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Gamers rise up

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@Sam Anderson please keep the language clean (and appropriate for the specific channel, as well). Thank you.

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According to my mother's recent ancestry findings, we're cousins of George Washington! Fancy that 😏

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Is that Denzel Washington's father or what?

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@Deleted User that's pretty awesome. I need to do more work on my family tree. Basically all I've done so far is trace back my patrilineal lineage to ensure I'm actually as German as I thought I was. I haven't looked for any famous people in my past but honestly I might not have much going on. My family has been farmers as far back as I've been able to trace. My father's generation was the first to branch out and now I find myself inexplicably drawn back to the trade.

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Yeah it's really interesting, you definitely should expand it and pass some kind of tree down

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What's the easiest way to start building a family tree and searching who you came from?

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You'd wanna ask your family about it

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Has anyone read Ralph Blum's book on the book of Runes?

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Dna tests have a pretty broad database

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that too

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Family bibles in my case have names

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The most I've seen is old pictures from when my maternal grandfather was a really little kid, I know almost nothing about my father's side

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"Possession of a weapon, even if legally carried (except by law enforcement officers) is absolutely prohibited on Landing property"


Yet another shooting in a Gun Free Zone. Article says shooter is a white male.

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honestly who shoots up a Madden tournament

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i don't understand

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Finally... this will change my life

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"Who in their right mind would do such a thing?" is the question that is always asked after a great tragedy. The answer is no one.

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Well, yeah, but still... madden?

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Don't worry, the same people that said not to politicize Mollie Tibbetts death will surely not do the same here.

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The Jerusalem post just said suspect is a while male

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Yeah they'll really hammer white males fir awhile after this and then wonder why people are opting out of their diversity plan.

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Anger is an interesting thing. Not dealing with anger appropriately when it happens, burying it in the pit of your stomach, rather than assertively addressing the source of anger, especially over and over, can lead to terrible behavior.

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People get to the point that they are so angry that only the worst kind of behavior serves as an outlet.

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Every attack on being white instead of just say what happened is terrible literally pushes everyone with a brain away from them and they can't figure out how the right wings steadily gaining traction.

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After we've dealt with our demographic issues, we have a long road ahead of us fixing the lifestyles of your average white male.

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These kids live such crappy lifestyles and then boom they snap

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Exactly. Knowing how to cope with the world and the circumstances that cause stress and unhappiness is integral to surviving and thriving. If someone already has a mental illness, the addition of emotional disturbances, especially with anger, leads to tragedy.

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Like, imagine the isolation, these kids probably attend their institutions, school for the most part, go back home and the only social encounters they have are through an LED box

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Rambling at this point but this is getting ridiculous. One after another after another

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These kids need to be put to work or something and get off the damn computer

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No time for this garbage when you're passing out from a hard days work each night at 9pm

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And always, you hear from the people in their lives that say, "Oh yes, I thought he might do something like this."

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Or worse, you have the authorities monitoring the situation in many of these cases and they do nothing.

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The responsibility is on society as a whole. People need to understand the warning signs and if they see them exhibited in people in their lives, they need to reach out to them and see what the problem is. If the situation is critical, they need to call the police and have the person petitioned to an involuntary behavioral health program.

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Think of all the situations like this that have been prevented that we don't hear about because someone did the right thing and reached out to help them avoid hurting themselves or others.

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@Evan Thomas This would have saved lives in Parkland if followed through

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Yes, that was pathetic.