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Got my flag!

Eli will be taking over soon guys, it's ok

Here, have a W H O L E S O M E picture to calm everyone down

Traditional Christianity - the original White Sharia โ˜ฆ

@Heinz - MI can't aim them precisely enough in a crowd I think

@Wall Buildionaire nah, just people with HIGH ENERGY and no where to direct it


@Scott Terry can you find fedora shaped helmets?

Should probably go for this aesthetic tbh

Wouldn't it just make us look better, when we show up and...well, aren't the klan?

Is there a #men_only channel too?


That's everywhere tho

@Americana - MD Maybe more welcome than you'd think...

Yeah, wouldn't want to be associated with Nazis while espousing your anti-muslim ideas, might tarnish your good image ๐Ÿ˜‚

@Americana - MD Detroit Right. I didn't even realize this was supposed to be your private channel, sorry to intrude!

Nah, I like ours

The flag looks better tbh. It was posted in the flags and banners channel sometime yesterday or the day before

(((I wonder why)))

@ale check pinned messages in this channel for confirmed speakers

@Hand Banana @AltCelt(IL) yes the date has been made public

Here is the Facebook event{"ref":"29"%2C"ref_notif_type":"plan_user_associated"%2C"action_history":"null"}&notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1496701461277982

@Skull where from?

Where did the rat in mouth meme come from??

Meanwhile, the posts from trannies telling me to kill myself & saying they'd destroy my life did not violate community standards. Clown world.

Tbh they will probably show up on their own if you're there @MadDimension

Someone quoted in the article on The Hill said they thought it looked like a white male, he was apparently in camo with a rifle

Leftists haven't really made a habit out of shooting politicians up til now

Where was the name released?

From the comments section on one of his posts about Trump


Conflicting stories tho on whether he is still alive

His Twitter

The only big lefty podcast that comes to mind is Chapo Trap House @Americana - MD

It's awful, but it's the closest to their TRS that I'm aware of

Yeah, and their listenership is huge as far as non-msm goes, so probably some pretty good insight into what the lefties are thinking

@Goldstein Riots it's only blackpilling if the right refuses to adapt

Also came across this guy, if anyone is working on monitoring plans of the left...

He is probably right that the Alt lite won't want to stand with TWP. Conservatives normally go further out of their way to denounce nationalists than the left does, so I get seeing them as an enemy. Hopefully everything will go well & this event can be the start of a new, more favorable relationship between the different groups on the right.

@MadDimension just watched that last stream. How are the PB holding up after all that? Were they expecting this sort of reaction to them being there?

@PrimitveXaoc I was, but got blocked ๐Ÿ˜ข

That's what triggers me most about this, is that 99% of these faggots are white

No it's still up

Yes, but so far they aren't deleting the comments

Nope now it's either deleted or friends only because I can't see it from my other acct either

Mission accomplished. No longer able to signal publicly ๐Ÿ‘Œ

I would be interested in knowing what was said to the police to inspire them to get there so fast and remove them from the premises

@MadDimension who's the woman who speaks second?

The article is down, and so is the Facebook post about it. It appears Gavin does not wish to officially disavow the event.

2017-06-22 23:28:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

what is this

2017-06-22 23:30:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

Nice. It's one of the only podcasts I bother to listen to regularly

2017-06-22 23:32:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

So, I found this discord by accident while searching for an nrx server. Is this mostly people from reddit?

@Wade Garrett What is this faggotry??

Good morning to everyone except legal adults

So I tried to read all that, but there was too much to sift through. The fag flag is getting burned, correct?

So what needs to be done to get everyone on board? Does this channel need antifag propaganda?

I don't think kessler meant in private when he said at the rally so that conservatives could see it

I think it's a good idea

It's free speech

@80D It's an ad for aids awareness or some shit that says make love not war

This was my dream. Can we please start chasing these fucking degenerates into hiding?


@CyberPunkHitler shop me an oven into that pic

Without complicit whites, Jews wouldn't be a problem.

>attack people in the street for their ideals
>they don't really care

@Fevs there are more people posting swastikas who fall into the category of just wanting to rebel than there are leftists.


They call themselves anarchists, but they're communists.

Of course some of them do switch sides, but it's not because we're tiptoeing around worrying about optics

Less than 1%

Far less.

If you want people to fight in the streets, you don't attract them by being nice.

By fighting, and inspiring others to do the same.

It's the reasoning behind it, @ManWithTheHand

Not the material to burn itself, but why you're avoiding Marxist literature

What people do you think are going to help us win? People who are offended because we burn "gender studies and implicit white bias"?

You guys should check out the normie comments on this fb post about a guy who got arrested for burning the gay flag (related to the discussion last night). The only issue most of them have is that the flag was stolen from someone before being burned.

Most normie conservatives react with BUT IT'S OKAY TO BURN AN AMERICAN FLAG?!

@MadDimension yep, people are sick of having it shoved in their faces.

What's funny is most of them probably wouldn't care about fags one way or the other if it weren't being pushed so hard

I'm not even VA and I think this is getting absurd. What's the issue here?

Well that's what I meant. Why is shitting on Vanguard suddenly a thing?

Anyway. Kessler, I think the flag burning is a brilliant idea and I think it would get a lot of positive attention from the normie right. If it's not done publicly at this event, another event should be put together for it. Have you looked through the comments on that bill nye trans song, or the YouTube fag promo? People are begging for someone to stand up and save them from this degeneracy

Does that mean why not both?

Just stop by your local Unitarian "church"

@MadDimension will the bonfire be streamed?

So long as it isn't an American flag, the conservatives will love it

I want setting degenerate things on fire to be cool again

No one who matters can counter signal us burning a gay flag either

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