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2018-11-29 17:41:27 UTC

It’s a special nickname for the server so changing your discord name won’t change how it shows up here

2018-11-29 17:42:01 UTC

Thank you guys! 👌🏻

2018-11-29 17:43:05 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI you're sorted

2018-11-29 17:44:53 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ sorted as well.

2018-11-29 17:45:19 UTC

Listening to a Black chick read her essay about how White People hot chicken places in nashville are racist bc Whites don’t want to go to Black communities to eat their hot chicken. Imagine turning a class about sustainable development into a dissertation about racism in the hot chicken establishment industry

2018-11-29 17:45:46 UTC

@William Russell I would like you know that your inquiry about my flower partly inspired my name change. 🌸

2018-11-29 17:46:14 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ haha I like it.

2018-11-29 17:46:46 UTC

Wypipo people think high urban density coupled with massive crimerates too spicy

2018-11-29 17:47:36 UTC

Libertarians stay trying to debunk FBI crime stats

2018-11-29 17:47:53 UTC

She’s partially correct, I personally don’t want to go to black communities to eat anything.

2018-11-29 17:48:06 UTC

She described the racism of the hot chicken industry through historical comparisons to Whites lynching Blacks and the placement of an interstate in an area less favorable to the other side of the railroad track Blacks

2018-11-29 17:48:31 UTC

My wife and I were at a pizza buffet yesterday she couldn’t eat because we watched a steady stream come through scratching their weaves

2018-11-29 17:49:23 UTC

Wait wouldn’t Whites routinely patronizing Black chicken places be gentrification?

2018-11-29 17:49:25 UTC

Damn now she mentioned her hatred of a Confederate statue and how it symbolizes White oppression of the Black chicken industry. These people are so tiresome. Made sure to make some eye contact and 👌🏻

2018-11-29 17:49:44 UTC

@Sam Anderson don’t ask them for logic or nothin, that’s for ypeepers

2018-11-29 17:49:45 UTC

I've slowly been seeing more and more weaves where I work

2018-11-29 17:50:24 UTC

Stop appropriating our hair

2018-11-29 17:52:14 UTC

Sometimes this Tariq style logic stretching is hilarious.

2018-11-29 17:52:52 UTC

And then sometimes they complain about “bias” and its just like, have you ever been around large quantities of Blacks?

2018-11-29 17:55:08 UTC

I'd rather not eat African food. I'm a Chef trained in the European tradtion....beleive me when I say, there is no such thing as sub-sarharan cuisine.

2018-11-29 17:55:12 UTC

This bleck wamin at work changes her hair every month practically. Now she’s appropriating gingers

2018-11-29 17:55:48 UTC

@VinceChaos haha! A black with red hair?

2018-11-29 17:56:08 UTC

Yes it’s more auburn it looks ridiculous

2018-11-29 17:56:33 UTC

And it’s straight of course. She looks like she should be at a nerd convention cosplaying

2018-11-29 17:57:00 UTC

I've no doubt it looks ridiculous. She is cosplaying, cosplaying a white woman.

2018-11-29 17:57:14 UTC

There are no Michelin Star restaurants in Africa <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736> @Johnny B. Populus

2018-11-29 17:58:08 UTC

My mom and dad were looking up all the Michelin Star restaurants and that gave them a bit of a redbox

2018-11-29 17:59:45 UTC

Undercover at work today 😈 😈


2018-11-29 17:59:50 UTC

Well, when your looking for quality(not that having a Mich star necessarily males it quality) you don't look to the sludge pits.

2018-11-29 18:00:27 UTC

Car wait for my merch!

2018-11-29 18:00:30 UTC

What if it gets hot <:nervous:359009898115104770> @Papa Pizzagate

2018-11-29 18:00:55 UTC

Then I guess he'll just have to let the world see the Dragons Eye.

2018-11-29 18:02:08 UTC

@VinceChaos naked obviously

2018-11-29 18:02:27 UTC

Why does your work bathroom look like a bathroom in one of my aunts houses

2018-11-29 18:02:39 UTC
2018-11-29 18:02:51 UTC


2018-11-29 18:03:11 UTC

implying greek god form is bad optics <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-11-29 18:04:42 UTC


2018-11-29 18:07:25 UTC

Who would win: modern and sleek sculptures
Or: Some strong naked old man idk

2018-11-29 18:07:37 UTC

Old man

2018-11-29 18:07:43 UTC

Without a doubt

2018-11-29 18:07:49 UTC

Pro tip: old man

2018-11-29 18:08:17 UTC

I thought we taught you this lesson already old man *cracks knuckles*

2018-11-29 18:08:22 UTC

Dad strength is rivaled only by the strength of the mentally retarded.

2018-11-29 18:09:29 UTC

If you've ever interacted with a high functioning kid with Down syndrome, you know. They are strong as hell.

2018-11-29 18:10:36 UTC

They don’t hold back, either.

2018-11-29 18:18:11 UTC

Re: Huffpo screenshot above, funny that they think Rudolph is "problematic" cos it's literally a Jewish allegory about accepting our semitic outsider population.

2018-11-29 18:18:20 UTC

Like the wall paper Ian

2018-11-29 18:18:51 UTC

Sweet my new name! Looks good👌

2018-11-29 18:19:04 UTC

Sad redpill is that pretty much all the great secular Christmas songs were written by jews in an effort to erase Christianity from Christmas.

2018-11-29 18:19:17 UTC

Lt Dan...New Name!! Hes got new name

2018-11-29 18:19:36 UTC

And just like that Lt Dan wasn't mad at god no more

2018-11-29 18:21:36 UTC
2018-11-29 18:24:56 UTC

Santa clause is coming to town, have yourself a merry little Christmas, let it snow, it’s the most wonderful time of the year... just to name a few.

2018-11-29 18:25:20 UTC

Of course Rudolf the red nose reindeer...

2018-11-29 18:25:34 UTC

Have urself a Merry little Christmas, oh i do like that one.

2018-11-29 18:26:16 UTC

12 out of the 25 most popular of all time, plus many more beyond the 25 most popular

2018-11-29 18:26:27 UTC

The last TDS episode I listened to was when they brought that up last Christmas. They wouldn’t stop talking about Jews the entire time. Got sick of it

2018-11-29 18:26:45 UTC

There's one thing I gotta give jews credit for, they are often damn good songwriters.

2018-11-29 18:28:27 UTC

@NateDahl76 those are good early red pill episodes though. I remember being obsessive like that at first, wanting to know about the nose behind everything. As long as you're not actually unbalanced it wears off.

2018-11-29 18:28:33 UTC

They have the high verbal IQ. Many of those aren’t too secular. I think at some point there was an attempt by Jews to be part of the American traditions. I get they didn’t wanna be excluded but they had that secularizing effect to play to the common denominator

2018-11-29 18:29:22 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ beautiful! I love your mantel decor

2018-11-29 18:29:27 UTC

That’s so classy @Lily Lee - NJ

2018-11-29 18:29:39 UTC

My Christmas tree is made of wood, is about 10" high, and comes out no earlier then December 20 and goes back into the closet on January 1. Pretty basic.

2018-11-29 18:29:58 UTC

That high ceiling is house goals

2018-11-29 18:30:35 UTC

good afternoon frens

2018-11-29 18:31:35 UTC

can our texas crew expalin this?


2018-11-29 18:31:40 UTC

Henlo :goose:
Y no goose emoji 😤

2018-11-29 18:31:42 UTC

Thanks guys🙂

2018-11-29 18:31:52 UTC

Makes sense basically experience yuletide

2018-11-29 18:32:03 UTC

@missliterallywho duck supremacy, clearly

2018-11-29 18:33:10 UTC

If that green text is real, hooo boy

2018-11-29 18:33:17 UTC

Angery reacts only

2018-11-29 18:34:26 UTC

i've read about his story, it's real.

2018-11-29 18:34:29 UTC

Is brunette supremacy why there are no redhead emojis besides the clown?

2018-11-29 18:34:56 UTC
2018-11-29 18:35:01 UTC

Also that’s happening in America that’s patently insane

2018-11-29 18:35:15 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ post-cucked me

2018-11-29 18:35:36 UTC

how the hell these judges get on the bench boggles my mind

2018-11-29 18:35:44 UTC


2018-11-29 18:36:02 UTC

...and my apologies @Goose

2018-11-29 18:36:23 UTC

how is it even legal to chemically castrate a child?

2018-11-29 18:36:35 UTC


2018-11-29 18:36:38 UTC

sorry Texas, looks like you've been messed with

2018-11-29 18:37:18 UTC

Really disgusting stuff.

2018-11-29 18:38:27 UTC

but muh patriarchy

2018-11-29 18:38:27 UTC

The Left really just hates everything good and natural in the world.

2018-11-29 18:38:41 UTC

Shocking really

2018-11-29 18:39:17 UTC

@Goose What is the source for the story?

2018-11-29 18:40:28 UTC
2018-11-29 18:40:42 UTC

@Virgil if you google “save James Texas” there are many.

2018-11-29 18:41:00 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ beat ya lol

2018-11-29 18:41:23 UTC

@Goose I posted it first... so... 😝

2018-11-29 18:43:12 UTC

Please tell me that that article about that six-year-old boy is not true! Please

2018-11-29 18:43:32 UTC

Could we do some kind of activism to support his father?

2018-11-29 18:43:41 UTC

Sorry to backtrack but just curious on how Jews writing the Christmas songs is an attempt to erase Christianity from Christmas? If they’re writing about Christmas aren’t they supporting Christianity?

2018-11-29 18:44:23 UTC

Mhm second ^^

2018-11-29 18:45:12 UTC

Someone mentioned maybe they just wanted to be included ?

2018-11-29 18:45:38 UTC

@DrewMT one could argue that many of those songs, such as “let it snow” “Santa’s coming to town”, walk us away from the “Christ” part of Christmas.

2018-11-29 18:45:44 UTC

@DrewMT they were probably scared and cozying up to people

2018-11-29 18:45:53 UTC

@DrewMT I was saying Jews writing the Christmas songs influences them to play to the lowest common denominator and so they make the songs as secular as possible. It doesn’t have to be conscious. They want to be included and I get that feeling but including them secularizes the holiday

2018-11-29 18:45:58 UTC

@DrewMT there are quotes from many Jews in various industries detailing their hatred of Christianity

2018-11-29 18:46:39 UTC

@missliterallywho impossible, it's not like they're Christ-killers...

2018-11-29 18:46:41 UTC
2018-11-29 18:47:35 UTC

I think the motive behind writing these songs tho, is more the demand and money to be made.

2018-11-29 18:48:01 UTC

The old TDS that Nate mentioned above, Christmas episode from last year, would be a good source if you want the proof. I personally do not remember where to find said quotations.

2018-11-29 18:48:39 UTC

on another note, i'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas/Yuletide with friends across the country.
meeting Pagans in the movement has been quite the experience

2018-11-29 18:49:03 UTC

Imagine you’re a song writer in Israel. You might be influenced to write something about Passover or Hanukkah but you’re not gonna write about the actual event that started the holiday. Personally I think whites think differently and so we wouldn’t even think to write a song for another religion or holiday

2018-11-29 18:49:12 UTC

@Goose Same.

2018-11-29 18:49:24 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ that contradicts with their pushing of leftist ideas in media etc now though. The profits aren't there, yet they continue to cram their ideas down our throats.

2018-11-29 18:49:33 UTC

Thanks for the explanation guys it’s complex but I think I understand!

2018-11-29 18:50:09 UTC

There's a resurgence of conciousness in this regard. @Goose

2018-11-29 18:50:14 UTC

When a big Corp takes a stand on some leftist issue, their stocks plummet. So why are they doing it? 🤔

2018-11-29 18:50:26 UTC

@missliterallywho I don’t disagree with that. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

2018-11-29 18:50:42 UTC

Thanks @Lily Lee - NJ it makes sense

2018-11-29 18:50:47 UTC

@DrewMT IE chat is like if an encyclopedia and "Ask Jeeves" had a baby

2018-11-29 18:51:13 UTC

Hahaha🤣 I like it

2018-11-29 18:52:29 UTC

@Goose >had a baby

the fertility cult knows no bounds in metaphor or actuality

2018-11-29 18:52:37 UTC

@The Morrígan i completely agree.
regardless of the differences and origins, the traditions have been kept alive and that is what i see as most important.
it's who we are, it's what we're fighting for

2018-11-29 18:52:51 UTC

that... and to keep kids from being chemically castrated

2018-11-29 18:54:05 UTC

@missliterallywho those quotes from bigwig Jews are important I also think there’s a subconscious effort for average Jews as well

2018-11-29 18:54:14 UTC

Yes. I think that Americans have an interesting dynamic in that regard. But the movement has not changed in its motive since the 60's-70's. What had changed is the younger minds coming to these things. @Goose

2018-11-29 18:55:00 UTC

in a world of rootless degeneracy, traditionalism is cool

2018-11-29 18:55:22 UTC

^ that should be printed on something.

2018-11-29 18:55:39 UTC

T shirt

2018-11-29 18:55:40 UTC

@VinceChaos Right, it's really just powerful in-group preference and survival tactics

2018-11-29 18:55:58 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ lol thanks

2018-11-29 18:56:00 UTC

@missliterallywho They have so much money that they can afford to burn some of it on left wing politics instead of paying their workers more or giving them benefits

2018-11-29 18:56:43 UTC

@Goose haha ask jeeves

2018-11-29 18:56:44 UTC

@Virgil because their ethnic goals are stronger than their monetary goals

2018-11-29 18:57:14 UTC

The desire to rise out of degeneracy is the desire to refine to good order. I think the resurgence is just that . . A revolt against the demoralization of the people.

2018-11-29 18:57:25 UTC
2018-11-29 18:58:01 UTC

We're 7 members away from hitting 900 members! Pretty crazy watching that number slowly tick up over the months since the organization has been reformed. I'm really looking forward to hitting 1000, 5000, and every number from there.

2018-11-29 18:58:28 UTC

@Grayson asked about doing some sort of activism for “Save James”... I second that question.

2018-11-29 18:59:40 UTC

1000 members by year's end?

2018-11-29 19:01:18 UTC

@missliterallywho I believe in it

2018-11-29 19:02:44 UTC

Would be very curious to see a poll of all members asking how many of your friends and family members explicitly support IE?

2018-11-29 19:03:02 UTC

Babies and children count as supporters

2018-11-29 19:03:58 UTC

i 3rd the "save james" activism

2018-11-29 19:04:08 UTC

it's a literal attack on white young men

2018-11-29 19:04:45 UTC

One of the things I like about IE is that it's selective, yet is still achieving a slow and steady growth. I've only been around about 4 months, but the number of new people poping into recieving has been very encouraging. 1,000 or 900 may not sound like a lot, but if they're all quality individuals then it means we will always be punching above our weightclass

2018-11-29 19:05:12 UTC

@missliterallywho my parents do, my uncles do, the boomers in the monument groups do

2018-11-29 19:06:05 UTC

@Ben Rainsford - OH I agree. In the early days of IE there was a much higher turn over rate, and it is really satisfying to see newer members turn into familiar faces over the months nowadays

2018-11-29 19:06:13 UTC

If we accepted everyone who applied... wew lad, we'd have several thousand. But quality > quantity

2018-11-29 19:06:44 UTC

@Brunswick itd be interesting to see what number we were when we joined. Dont know if there is a way to figure that out?

2018-11-29 19:07:21 UTC

@missliterallywho dont want to go to a rally looking like the NSM

2018-11-29 19:07:34 UTC

Hence the quality aspects lol like you said

2018-11-29 19:07:49 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI I don't think there is a way to see that : /

2018-11-29 19:07:55 UTC

I'd love member #s

2018-11-29 19:09:37 UTC
2018-11-29 19:09:51 UTC

they should consider keeping track of that lol

2018-11-29 19:09:54 UTC


2018-11-29 19:09:58 UTC

@missliterallywho We actually might have less members because less people would want to apply

2018-11-29 19:10:32 UTC

And more people would drop out if we were full of autists

2018-11-29 19:10:43 UTC

@Ben Rainsford - OH i'll definitely take 1000 spartans over 1mil persians

2018-11-29 19:10:52 UTC


2018-11-29 19:10:59 UTC

And spartans are white

2018-11-29 19:11:55 UTC

Would you rather fight 40 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

2018-11-29 19:12:37 UTC

i'll take the 40 horses

2018-11-29 19:12:51 UTC

horse-sized duck sounds terrifying

2018-11-29 19:13:23 UTC

The story with this James child is really disgusting, but I can say with a fair degree of certainty that we won't be doing any activism centered around this kid. We are a metapolitical organization centered around a racial identity, and this child's story, while tragic is not fundamentally racial.

Additionally it seems they have enough resources and attention without alleged "white supremacists" drawing attention to the issue.

Donate if you wish, pray for him if you wish - but let some more religious based organizations take this one. It's more in their wheelhouse anyhow.

2018-11-29 19:13:24 UTC

@Jacob in my imaginary scenario they all get in and all stay lol

2018-11-29 19:14:15 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate valid point <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-29 19:14:44 UTC

okay this is epic

2018-11-29 19:16:27 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate what story?

2018-11-29 19:18:12 UTC

@Jacob damn, the society in which they live is waking up

bottom text

2018-11-29 19:19:16 UTC

My school is closed bc of a bomb threat today. Neighbors are throwing a Darty. Ohh ODU.

2018-11-29 19:19:47 UTC

@ExternalPepsi savejames.com

2018-11-29 19:20:00 UTC

Yay way to go bomb thr....eh not gonna finish that

2018-11-29 19:23:25 UTC

Bob Ferguson, the Washington state attorney general who keeps doing those lawsuits for refugees and the like, is speaking at my school tomorrow

2018-11-29 19:23:29 UTC

But it's while I'm in class

2018-11-29 19:26:51 UTC

It wasnt me either we didnt go to HS together, and he is 4 years younger than me

2018-11-29 19:27:29 UTC

Yeah that stuff is dangerous to even joke about. Especially bc admin is legally super liable to report everything.

2018-11-29 19:28:03 UTC

Yea I got a huge kick out of it when he told me...just sounds like somthing from a movie

2018-11-29 19:28:10 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI I appreciate the story but I'm going to remove it because it discusses the planning of a bombing, even though it's not real or serious.

2018-11-29 19:28:18 UTC


2018-11-29 19:28:27 UTC

A kid at my school got arrested for making a Snapchat post where he took a picture of a bunch of guns and said "don't go to school tomorrow".

2018-11-29 19:28:41 UTC
2018-11-29 19:28:42 UTC

Back in hs I mean

2018-11-29 19:28:48 UTC

Well thats very stupid of him. Good thing he got arrested.

2018-11-29 19:29:15 UTC

@Sam Anderson he was joking but yeah it was dumb.

2018-11-29 19:30:11 UTC

@ThisIsChris no worries I understand chris

2018-11-29 19:30:38 UTC
2018-11-29 19:31:12 UTC

This is why ya homeschool your kids

2018-11-29 19:31:26 UTC

“Hurr durr you optics cucks.” -Sperg defending that joke that cannot be empirically proven as a joke.

2018-11-29 19:31:37 UTC

@Sam Anderson would you say that party is "da bomb"? <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-11-29 19:31:51 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI people got freaked out because a couple years before that some kids got arrested for actually legit planning to shoot up the school school.

2018-11-29 19:32:08 UTC

Yea no I get it

2018-11-29 19:32:16 UTC


2018-11-29 19:32:39 UTC

Again all the more reason to homeschool ur kids

2018-11-29 19:32:45 UTC

might be a good idea to change the topic

2018-11-29 19:33:20 UTC

Yea i was kinda thinking that

2018-11-29 19:33:46 UTC

I lobe Paul Watson

2018-11-29 19:33:57 UTC

@Jacob i find it pretty telling that these rogue politicians and public feedback events are always held during work hours

2018-11-29 19:33:58 UTC

all PJW does is miss

2018-11-29 19:34:03 UTC

The way he pronouces his words is too funny

2018-11-29 19:34:13 UTC

almost like they don't want to hear from the working public that they supposedly represent...

2018-11-29 19:34:33 UTC

is PJW really gay, or was that a meme?

2018-11-29 19:35:07 UTC

Think thats a meme

2018-11-29 19:35:07 UTC

i can't tell anymore.
i'm almost afraid that blinkerfluid will become a real thing

2018-11-29 19:35:18 UTC

PJW was sleeping w that whitty chick for at least a month

2018-11-29 19:35:20 UTC

Ya just cant tell cause he is foreign and they all seem gay

2018-11-29 19:35:42 UTC

Hey Y'all

2018-11-29 19:35:47 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN wait really?

2018-11-29 19:35:50 UTC


2018-11-29 19:36:28 UTC

Did everyone see PJWs vids on modern art

2018-11-29 19:36:41 UTC

Its poltics and comedy all rolled into one

2018-11-29 19:37:31 UTC

@Goose Ya it's almost as if he's trying to run away. Especially since I live in a pretty white, Republican, working class county.

2018-11-29 19:38:21 UTC

@ExternalPepsi ya, when he stopped sleeping with her, whitty posted some omegagay suicidal attention-seeking messages on his twitter tl about how RW men are all trash etc

2018-11-29 19:38:37 UTC

What a gem she is

2018-11-29 19:39:53 UTC

@Jacob reminds me of when i went to a tim wise event and he bailed when i started asking questions

2018-11-29 19:40:10 UTC

Who is PJW?

2018-11-29 19:40:13 UTC

@GingerRose99. Sent ya an invite to christ

2018-11-29 19:40:17 UTC

In ur dm

2018-11-29 19:40:24 UTC

Paul Joseph Watson

2018-11-29 19:40:32 UTC


2018-11-29 19:40:40 UTC

Hey @GingerRose99 👋🏻

2018-11-29 19:41:04 UTC

Is there suppose to be a blank pic

2018-11-29 19:41:04 UTC


2018-11-29 19:41:40 UTC

Oh i see...

2018-11-29 19:42:34 UTC

Finally loaded...jezz

2018-11-29 19:47:58 UTC

@Goose lol I got to meet Shaun King

2018-11-29 19:48:23 UTC

oh Lord, how did that go

2018-11-29 19:49:13 UTC

btw, turns out judge kim cooks in the "save james" case is known for stripping sons from their fathers and flaunts her body in bodybuilding competitions

2018-11-29 19:49:23 UTC

I wasn't Chad enough back then to debate him

2018-11-29 19:49:34 UTC

I have a picture with him somewhere though

2018-11-29 19:50:04 UTC


2018-11-29 19:50:35 UTC

@Jacob should've told him you identify as black and find his fakeness offensive

2018-11-29 19:50:46 UTC


2018-11-29 19:51:13 UTC

fun fact: Rachel Dolezal was a professor at my school

2018-11-29 19:51:59 UTC

@Goose on save James comment:
*sarcastic surprise face*

2018-11-29 19:52:15 UTC

@Jacob what did you did in your past life to deserve such hell?

2018-11-29 19:52:49 UTC

it's probably the least liberal public university in the state

2018-11-29 19:53:34 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ patrick was right about leftists being promoted to positions of power now matter what we do

2018-11-29 19:53:45 UTC

we need our people everywhere

2018-11-29 19:58:21 UTC

this will be my last post about the "save james" case.
his mother is a doctor and has a twitter...

2018-11-29 19:58:58 UTC

sounds like she's ill herself with munchausen's by proxy

2018-11-29 20:00:35 UTC

for clarification, IE does not condone or promote the targeting or harassment of individuals

2018-11-29 20:04:46 UTC

So much to take in. This is what normalizing insanity looks like.

2018-11-29 20:05:12 UTC

I just joined the Hearts of Iron 4 discord. These gamers are based

2018-11-29 20:05:39 UTC

^ and that’s where Lily checks out 😂

2018-11-29 20:06:05 UTC

Paradox 4lyfe

2018-11-29 20:06:06 UTC

@Lily Lee - NJ i had to call and politely ask a question only to hear *click* lol

2018-11-29 20:06:35 UTC

What did you ask?!

2018-11-29 20:06:37 UTC

maybe i'd be good at phonebanking during election season 🤔

2018-11-29 20:06:53 UTC

"is it ok to castrate young boys?" @Lily Lee - NJ

2018-11-29 20:07:28 UTC

You could have eased into that... 😅

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