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So are we free to tell anyone in our local groups about this?

I mean my local groups have basically the the same standards as IE for the most part

Look forward to seeing the Texas goys out here!

@Munich Glad you can make it. This should be awesome.

I'm Southwest PA


@Scott Terry *Whom'stever

I'll be at DC.

Eh that's not too bad you should be able to pull that off

Yea that's a terrible idea

Terrible optics

@Hand Banana You're a kike shill gtfo

So true


@Goldstein Riots That's sort of the entire point of this "Unite the Right" event. They'll probably experience all of this without having to artificially set up something as bait.



@tom (twp) Sunday the 25th

Alright then so the DC event will become basically an alt-right rally. All the better

It should become more explicitly us then. We can take control

Once we prove to be the dominant force some will just drift over

Our message is definitely dominant l, but it's just a matter of showing our strength IRL to normalize us

@Americana - MD many have for sure

I guess they're no longer oathcucks then

@@ManWithTheHand cool it with the anti-Semitic imagery /s

@AltCelt(IL) I'll be going to AmRen

Bring your own bar

Imajuhn moy shok

Tbh I always thought Apt. 9 looked and felt low quality

I'm going

@Goldstein Riots that baby will never be able to experience life as a normie he was woke too young

@johnhimself my parents also just found out about me being in this stuff and they weren't happy at first. They were mostly concerned about the quality of people involved in this and thought they would be trash but I calmed them on it a bit and it should be all good, even if they don't "approve".

Moonman said to ignore the fags, so I will

"Impeach a nigger, expose the jew Deport the spics and the muslims too Teach the traitors, ignore the fags Save our lands from jewish grasps"


I say we burn Israeli flags instead who's with me

But the normies don't know that that's her point

Normie conservatives should but I doubt they will

Normie conservatives are basically fags too

Let's bring based Palestinians in MAGA hats

Let's burn Canadian flags /s

If we burn all of the gay pride flags then there will not be any left and we win

Let's make our own white pills then @Herrenvolk - MD

We will turn this event into a big whitepill

I don't like fags either and I agree with Ajax

Yeah it would also be off message

I could see there potentially being a time to just go for all out liberal screeching

I don't think this is it if there is one

Took me a second to see the swazi in the middle haha

The "neoliberal" are a more direct threat than the communists

The communists, who are a tool of the neoliberals

We are seeing a really concerning rise in anti-Semitism recently. It's a shame.

@johnhimself IE guys aren't allowed to wear masks at rallies. Sunglasses and a hat will make you basically dox proof.

I usually wear just sunglasses and feel quite comfortable.

@AltRightCoast-FL idk fam maybe for this an exception has been allowed. I was specifically speaking with respect to masks. Helmets I'm not sure.

That wasn't to you Vince



Are hoteps on the right?

We need to get them at our rally


I guess the point is that in rejecting the alt-right label that they'll create another iteration of the "new right" to siphon off some of the populist energy that we emanate

That's the concern at least. I'm not entirely sure if it's warranted, but it's something to consider

Mr Bond lol

It's implicitly White so it's all good

@Fevs Yeah to disperse the crowd. I think they were claiming that once the Klan left that the protesters were unlawfully assembling


They had a cop warn them that he was gonna start using though, I watched it on some stream.

I mean we have a permit, and as such our assembly will be entirely lawful.

hypothetically it would make sense to simply follow orders and disperse if you were to ever have tear gas used against you.

Nice job on the video promo that's good stuff

Give money to the actual GI through their website to buy it


@WhiteTrash Yea I'm bringing a couple of them to the rally

Lol they're fucked

Get rekt normies

@AltRightMick For the amount of effort all of our guys have put in to make this whole thing happen, if you are still free to go, then go.

If we can let some shitlib city councilman bully us into not coming, then we show the world we're cucks who will submit to orders from "above".

Fuck that. We're all going. I haven't seen a single person say they're backing down because of this. This is over 2 months in the making. They will not silence us.

Like wearing those will make it really damn hard to recognize anyone

That's cucky

130 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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