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Anyone from Indiana or ohio Think I might be riding with trsers some

Some trsers

Trying to get like 50 guys to get a bus

We should pool all the Midwest guys and hate bus it

Nick you going through fort Wayne?

Best martial arts for antifa /riot scenario?

I'll be a spotter... I don't really look the ... Uhhh... Alt right kid look

I been a bouncer and kick boxer also

I just have been doing kick boxing ... All they have around me is muay, judo and kick boxing

I'll see... Starting a new job ... I might go with the cincy guys

Any for Virginia though this might be a good podcast to look into for Charlottesville ... Its a antifa podcast with commentary

Book burning isn't my cup of tea

You wasted money promoting the thing your burning

We really need to start looking into antifa podcast and pages

I created a special antifa research group on fb if anyone wants to join

All I know if for Michigan and ohio

Only flags we should burn is ones we don't pay a cent for

I got a guy

@Ignis Faatus I am really cheap

@boilerplate that was really shitty man I was all confused when that happen

Getting that vibe

He bail for the arm or because Gavin?

I beg to differ here ... 5 years ago but now the enemy isnt just bringing tire irons

I know the alt knights are coming in mass

@MadDimension he didn't post that anywhere but there from what I see

I'm alt knight sorta... I'm cool with them and in the group... More than a few bucks though


@MadDimension doing Sunday haha

@GoyMeetsWorld what's your show?

@MadDimension I hate to shill but Jamie here's the site for the podcast

@V I T A L I T Y b stands for Blake and my sexy voice my new podcast ... Bit size ones only 30-45 mins

So should we expect 1 to 2 anti

Whole lot of shit just. Itching about the event

I'll buy a shield

Me neither

Its going down? Antifa site

Decentralizing might be good for a bit now that people are connected I better see you guys at unite the right .... And Detroit... Yes you read right ... Detroit ... More info on wolfmans activism and entertainment

Always good to watch

If we know where they will be coming we should post that stuff up too

Put on wolfhook life clothing

Have him add me I'm in fw

Can someone msg me the invite

@GoyMeetsWorld I'll gladly do it

Watch these videos... Never get split off

would anyone want to be on my podcast today?

most events are people first ... we grew so fast ... its gunna have alot of growing pains ... as for figuring out whos good or bad we really need to start having more localish evennts

might be good for us young guy

b-luccason 2017-07-24 18:04:19 [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]

Only if he boxes Freiburg

b-luccason 2017-07-24 18:04:39 [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]

Sick of these guys who run there mouth so much

Here's my podcast guys with some vanguard america guys

Spread it everywhere broski

lets do it man!

if we matain whos coming yes

id say heads of groups would be the best people to talk to about this

i agree it would be a good idea for set up

set up its necessary

dont overwhelm yourself man

Rally's aren't the place for personal info... Especially this large of one

Antis are there for info

Anti to catch people who stray from the path

excelllent thank you spread it eveywhere

im going on trs after the paywall is added and sacco said soon itll be put on vandal void
Can you guys check out a podcast I was on? Remember David Clark is the black Mussolini

@Mack Albion thank you man spread it everywhere

Monday at 6 I will be having eli Moseley on ... Topic is antifa at the cville event... Talk active groups and laws

Anyone semi involved and who wants to be on

I have a guy... Pm me

our shows rss feed isย .... i been forgetting to put this out there

@Hand Banana if you guys need a guest I'll be on

zundel died ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


any word on if union guys are coming?

I'm going with american guard so plus another 5

@BrydenProctor <@187813913000148993>

If you can get to dayton

@Quartermaster's Ghost yeah that's antis biggest ay


Red ice hacked

if anyone wants to be on my podcast tonight .... message me

@Stan - PA fuck that... there was flame throwers after us

that would piss off the left

pretty funny tbh

@Frederick De Peyrens - VA which site is saying that??

i wish i knew about the press meet yesterday or me and my crew would of been there

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