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People carrying flags should also make sure to protect them. It goes both ways, I'm sure they'll be sneaking around trying to snatch flags

White Nationalists 1.0 countersignalling the event

Half joke. They call our event "unite the moderates"

I wonder where these people get the money to rent buses.

@ManWithTheHand knock of go pros aren't bad, They get the job done if you're wanting one to document anything that might happen for legal reasons. I found a used go pro knock off at a pawn shop for like $80

Kardinal hall is a big beer hall in cville, I would assume and plan to be kicked out of everywhere you go, though.

Anyone doing there own thing should avoid the downtown mall, chances are good you'll get kicked out if they catch wind you're associated with this event.

The situation with the police out here is weird though

They might not remove the antifa if they occupy the park

If the police get stand down orders and our whole mob shows up and antifa is occupying the park there's going to be an all out brawl.

The police are outnumbered, if they don't control things this could potentially turn into a full on riot

The cover of cville weekly is about how the police are trying to earn the trust of the community after the whole kkk thing. Which I read as appeasing the local cry baby leftists.

I just hope this whole thing goes smoothly.

What is the alc-right?

Was listening to the rebel yell and they mentioned it, didn't know what it was in reference too

Oh fuck yah. Added to the list

Hey if any one is thinking about getting a tattoo here in VA/cville, definitely check out mystic tattoo. The owner Lacey did security for Jason at a press conference and the shit stain liberals out here have "boycotted" his tattoo shop, sent threats to him, left bad reviews, etc and his business has taken a hit. Since then he hasn't cucked and has stuck by his beliefs.

Damn what a thread

Everyone wondering where all the other leaders are, and someone who mentioned people doing a podcast not being real leaders. It's true. People like Jason are doing the lions share of the work and it's mostly s thankless task

Fucking scum

I honestly hope they all catch felonies and get ass raped by blacks in prison

I don't see a time anywhere


It Will be a much more dangerous situation if they decide to revoke the permit

I like how they can't admit to themselves that it's the counter protestors that pose the biggest concern

It does make them less brave

@MadDimension hahaha as if the police not intervening would be good for them.

Well looks like antifa got their ass kicked once again.

I think all those skinny manlets burning flags will lose their balls once they can't wear a mask

I wouldn't even worry about a street fight. If it's the bulk of our vanguard against them in a stand up fight I'm 100% confident we would steam roll them. I'm more worried about them picking people off, cowards that they are

@Charlemagne MD

Good to hear man. I'm pumped for the 12th!

@IdentityIndiana especially with all those awperatwd little pieces on the wing, damn

I've been told that using a knife in self defense is mostly illegal to the point of not even being worth bringing one

Official unite the right uniform has been confirmed folks

For the goys coming in today and looking for something to eat I would avoid the downtown mall and champion brewery completely unless you're looking for trouble

So it looks like a 40% chance of rain tomorrow

@Charlemagne MD do you have pictured of this?

The antifa zone thing

What happened wyatt?

That's not very reassuring

Antifa showed up to cantwells thing. There are deputies there now speaking with cantwell aparrently

Not a lot of them, from what I hear it's just a handful

Think there's definitely a leak in the discord or someone just has a bit mouth

Lol antifa called the cops

Cantwell might post the footage he got, who knows. Just an update from a goy at the meetup

Don't be, they've treated us like absolute trash and denied us service for being nothing but good customers who tipped generously.

Even the ones that signed that pledge to not discriminate based on political ideology, they were the first ones to discriminate. Fuck em. I'm sure some of them are genuinely concerned for their business but most are just taking part in fucking hand rubbing kikery

Seriously, I almost lost my fucking job just for going out for a beer with Jason. These people are garbage. I hope antifa smashed their shit up

@everyone this is what antifa is saying

"The battle is over and the white nationalists got their fucking asses handed to them.

Here's a relative synopsis of the events.

On Friday night just over a hundred guys showed up to a college campus with Tiki Torches shouting "Blood and Soil" (A Third Reich War Chant) and throwing up Nazi salutes. They were almost instantly surrounded by pissed off college jocks and were forced to leave by the cops.

On the next day the actual rally began. Immediately the police surrounded them to protect them and the Alt Right wanted to look like cool guys so they started rushing the police barricade that was protecting them. It was pretty pathetic and they didn't even cause the pigs to flinch. Richard Spencer tried to punch a cop and ended up fucking up his fingers on a riot shield instead. I'm being told he's in custody.

It was at this point the only resistance groups that had arrived were Antifascist Action and Black Lives Matter. Due to Virginia laws Antifascist Action was unmasked, but they still came in with massive numbers.

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice apparently dragged fleeing fascists into alleyways and threw them boot parties. Allegedly one of the Proud Boys (the Proud Boys did not officially endorse the rally) was curbstomped by a SHARP Skin.

Shortly after their arrival the Alt Right were forced to flee the Lee statue and Emancipation Park by BLM and Antifa. Several were hit with glass bottles and bricks. It was at this point the ranks of the fascists began to dissolve into complete disarray.

Other alt right strongholds were set up only to be destroyed by Black Lives Matter and newly arrived Militia groups like the Oathkeepers and III%ers. At one point Alt Righters abandoned their flags and signs while runnning from a local Virginia militia screaming "REAL AMERICANS KILL NAZIS!" as they waved shotguns angrily at the Nazis.

The police were planning on doing mass arrests of Antifas, but Oathkeeper militia members began to stand side by side with them, so the pigs backed out.

Right at the climax of the fighting Redneck Revolt arrived armed with AK-47's shouldered, with the fire rate set to "So Much For The Tolerant Left". Fear completely overtook the fascists and they all ran in different directions. At one point a Klansman was surrounded by Antifa and Oathkeepers and jumped into his car, running somebody over. His car was pelted with beer bottles and he rear ended what looks like a mailbox and his car was disabled. The police had no choice but to arrest him as they were being recorded.

Antifascist Action has apparently gotten the locations of where the Alt Righters and Klansmen are staying for the night. If they stay and don't leave town, many of them will most likely be killed in the streets by Antifa and pissed off Rednecks now that the police are completely exhausted.

Donald Trump's response was typical liberal bullshit. "Violence is wrong, we have to work together."

Many on The Daily Stormer were hoping Trump would congratulate them somehow. They are very likely to be upset now that they've bern cucked by Trump yet again

Many on The Daily Stormer were hoping Trump would congratulate them somehow. They are very likely to be upset now that they've bern cucked by Trump yet again

I have to say that I didn't think we were going to win this one at first, but we did. They got absolutely trashed.


Absolute fucking lies


Friend got it from a friend from a friend. Just Facebook hearsay

But still

Pretty pathetic to make up lies like that

I don't know where it's from someone passed it along to me and someone passed it along to him. Could be fake but this seems like some shit they would say they did


Can we get some weaponized autism going to identify the antifa that took a swing at Kessler today?

So my boss found out I was at UTR, I might get fired and live in cville, anyone around hiring?

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