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I'm looking for a ride up from Charleston, SC.


I'm in Charleston but no longer have a ride to Charlottesville. I'll also be needing a ride back the next day.

Can anybody here get me a ride?

How do I do that?

Okay thank you


Have you gotten hold of him?

Still need a ride out of Charleston. If anybody is going through here please contact me.


Really bad time to go AWOL

I'm just kind of running around since my ride told me I couldn't go 6 days before the rally

Thank you @PureDureSure

Yeah I'll probably need a ride there .

Congrats you're (((tv))) famous!

What time is the rally starting?

Too late to throw in now, but what do y'all think about leading rallies with prayer .

How is it an act of defiance. America is a Christian country

Christianity is anti Jewish

Or it was until infiltration

There's tons of anti Jewish parts of the NT

And I really don't care if it triggers pagans.

Yeah that'd be great

Not doing something because it offends people just sounds very... SJW to me. I understand the unity part though.

Is there any space left ?

@Grenadier do you still have room?

Any lodging left?

2017-08-12 16:01:17 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

So what exactly happened? Are the speeches at Lee park not happening?

What happened with the cops? Why did they attack?

I didn't go to Charlottesville so I'm out of the loop

We had a permit


But the city still sent in riot police?

I knew it would hapoen

Can't trust the cops boys, they're government pawns

Running over lefties? Yes totally justifiable lol

What does Duke have to do with this?

Hmm I wonder if the city will call riot police in BLM


That nigger Wes Bellamy...

That freedom of speech is dead

We live in 1984

We have to get used to the fact that we are thought criminals

Or both

Please spread this info, this guy is doxxing us

He doxxed the New Orleans principal

Fuck these people


Doxx them all

They are doxxing us

It's fine

Was Dailystormer hacked?

I can never tell if it was a joke by Anglin


This week has been one big blackpill


58 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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