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lol they need a new graphics guy

It appears to be a real tweet XD

Heads up the Klan is bringing their flags

Not really much to elaborate on. Klan's coming with some of their flags

I'd to see him try

Someone like 3% would probably comply but that's not how the Klan works

We can only hope I'm just a messenger

@MatthewHeimbach might want to pass that along

Technically no current org uses the swastika in america except for the ANP and only one guy is coming from what I know

Some people are paranoid about optics, it comes from the misnomer that 1.0 wasn't successful because of optics. In some ways they are correct due to legacy media owning the whole narrative in those days. But the real killer was SPLC lawsuits and FBI operations to destroy it. The FBI is no longer funded for operations like that and the internet kills narrative monopoly, knowing Gen Z they'll think you're a cuck if you countersignal even the Klan XD

If our experience (TWP) with the old guard has taught us anything is if you just plow through the narrative and don't give a flying fuck it works better than pretending to not be the nazis.

Works in Europe don't see why it wouldn't work here. 3rd largest party in Greece doesn't pretend they aren't the ebul nazis

If you're worried about how the opposition views you you have the same slave morality as the conservatives so fuck it


fair enough

tbh I don't think anyone is bringing Swastika flags but KKK ones for sure.

Right I'm not using the swastika cause I'm not larping as the NSDAP I have a real party that exists to represent.

Celtic Cross I won't ever countersignal

They've published their war plan. Looks like they'll be going after the police as well. https://itsgoingdown.org/nonewkkk-mobilize-defend-charlottesville-va/

So they're going to throw bottles filled with concrete plan accordingly

I still call for the rebel yell

Bottles with Concrete in them are confirmed antifa weapons plan accordingly

They'll be throwing bottles of concrete so be ready for that

@Diethard All TWP will have Hardhats. We can't guarantee how prevalent it will be but they are known to use slingshots.

Cheap metal 3 piece flagpoles can be acquired at walmart, if you smash them together hard enough it becomes a bad idea for someone to try and grab it from you, pointy metal edges and whatnot

His name is [REDACTED] if you want to trigger him.

@DavyCrockett I get sandwiches every day son.

Well their theory will be put to the test now won't it

Get on TWP level


Groups have uniforms, if you're not in one I guess there technically isn't one

At least business casual I'd say. My picture is the uniform for the TWP officer corp

The TWP uniform other than the tshirt for plebs is some kind of Golden Dawn/Nordfront hybrid it seem. Intentional? Maybe

The Nationalist Front is storming the park as vanguard

Will be announced the day before

@Hand Banana you may be right

If you wear that mask you're an arrested

I assume ya'll or going to be crazy and still do a torch rally in the dark with antifa...right?


If you know TWP ask them and you can roll with us

Bad idea brah

You think darkness is your ally?

What will break first? Your torches? Or your spine?

Pride goeth before a fall

There's a difference between standing strong and being retarded.

I've been to many things with "police protection" The bricks sail right over their heads would you believe it?

TWP will not be joining you

Your pride will get people killed

Look martyrs are useful for propaganda sure but in the words of our Lord Jahans it's not worf it

He's right you know

If ya'll insist I'd recoment it


He's right it's not a joke, I'm glad they're dead

Gey my account was shoahd

There we go

The jew fears the feral nog

NiBBas be creepin

UK is sick with the gey

Ur mom gey

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