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Got my flag!

Eli will be taking over soon guys, it's ok

Here, have a W H O L E S O M E picture to calm everyone down

Traditional Christianity - the original White Sharia ☦

@Heinz - MI can't aim them precisely enough in a crowd I think

@Wall Buildionaire nah, just people with HIGH ENERGY and no where to direct it


@Scott Terry can you find fedora shaped helmets?

Should probably go for this aesthetic tbh

Wouldn't it just make us look better, when we show up and...well, aren't the klan?

Is there a #men_only channel too?


That's everywhere tho

@Americana - MD Maybe more welcome than you'd think...

Yeah, wouldn't want to be associated with Nazis while espousing your anti-muslim ideas, might tarnish your good image πŸ˜‚

@Americana - MD Detroit Right. I didn't even realize this was supposed to be your private channel, sorry to intrude!

Nah, I like ours

The flag looks better tbh. It was posted in the flags and banners channel sometime yesterday or the day before

(((I wonder why)))

@ale check pinned messages in this channel for confirmed speakers

@Hand Banana @AltCelt(IL) yes the date has been made public

Here is the Facebook event{"ref":"29"%2C"ref_notif_type":"plan_user_associated"%2C"action_history":"null"}&notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1496701461277982

@Skull where from?

Where did the rat in mouth meme come from??

Meanwhile, the posts from trannies telling me to kill myself & saying they'd destroy my life did not violate community standards. Clown world.

Tbh they will probably show up on their own if you're there @MadDimension

Someone quoted in the article on The Hill said they thought it looked like a white male, he was apparently in camo with a rifle

Leftists haven't really made a habit out of shooting politicians up til now

Where was the name released?

From the comments section on one of his posts about Trump


Conflicting stories tho on whether he is still alive

His Twitter

The only big lefty podcast that comes to mind is Chapo Trap House @Americana - MD

It's awful, but it's the closest to their TRS that I'm aware of

Yeah, and their listenership is huge as far as non-msm goes, so probably some pretty good insight into what the lefties are thinking

@Goldstein Riots it's only blackpilling if the right refuses to adapt

Also came across this guy, if anyone is working on monitoring plans of the left...

He is probably right that the Alt lite won't want to stand with TWP. Conservatives normally go further out of their way to denounce nationalists than the left does, so I get seeing them as an enemy. Hopefully everything will go well & this event can be the start of a new, more favorable relationship between the different groups on the right.

@MadDimension just watched that last stream. How are the PB holding up after all that? Were they expecting this sort of reaction to them being there?

@PrimitveXaoc I was, but got blocked 😒

That's what triggers me most about this, is that 99% of these faggots are white

No it's still up

Yes, but so far they aren't deleting the comments

Nope now it's either deleted or friends only because I can't see it from my other acct either

Mission accomplished. No longer able to signal publicly πŸ‘Œ

I would be interested in knowing what was said to the police to inspire them to get there so fast and remove them from the premises

@MadDimension who's the woman who speaks second?

The article is down, and so is the Facebook post about it. It appears Gavin does not wish to officially disavow the event.

2017-06-22 23:28:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

what is this

2017-06-22 23:30:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

Nice. It's one of the only podcasts I bother to listen to regularly

2017-06-22 23:32:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

So, I found this discord by accident while searching for an nrx server. Is this mostly people from reddit?

@Wade Garrett What is this faggotry??

Good morning to everyone except legal adults

So I tried to read all that, but there was too much to sift through. The fag flag is getting burned, correct?

So what needs to be done to get everyone on board? Does this channel need antifag propaganda?

I don't think kessler meant in private when he said at the rally so that conservatives could see it

I think it's a good idea

It's free speech

@80D It's an ad for aids awareness or some shit that says make love not war

This was my dream. Can we please start chasing these fucking degenerates into hiding?


@CyberPunkHitler shop me an oven into that pic

Without complicit whites, Jews wouldn't be a problem.

>attack people in the street for their ideals
>they don't really care

@Fevs there are more people posting swastikas who fall into the category of just wanting to rebel than there are leftists.


They call themselves anarchists, but they're communists.

Of course some of them do switch sides, but it's not because we're tiptoeing around worrying about optics

Less than 1%

Far less.

If you want people to fight in the streets, you don't attract them by being nice.

By fighting, and inspiring others to do the same.

It's the reasoning behind it, @ManWithTheHand

Not the material to burn itself, but why you're avoiding Marxist literature

What people do you think are going to help us win? People who are offended because we burn "gender studies and implicit white bias"?

You guys should check out the normie comments on this fb post about a guy who got arrested for burning the gay flag (related to the discussion last night). The only issue most of them have is that the flag was stolen from someone before being burned.

Most normie conservatives react with BUT IT'S OKAY TO BURN AN AMERICAN FLAG?!

@MadDimension yep, people are sick of having it shoved in their faces.

What's funny is most of them probably wouldn't care about fags one way or the other if it weren't being pushed so hard

I'm not even VA and I think this is getting absurd. What's the issue here?

Well that's what I meant. Why is shitting on Vanguard suddenly a thing?

Anyway. Kessler, I think the flag burning is a brilliant idea and I think it would get a lot of positive attention from the normie right. If it's not done publicly at this event, another event should be put together for it. Have you looked through the comments on that bill nye trans song, or the YouTube fag promo? People are begging for someone to stand up and save them from this degeneracy

Does that mean why not both?

Just stop by your local Unitarian "church"

@MadDimension will the bonfire be streamed?

So long as it isn't an American flag, the conservatives will love it

I want setting degenerate things on fire to be cool again

No one who matters can counter signal us burning a gay flag either

"Suspected far-right extremists veiled a Holocaust memorial in Lakewood, New Jersey, with a banner displaying an ethnic slur against Jews. It comes amid ongoing police investigation into massive welfare fraud, implicating a local rabbi."

I like how they're offering a 10k reward for info on this "defacement"/"hate crime" when it literally consists of a sheet that these goys probably paid ~$5 for

Is there a cleaner burning oil that can be used in the torches instead of the tiki crap?

That was awful last time

Have you ever spent time in the middle of 150 torches all burning citronella crap?

I can't imagine it'll be better with the number tripled

Would've preferred mosquitos tbqh

"A simple oil lamp fuel made from isopropyl alcohol and distilled water will burn in a tiki torch. Pure olive oil or coconut oil will burn clean in a tiki torch and do not require mixing."

@Commander Davis (TWP) I love that flag. Tbh libertarians aren't so bad once they realize the racial foundation necessary for their model of society.

Yes, most of the intellectually honest ones have already come to our side.

Well, they use it. So...

Indeed. And that's what libertarians see themselves as trying to defend.

Or, rather, they used to anyway.

Lol. Go ahead and stop them, I guess. But they've been using it for quite some time, and that's the association made by many people when they see the flag.


The libertarians themselves use it, and think of it as theirs... so that's where the subversion aspect comes in by making it into a fascist flag.

It doesn't really matter what other people associate with it, in this context.

You should fly one of these instead

Lest people mistake you for a libertarian lol

I guess it's just come to represent too individualistic an outlook for me to identify with the Gadsden flag

Idk, I think it would just give them more a reason to openly disavow

The fasces Gadsden might get them curious since it's similar, but also representing an idea many libertarians reject immediately - the sense of a cohesive "us"

2017-07-10 20:24:03 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]

2017-07-10 22:17:51 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #jukebox]  


A year ago I would've laughed if someone told me Fox news would be talking about the superiority of the West, while denigrating the SPLC

Here's the segment that was before that one:

I'd say he's probably somewhere around Proud Boys powerlevel right now. Hopefully he continues moving further right.

No, that's a trad gf

Trad and fashy are not interchangeable tbh

I doubt that

Mask laws will absolutely be enforced

They were at the KKK rally

Bring her to cville but not the rally.

Well, that's my advice.

There will be plenty of other things to do down there that won't include potential bricks to the head.

Leaving before everyone else does is probably going to be a bad idea. Best to stay with large groups of people.


It's private now

Get there before dark πŸ‘Œ

@MadDimension there are people on /pol/ who will counter signal literally anything we do that doesn't involve anonymously posting memes online, so I wouldn't worry too much about their reaction to be honest. They'll be at home watching the live streams & if antifa get violent /pol/ will autistically go thru footage to identify who did it & report them to police. For the most part, their role in all this is purely online activity, anything that involves IRL happenings is going to get talked about as if it's part of a super secret plan that the (((elites))) have come up with.

That's not what net neutrality is, I think. Afaik it's more along the lines of websites and services being able to pay ISPs to allow more bandwidth for their sites / ISPs being allowed to charge some websites and services more if they exceed a certain bandwidth

It's not about blocking specific sites, but rather giving more resources to some. Net neutrality bill prevents ISPs from being able to do this

IE ISPs want to charge services like Netflix more and/or services like Netflix want to be able to pay a premium for higher bandwidth and net neutrality would prevent that

Exactly. That is the type of thing people AGAINST net neutrality are worried about


Reverse that

People supporting* net neutrality

It's in our interest that ISPs not be allowed to pick and choose which sites to dedicate more resources to

Yep. Even if we need the government to force ISPs to keep it that way haha

Well that's a whole other issue

I don't think they can use ICANN to take down any of our sites, tbh.

How exactly do you think ICANN will effect anything??

But ICANN doesn't deal with content disputes

That would fall to the domain registrars

@Tyrone I guess I'll worry about that *if* it happens.

Frankly, I don't see how having the US involved would make anyone feel better about it.

Nah, I just know that there are always ways to get around censorship, so I'm not too concerned about it.

Especially on the internet.

Why would they shut down the best avenue for monitoring our activities that they have?

I don't see how it would benefit the jews to force us all into communicating in ways other than electronic

Harder to monitor on a mass scale than websites open to the public are.

Real life interactions.

I absolutely agree that localization is important, (for more reasons than just ease of organization abilities in the case of an internet shut down).

And yes, we freely give away a lot of information about ourselves even though pretty much everyone is aware of how it's being collected and used. Our risk/reward evaluation in regards to tech is really out of whack imo

Anyways, even things like phone calls and sending physical mail are harder to mass monitor than online activity is, assuming they've now got efficient methods of sorting through data collected online.

Is it actually a problem if the chemicals in the water turn the frogs gay?

2017-07-17 00:12:52 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@MadDimension they probably won't include any reasonable talking points.

2017-07-17 00:14:06 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

The only good articles and videos of interviews by the MSM I've seen are the ones where /ourguys/ are blatantly trolling the journos

2017-07-17 00:15:13 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@MadDimension they'll probably overlay your statements with videos of the Klan or something

2017-07-17 00:17:40 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@Tyrone All of our talking points are reasonable but can easily be put into context where they sound absurd

2017-07-17 00:23:01 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@MadDimension It's obviously up to you and other group leaders, but I wouldn't grant them an interview.

2017-07-17 00:31:17 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@MadDimension Yep. That's why we have our own media now. Put them in the position where they have to pay people like @V I T A L I T Y and Red Ice for content to use

2017-07-17 00:45:25 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

I think interviews for nightly news segment is a bit of a different ballgame than a highly edited production like Nat Geo documentaries, though. With the normal news, at least you know what context they'll be using it in (coverage of whatever event you're at/talking about), a documentary could be anything. "Why White People Should Die" featuring white supreeeeemist Jason Kessler

2017-07-17 00:52:24 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

I'm not arguing that Kessler isn't qualified. He's done some great interviews. Nat geo is just blatantly anti-white & don't deserve the opportunity for an interview when we already know what type of shit they'll use it for..

@The Inquisitor [☧] something like this

😒 I was hoping for rainbow armbands so everyone would know that we believe diversity is our strength

I'm willing to become a martyr for diversity . Prefer woodchipper, though.

Alex Jones will be proven right about everything in time


2017-07-19 00:31:16 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

It looks like it's a sort of family friendly cookout for more normie right wing people

2017-07-19 01:48:59 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@Athena Marie nah, I'm more worried they might end up with some antifa showing up to surprise them. They were in the Facebook event talking about bringing kids πŸ˜•

2017-07-19 01:52:00 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Lol that's what I'm thinking. I wonder though if someone should warn them..

@Jack Danson - KG I think it's up to whatever group you're coming with, but might as well not make it trashy. Polos and khakis looked good last time.

Oh the swastikas. No, I was just responding to the general question about dress code.

But yeah, flip flops are a really dumb idea

Well, when you're uniting with NS, there might be a swastika or two.

No contact lenses either.

Might be better off going half blind from the get-go tbh

No need to fight about this. The organizers are advising people not involved with security not to carry to avoid legal problems. No one is stopping you from doing it if that's what you want to do.

I'm not sure that it's a question of optics

Yeah that wasn't related to optics, or even OC specifically

I thought y'all were talking about the statements today saying random people shouldn't carry, period

So we can bring tanks?

Wait... OC is ok, but not bull whips? Wtf?

I remember hearing Florida's out of state permit is a good one to get

We constitutionalists now

@khaos156-WV open carrying a baking pan

I wanted a Kimber before I knew anything about guns...because they looked nice 🀐

Bars of soap in a potato gun

Bologna 🀒

Juggalos are apparently getting pretty woke


Do not bring: regular cell phone (if you do, make sure you have a good lock on it), weapons you're inexperienced with using in a fight in a crowded area, flip flops/sandals, masks, contact lenses, illegal substances.

Do bring: water, tourniquet if you have one, a camera that you don't mind being damaged or stolen, good boots/shoes, baby shampoo, shields if you have them, a helmet, banners/flags, a good flag pole, a way to contact the group you came with, sunglasses, knowledge of local laws & exfil plans, etc...

I think Eli will be posting a comprehensive list soon.

@Diethard you'd probably have more interest if instead of posting about the date of the event, you make posts about X antifa person on twitter/Facebook threatening violence or coming up with absurd tactics to try and and get city council to shut it down, or Bellamy colluding with antifa, etc.

/pol/ likes things they can dig into online, not so much the shilling for events / promotion

Cheap prepaid phones with contacts put in with pseudonyms, or old cell phones that have been wiped of personal data and activated with a prepaid card. You don't want to be recording or streaming with your normal phone and have antifa snatch it while you're logged into all your accounts with a bunch of fashy contacts in your address book... And they love snatching phones when people try to record them. @AltRightMick

If you plan to keep it in your pocket with a good password/encryption or whatever, fine. But if you plan to have it out, using it to document the event, make sure there's no way they can use it to get info on you or anyone else you're associated with.

@Azzmador Do you know if any of the Stormer goys will be bringing shields?

Shame she's a she. Maybe that will work better for the Alt-Lite, but it isn't going to help bring any Alt-Right people on board.

I meant with uniting us with the people she's trying to uncuck lol

@Aaron - VA artist is Mort Kuntsler I believe

2017-07-22 04:08:54 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #mod_help]  

@Ignis Faatus we can share our recipes without adding you to the group. All you have to do is ask. You're looking to spice the rats up a bit, yes?

ITT: people counter signal the rebel flag but not the swazi

What timeline is this

2017-07-22 04:37:27 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #mod_help]  

V wholesome

Are there some sort of guidelines for IRL vetting, so that ourguys aren't giving intel to any antifa types who may come in plain clothes and try to infiltrate? Cville 1.0 had a lot of people talking to people they didn't know about personal info/after parties/ etc. but since it was a surprise rally with less people and a more cohesive dress code, it was easier to know what side everyone was on.

Keep in mind also, this may be the first IRL event some people are attending. Even people who are very careful about how much info they give out about themselves online often slip up in real time.

Even ignoring the issue of you arriving in a small group (or alone) and leaving yourself open to attack or harassment, you will probably not be able to get an Uber in the immediate vicinity after the rally, and there will likely be no extra space for you to jump on one of our shuttles if you need to get out quickly. Do you really want to be left alone in a crowd of antifa while the bulk of the rally heads back to get on a shuttle to leave?

(But maybe you'll get really lucky amd your Uber driver will be a local commie! That'll be fun.)

Yes, you definitely want the flag pole to be longer than the flag lol

Yes, 5 or 6 ft

You can get them where they come in two pieces that connect together for easier transport too

I think at cville 1.0, 8 ft poles were used

Just doublechecked the info from cville 1.0 - 8 foot poles w/ 3x5 flags was recommended

There are some really nice hardwood poles that are two piece, but also cheaper ones that won't be very useful to double as spears lol

That was the standard size recommend for everyone there, not just the flag bearers behind the speakers.

But yeah, if you want to use it as a club, you'll want something shorter lol

2017-07-24 14:45:34 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Any one who is still reading CC but not will likely be hostile toward Spencer & unlikely to view our event favorably, let alone want to attend.

@MadDimension can you get insurance on them where you won't be liable for loss or damage ?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought there had been studies showing that topical application of fluoride products to teeth does help prevent cavities, but ingestion of fluoride has not been proven to benefit teeth, and is harmful in other ways?

Maybe I'm just insufficiently redpilled on fluoride though

There's an unabashed National Socialist can you imply Kessler is trying to prevent WN from speaking?


Lol I don't think it's a meme

People just want him to speak

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