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This was working

Says 9am right in the middle of the picture...

Looks like they're assembling at the park that held the KKK rally about a block or two up the street.

There are definitely plans being made!

I'll ask that an announcement be made with contact info for the wives who want to be a part of the alternative options.

I've seen online time and time again they're saying we are more violent and worse than the kkk.

They passed out fliers at the KKK rally about the Aug Rally. They were detailing it as being far worse. August and Charlottesville have their own hashtag #NoNewKKK

Just go check it out on twitter too.

Definitely not the only one- these fools need an alt right 101 class ๐Ÿ˜‚

Trannies first ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don't know that he's seen it, but now that I think about it I'll go make sure he does ๐Ÿ˜‰


Well- I believe it's more than that after chatting with a friend- he says 'I don't even know that guy' (person that tweeted) but it's true. Not one of the guys that was coming in the first place that have now turned on it is a boomer either.

I mean more than just some old dudes coming to counter signal.

I'll ask about numbers

But from what I understand some of them are working with Antifa members but not on their side

They're coming to oppose the rally but not stand with Antifa which is gay

> makes them Antifa

Doesn't seem like they're coming to tame Antifa anymore though

Appearing like they just coming to stand in opposition. Which really is whatever

Just good to know

Getting told they have hopes of 500 but saying def. 200

I promise you - do not convince yourselves they aren't coming.

Social media means nothing- they're coming in very large numbers it's guaranteed.

@Radical just curious are y'all staying on the main strip?

Are you fucking serious

Well time to get boycott airbnb all fucking over social media

McIntire is not smaller


That was Penn park

I don't think so


McIntire is where they have the carnival for the dogwood festival

It's much bigger

Honestly Lee park is important but a huge disadvantage to be surrounded like that

They have a right to move it.

The point was a lot about the bs going on in the city after may

One where the thousands of opposition can literally surround you in small quarters?

Police even said it will actually allow them to stage properly

Legally they do

It capacity isn't enough

The permit says 400

No they didn't

It was 1400 as an overzealous guess

1000 was the more accurate estimate

It was packed but it's a very small area

They're expecting 1000 clergy and church people alone

This makes it so these other assholes don't have parks to be able to stage in around us as well.

Y'all are underestimating how fucking left this town is

Even the centrists and the normie republicans will be protesting

As much as I'm all for rallying around the statue, I am being real about it. Also this whole shit will most likely expedite statue removal.

Remember that time when the racist statues brought the white supremacists to town?!? Thank god their not here. That's where we live and yeah it's bullshit

I'm fairly certain their right to relocate it written in to city code somewhere.

They were being very careful- they would've canceled if they could have gotten away with something

Not really

They wanted the change.

Police chief said it was going to allow them to properly stage to handle everything. It'll make for a fun show.

They're half off at Walmart right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

I possibly have some space left if anyone needs it pm me and we can chat.

I may have some space for an air mattress, couch, tent, floor etc

They're giving the Rally a really generous amount of space-

I had a 3per who was scouting today tell me that he saw busses full of moozlims unloading in Cville - CAIR did denounce it ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

Ton of torches left at Walmart in Cville and one in Gordonsville they're on sale for like 2.50 get a ton

They will be crying wolf on you no matter what- of possible just stay the hell away from them. There are videos from the KKK rally of Antifa fucks screaming and laying on the ground screaming I'm afraid for my life etc etc

Honor code for after party

Feral niggers

Yes muzzies were seen today

He's okay

I know him personally

That's heart warming ๐Ÿ™„

Those are a different branch of the klan than the LWK that were here in July

It's most likely true

I've been told that by a reliable WN 1.0 source too

Police chief just said the guard is not activated but available and on stand by and monitoring the situation

Literally just now live on Facebook

Any group going to claim the car guy?


I have to fucking live here

Vanguard isn't it???????

Looks like it

Yeah had to be


Bc it looks like the same damn person

Christ look at the pics though


Same fucking person

Under he lip and all

Different angles and lighting

What the fuck

Maybe or they don't want to claim him.

Anyone is Great Lakes Vanguard want to chat about it?

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