ground, i.e. rural whites from VA

The institute isn't

Individual rank and file may be

And many times it's those individuals who decide if you are getting a warning or a felony

Can't we ban them?? Lol

Yeah.. I despise those larpy tryhards

@Tiwaz that's their plan according to this guy

What about paying cash upon arrival?

Have something that shows you on our side... in a melee shit gets confusing

There will be melees

Mark my words

@McCarthy the announcement saying that we could not take Shields or anything of that nature.

Why not??

Molon labe my shield

Venues and supplies cost money

$12 is quite reasonable

Ahh ok nm

Rockwell failed

The swastika failed

It's not 1930 Germany

It's be cool if it was but it ain't

Also note why red black and white were chosen by the NSDAP

Using those colors here today would work as well as red white and blue in Germany in 1930

Knowing history and why certain colors and symbols worked then is called being historically literate

You do know red/white/black had a history in Germany right?? Hitler didn't pull them out of his ass.

Hitler won millions of votes

The putsch was a shitshow failure
Hitler was not that much of an autiste and recognized that means doesn't work

You niggas need to read mao's keys to guerilla warfare. For an ideological insurgency is exactly what we are and no insurgency wins without popular support

Nsm still larps harder than darkon

Same tactics apply to both

Popular support is the #1 prereq in both

That statue is gone no matter what we do.

Cville isn't going to change their minds because of us

@tscags88. Exactly

Patience young padawans

Do not expect victory anytime soon

Gotta play the long game. Use your white time preference

How long have you all been at this??

@Americana - MD just friendly debate in private. I will never counter signal any of us publicly

I was in the National Alliance in HS right before Pierce died. To see how far we've come is most white pulling.

We're all on team white. I mean nothing personal and take nothing personal. I'm just taking a shit and popped on discord lol

Somebody throw on some st Crispin speech

He who beats down commies with me today is my brother

Gotta wipe... legs going numb

Cya homeys

And I'll support NatSoc

Ok ttyl for real now

2017-08-01 03:46:11 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]

Get a kevlar pasgt. They can be had for $50 on eBay and they make riot face shields that attach to them

Kurt V posted a great doc on them

@SpencerReesh. Why not tinted dust or snowboard goggles?

What they said

About $40 worth of material. 15 without the brackets

I added the eyelets on top of the sides to mount a sling so it can be carried hands free when not engaged

Who's the camgirl?

Is she bringing sandwiches?

I like sandwiches

Hope she brings some...

I think you are right... that's the prototype. Was thinking one more attachment point for a 3 point style sling

Or molotovs

Lol I will follow your advice then

This was my first

Not at home depot

What Wyatt said

I'll bring her to the after party like...

I saw the metal framing and figured it would help protect the edge

It's only 12 gauge steel so it's not very heavy

What are the job requirements for security?

What I do

Oh yeah I guess my name color did change

Negro block party about 1 mile SW of lee park

Midatlantic in summer is the same everyday. 85-90 and dinner time thunderstorms

We're going up against thousands of antifags, pretty sure we need all hands on deck

They are mobilizing across the east coast so I expect 4:1 odds against us

That didn't stop them a month ago

Don't be surprised if the cops don't get overwhelmed and do not enforce that law either

Always plan for the worst case

Wear a che shirt if you go early

And plan on getting jumped either way

Phalanx got btfo'd by Roman open order formations



And used a checkerboard formation to break the enemy line

I foresee something akin to a Saxon or Franish shield wall

We have freikorps armbands too

Might paint my helmet cover too

If only we had an armored car

Shield walls are sexy

Definitely THANK YOU

This is ultimate cat herding

My eyes have seen the glory of the trampling at the zoo...

Having a shield party

Freikorps logo

A few of our pool party have the armbands which inspired the shields

Besides Jackson park any intel on where they will be holding counter demos?

I'm making cville maps for my pool party and want to fill in as much enemy info as possible

Cabaret is a great red pilling movie if framed correctly.

It's basically the story of degenerates who lose everything because of the rise of the nazis. We are suppose to feel sorry for them... of coouurrrse but if we see the main characters for the degenerates they are you find yourself rooting for the NSDAP

And this is the most Jewish song ever

Now compare that "good guys" song to this "bad guys" song

A 2x4 shield is hard to use offensively

You can throat punch a nigga with the bottom edge of a 2x2


Anyone know of a good online source for Cville and VSP police scanners?

This for the official shield wall detail?

If so forget what I said...

Hastings reenactors

Projectile defense.

2 ranks, 1st rank kneels

Hastings 1066 or Venezuela 2017??

Hope other folks are bringing fire extinguishers

Maybe I've been watching too many euro maiden and Hamburg videos but molotovs concern me


My local gun shop has a semi SAW for sale too

Anyone want to crowd fund me 2500??

Already have one of those ;)

Can you bump fire a 249??


Helmet liner pads??

I like it! Like a buckler

Oathcuck has no situational awareness and looks like the antifa had something up his sleeve

That oathcuck was asking for trouble

I've seen many like him stumbling around in most pits get hurt

Rule #1 keep your hands up
Rule #2 keep your head on a swivel

I'd rather go prone behind cover tbh

But I'll get behind you if you want to carry it ;)

Stryker > sdkfz 251

Ever ridden in one? Lol

Gotta get your reenact on son


We had trucks too lol

Those pics are from the Reading airshow and Fort Indiantown Gap event

I did

Haven't reenacted in a couple years though

I'm from Baltimore originally but PA is Eden compared to MD

The wire is an accurate depiction of the ghetto. White areas are safe or were. Since the riots (that I joy rided through) the niggers have been spilling over since the cops don't give a damn after being thrown under the bus

I guarantee 9/10 White cops are either WN or sympathetic

I'm from a cop family and all my kin are sympathetic to us

Decisions decisions

Leaning PASGT but that face shield...

The official shield line no, though my group has shields and a couple EMTs in it so were planning on being near any action to help

It's the classic mobility vs protection debate. The riot helmet even has a rubber seal along the top and sides of the mask. The cons are it's hot, heavy and hard to hear.

That's what I'm thinking, if this was fall or winter I'd go riot helmet but fuck being a heat casualty

Long term forecast is 84 mostly sunny which isn't too bad this time of year

My thoughts exactly

I spend years ww2 and cw reenacting in wool uniforms in summer and work a bit outside so I'm accustomed to summers around here... They can be brutal to Midwesterners and new englanders

I'm bringing a gallon of water in my pack.

The 2 emts in my group are bringing IVs for those who do not listen

Plus concentrated liquid Gatorade, 1 squirt per 8 oz watee

I told them to but they are almost boomers when it comes to discord so they didn't sign up. I'll pester them again

They're on threema though

Yep, I usually take it backpacking to hide iodine tablet taste when drinking from springs, creeks etc

Comes in a small squirt bottle. Wal-Mart/Grocery stores sell it near me

For a bunch of so called fascists you all sound like a bunch of damn athenian democrats

Niggas need to learn to follow orders

Orders are don't go early, click your heels and do as you're told

Who waited until a week out to find lodging?? Lol

Eat my ass

Sorry but low agency gets low results

Using airbnb in the first place was a poor choice

Don't be a thin skinned faggot

Coddling those who make poor choices does not discourage poor decision making

ESS are just that and can be found at any decent surplus shop

Much larger park about a mile north

I don't have that problem

Fit me fine

It is out of the way...

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