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@ophiuchus Yeah, I won't link it here for obvious reasons, but in a Twitch stream you can see the laser appearing on one of the guy's chest before the stream video gets cut but you can still hear the audio

2018-08-26 19:05:55 UTC  

That's absolutely terrifying.

2018-08-26 19:12:51 UTC  

Yeah that video was real eerie

2018-08-26 19:20:56 UTC  

FTN is up. Special Edition.

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Y'all need to be safe everywhere you go. Always be aware of the situation around you and who is around you. This stuff is all too common and you can never be too safe.

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@Suomi Stronk that can be taken way out of context, please remove that quote.

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I wonder why in the world someone would pick a madden tournament of all things

2018-08-26 19:44:56 UTC  

Just saw on twitter & turned on news...

2018-08-26 20:02:44 UTC  

Gamers are under attack.

2018-08-26 20:07:13 UTC  

Was it a case of gamer rage?

2018-08-26 20:08:58 UTC  

From the sounds of it, something like that. But obviously it's too early to know or speculate on anything really.

2018-08-26 20:09:32 UTC  

Jeez, this will empower the Dems going into midterms. No Bueno.

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Gamers rise up

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@Sam Anderson please keep the language clean (and appropriate for the specific channel, as well). Thank you.

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According to my mother's recent ancestry findings, we're cousins of George Washington! Fancy that 😏

2018-08-26 20:58:17 UTC  

Is that Denzel Washington's father or what?

2018-08-26 21:04:37 UTC  

@Deleted User that's pretty awesome. I need to do more work on my family tree. Basically all I've done so far is trace back my patrilineal lineage to ensure I'm actually as German as I thought I was. I haven't looked for any famous people in my past but honestly I might not have much going on. My family has been farmers as far back as I've been able to trace. My father's generation was the first to branch out and now I find myself inexplicably drawn back to the trade.

2018-08-26 21:07:16 UTC  

Yeah it's really interesting, you definitely should expand it and pass some kind of tree down

2018-08-26 21:07:30 UTC  

What's the easiest way to start building a family tree and searching who you came from?

2018-08-26 21:07:54 UTC  

You'd wanna ask your family about it

2018-08-26 21:07:57 UTC  

Has anyone read Ralph Blum's book on the book of Runes?

2018-08-26 21:08:02 UTC  

Dna tests have a pretty broad database

2018-08-26 21:08:11 UTC  

that too

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Family bibles in my case have names

2018-08-26 21:09:32 UTC  

The most I've seen is old pictures from when my maternal grandfather was a really little kid, I know almost nothing about my father's side

2018-08-26 21:10:31 UTC  

"Possession of a weapon, even if legally carried (except by law enforcement officers) is absolutely prohibited on Landing property"


Yet another shooting in a Gun Free Zone. Article says shooter is a white male.

2018-08-26 21:21:23 UTC  

honestly who shoots up a Madden tournament

2018-08-26 21:21:27 UTC  

i don't understand

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Finally... this will change my life

2018-08-26 21:22:27 UTC  

"Who in their right mind would do such a thing?" is the question that is always asked after a great tragedy. The answer is no one.

2018-08-26 21:23:53 UTC  

Well, yeah, but still... madden?

2018-08-26 21:24:47 UTC  

Don't worry, the same people that said not to politicize Mollie Tibbetts death will surely not do the same here.

2018-08-26 21:31:53 UTC  

The Jerusalem post just said suspect is a while male

2018-08-26 21:37:28 UTC  

Yeah they'll really hammer white males fir awhile after this and then wonder why people are opting out of their diversity plan.

2018-08-26 21:37:29 UTC  

Anger is an interesting thing. Not dealing with anger appropriately when it happens, burying it in the pit of your stomach, rather than assertively addressing the source of anger, especially over and over, can lead to terrible behavior.