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Torq is northern Italian. Southern Italians are basically niggers.

Johnny, relative to your size you were very drunk

@Chef Goyardee IE needs to make another pilgrimage.

Does anyone have another source on Spencer trolling?

@Asgardian117 that's beautiful.

Does anyone have or know where to find the two blue and red love who you are posters?

This has a lot of potential

@Asgardian117 im not sure because I obviously haven't seen it, but from the trailers it looks like it will be very firmly anti-miscegination which, while the intent may have been anti-white, is still useful.

What is up with niggers referring to women as "females"?

Fair enough

This exists

@Asgardian117 noice. I'd say ring her immediately, but you already have lol.

@Nikephoros that genocide when?


I said cheese pizza

In a work box truck

I wasn't even thought of in the 80s

I'm in a box truck

It sounds like a tornado made of wrenches

@weev I'm picturing hundreds of quadcopters shaped like swastikas ramming Jewish headstones. is that accurate?

So I got my 23andme done. Does this make me kangs?

@c6%G Rosetta stone a shit.

Really though, it gets you started but will only take you so far.

It is good with teaching vocabulary intuitively, but it lacks the ability to teach grammar effectively

Duolingo is pretty good tbh

Especially being free

I'm down for voice

@everyone I'm driving for the next 6.5 hours. I'll be in voice igmf you need me.

Went postering the other night and did this


@โ˜‡Unlimited Powerโ˜‡ correction: a white family. Dad should be in the picture.

@FylnnGardian so if we give him the opportunity to go full fash and turn a profit then he will be a useful tool, but one we need to be wary of.

@wyatt my question to 9-11 truthers: why not just hijack planes and fly them into buildings and claim someone else did it?

@YUGE Lern ursef a book

@Koba I'm unfamiliar with this meme

Lol why?

I mean why the plastic surgery lol

Why would you want to look like that? Fuck

>brick chin

Their wiki page is really weird

@โ˜‡Unlimited Powerโ˜‡ >sauerkraut and orange juice

Nigger that's actually pretty ingenious

RIP in peace

@gusphase I want that

Oy vey

@Convo that isn't woes

There is no purple in that picture

@Eli Mosley african gas chambers would literally be garages with running cars

@Eli Mosley I didn't say they would be effeciant


@Eli Mosley DU is used in all our kinetic tank munitions. It also has such a low rate of radioactivity that you literally need to eat the shit to suffer serious effects.

Believe me I'm very familiar

We also used White phosphorus in Fallujah

Which is even more fucked up.

DU has nearly no utility in a shoulder-fired capacity, so I'm gonna need sauce know that.

@Eli Mosley a lot of shit was in documentaries, like the "no chemical weapons" claim.

A buddy of mine was in Iraq during the invasion in ODA 5th group.

He has pictures of himself standing next to piles of Sarin gas delivery shells

Convo what the fuck


@ErwinRommeow it turned into the motte

@Koba #wokeasajoke

@northern_confederate the normie answer is that he is Pinocchio. The Woke answer is that he is (((Pinocchio)))

@everyone what happened to the Reactionary Report?


Ahh. I hope not

@Convo wait, does that mean that Wyatt is Jewish?


>tfw typing up a white nationalist newsletter while eating americanized chinese food from a restaurant run by a vietnamese family is a majority black ghetto.
Welcome to Weimerica

@everyowho wants to troll the Nation? Join this discord server. https://discord.gg/gVMfn

@everyone who wants to troll the Nation? Join this discord server. https://discord.gg/gVMfn


Wew lad

I'm in the car too.

Sorry, Caerulus is a nigger

@Vanguard that is exactly how I feel when my boomer dad talks about shooting qual in the corps.




He always tries to troll me with the whole "Muh 500 yards iron sights" when I talk about using an optic at 650.

Then I remind him that our targets are the size of trauma plates lol.

I wish I could into blacksmithing. But I'm too much of a casual for that ATM

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