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If anyone want

*If anyone want's to watch.

Any good streams to watch?

@Hakujin - CA Oh boy, they dems are sure acting like the massive criminal population is not a part of the illegal immigrants coming into the US. It's funny because as I was driving around earlier I was listening to NPR while they were talking about Mexicans in LA about how their population was ONLY 40% on welfare (while being largely illegal's, mind you.) Fucking communists, I swear to god.

2018-06-26 22:09:53 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I'm confused as to what this is supposed to represent.

@BryceB-ND I mean, shouldn't we be? I don't think we should really allow just anybody in. Fit, strong minded, motivated, whites. I honestly think there should be a push-up requirement of at least 30 push-ups.

@Paul M.F. "I'm not being manipulated!" He yells as he dances to the strings of his masters. That's intelligence right there.

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL It's about college campuses specifically.

2018-07-12 11:53:45 UTC [Literature Club #music]  

An ode to the modern age in all its glory and strife.

2018-07-13 02:25:00 UTC [Literature Club #music]  

This is a book I think everyone will want to read over a few times.

2018-07-13 02:29:44 UTC [Literature Club #music]  


I have the real "russian bots" they're called the jews and their golem.

@Argument of Perigee Holy fuck, who in the hell would get a haircut from someone a fucked up as that? Fat, ugly and unkempt is not a good look for a barber.

Can someone post a picture of the results for people who don't use Twitter?

@AmericanDave79 We damn well better be. Nationalism, Environmentalism, Americanism, Identity Evropa.

It's always "anti-Semitic" because the jews are the ones attempting to genocide white Europeans. They name themselves.

I thought you might like this, for your activism.

So twitter did something they've been doing to various "right-wing" users for the past two weeks? Call me surprised.

True. I would say he's right of the (((media))) and (((twitter))) but yes, I would say he's pretty much just a guy who gets a laugh out of idiots and crazies

@Sonic They're eternal victims, nothing can measure up to the horrible antisemetic holocaust by those evil NAZI'S!

If you can't get out to the gym, or are feeling generally lazy, just do some pushups. 100 broken up into 5 sets of 20 should be good enough. Go at it boys. Bonus points for fingertip pushups.

@Deleted User So effectively a dual, or triple use pen?

Your pen doesn't even function as a balisong? Weak.

@Deleted User I own one and it's actually a pretty good product, the only problem being ink refills are 5$

@ThisIsChris It's actually a pen/balisong mashup and it's very fun to use. If you're good with it you can pick up girls with it.

@ThisIsChris I've gotten girls #'s with it because I'm pretty good with it, not that I go out much anymore.

Is there any way we could get an IE effort to help out hurricane victims? We could at the very least donate clothing, food, supplies, and various other things

@NateDahl76 I won't be able to listen live, is there any way to listen to an arcive or recording.

@Trashboat Well...ching ching bing bong to you too, fellow h'white man.

@Thugged Out Pissed Off Are we making Rhodesia great again, but for real?

@MrBland - VA Yeah...deport them..sure. Anyone know the guy's from punkin chunkin?

I think with the potemkin village of US boarder defense will be the death of white America. I don't think the extremely corrupt government and police that don't protect you are the answer. I think we need to take more solid action and make better our communaties. Grow your own food, your own water, talk to your neighbors and make a neighborhood watch if there has been an increase in crime in the area.

I just realised it's illegal to collect rainwater in america

I wonder (((why?)))

@Sam Southern - TN Why would you abandon your country? Defend your land, it's the last thing you have.

@Sam Southern - TN Which comment are you replying to?

@bspon002 Probably something to do with the situation we are in. I see war on the horizon and I know I'm not the only one.

@Sam Southern - TN Oh, sorry about that.

@bspon002 Everywhere. War will walk onto your doorstep and you will either fight or die.

Here's a synopses of a much longer research paper on the rise and fall of society. The date is 2026. The second half of the full length of the paper is called 'Sex and Culture' and I forgot the first half, although I have it saved somewhere.

@bspon002 I'm not getting into racewar posting but I know that conflict is coming and if you can't see it you're blind. Whites vote in the next election won't matter because we'll be outnumbered, ignoring the mass voter fraud, which will not turn it in our favor. We lost the electoral college because we've lost Texas and Florida.

Just for dixie.

@Sam Southern - TN I spiritually identify as a dixieboy.

Anyways, off to work.

Simpsons hit and run>>>all GTAs combined

@Deleted User you could do nautical knots

@Sam Southern - TN Ok, thinly veiled threat by a lawmaker to kill anyone who defies his disrespect of their rights americans.

Let's get those bagels

@bspon002 I wonder why they keep saying college age men, rather then battle age men? I think they're still trying to push the 'going into debt slavery for a useless degree is normal' narrative.

@Sam Anderson isn't Western Civilization inherently white? All of its great art was created by white men as well as all of it major achievents and marvels. I think the most recent one that comes to mind is those white men who landed that thing on the comet.

@Freiheit - CA is boarder patrol offering training?

@Selma Never dislike your own name. If you prefer to be called by your biblical middle name you have the ability to be called that.

I think Trump is a failure until he actually does what he's promised to do. He is letting them in because a Californian Judge said his order was 'illegal' and he should've just gone through with it anyways, as the president has a clear right to defend america's boarder. Don't forget about his love is Isreal, $38 billion of love, which now funds their walls, not ours.

@Virgil Trump is informed by Carlson but they're both cucked. We need a real nationalist and not someone who will allow the demographic replacement of america, which is the whole point of this group.

@Virgil I haven't heard anything from Carlson that would change our current state. I haven't heard him in support of mass deportation, which will be needed to prevent balkanization and then genocide of whites in America. Most of our problem is the 'legal' immigrants who have obtained citizenship through birthright and are now outnumbering whites in America, not including the illegals, which only make up 30 million of the issue, not the rest of it.

@Virgil I also think that democracy will be a failed policy by the time we can get any sort of canidate like that in office. White's will not be enough in number to have any sort of win in a presidential election come 2020.

We're not in a good place and we need more radical action in order to prevent, or at the very least diminish, the ruin of America through demographic replacement. I think mass deportations will have to be necessary as well as the revoking of citizenship for Mexicans and South Americans who have not been here for 5 generations or more. I think real boarder defense is necessary and neither Trump or Carlson would come close to doing what will be needed. They might hint at it or even say it but they will never act on it, as they are still more pro Israel then pro-America.

@Brunswick Show him who owns the fed, as well as every central bank apart from Syria, North Korea and Iran.

Really? He doesn't care who prints and owns the money?

Jew's are the only real redpill.

There are truths but I think the term 'redpill' is deluded and should be used to refer to the most substantial and central truth. I would concider the wim hof method a truth, but not a redpill.

@Papa Pizzagate About what? The state of the world?

@Lucas Anglocius What about the pharmaceutical companies who pay doctors to over-prescribe opium? What about the millitary industrial complex? f35 come to mind, anyone?

It is quite a careful subject and can be construed as crazy, unhinged and unjustified but I would like to think that anyone who wants to tell anyone about anything as a matter of fact has thoroughly researched the subject before trying to inform people about it.

@Lucas Anglocius Personally I like to start with this video of a homeless man.

@Jacob Would you like me to post that? I do have it and it's not copyrighted.

@Virgil Oh, absolutely. Which is why comedy is extremely important. If you associate joy with information, they will learn. When they think about what they know, they will know terror.

@Jacob They don't as far as I know, although it is a book advocating genocide, so take that with a grain of salt.

@Virgil Have you not read them? It's about getting rid of Europeans and replacing them with golems, meaning low IQ non-whites. It advocates genocide against whites.

@Sam Anderson The origins of it.

@Jacob Agreed. My parents do not care about the replacement of whites, or at the very least have not even come close to saying they do. My dad says it's inevitable but has not expressed his feelings on it.

@Virgil It advocates genocides of whites. Not of jews. It's the origins of the kalergi plan as well as the hootan plan.

Oops, sorry about that, poor file format

@Louis Loire - NY Could I get a link on that? Because as far as I've read it lines up exactly with what the torah says.

@Virgil Read into it then. They're both real plans in the UN and I'm not certain of it but wasn't the hootan plan the EU?

@Louis Loire - NY That's not a link nor a source. That's not a quote. Have you read the Torah?

@Louis Loire - NY About half at this point, it's quite dense.

And boring

@Virgil Europe and American migration policies.

The current state of both places

I can do this all day, but it's a long path and we'd be here all night.

You think I'm looking for the optics of Patrick little? Of course not.

@Papa Pizzagate Rhetoric? I'm talking to the organization not the general public. I'm saying things that should be looked into and researched, not things that should be openly accepted as truth until you look into them. Why do you think circumcision is considered a normal American policy when in Europe it is rarely done?

The people I'm talking to who should.

It's plain and simple genetal mutilation with jewish origins.

Who have apparently significant influence in the American medical field to allow it to be normalized to a point where it's considered weird in public discourse to not be.

@Papa Pizzagate You're calling me insaine for advocating against genital mutilation being normalized in America? While I may be, you are inhumane.

@sigruna14 Did I misunderstand what was said?

I'm trying to talk about things that matter to me but I would guess everyone here wants pasta to be the main topic in the general chat of a identaterian movement.

Jew obsession? I'm sorry if I came off that way, I was just trying to broach the topic, although I would agree that it was a spergy way to go about it, it should still be discussed.

I don't know why me posting relevant information on a topic I'm posting about is spergy, but I guess I still lack the ability of socially acceptable behavior in a chatroom. This is something for sad giggles.

@Alex Kolchak - NY Wouldn't asia work, as that is their origin over the ice bridge?

Kind of like how there are bones of European origin in America from before the indians could have been on the continent

At least the blacks only rape and steal from mostly their own. Mostly.

And Lincoln wanted to deport all blacks back to Africa but got assassinated before he could.

Just passing through, last post for the night.

@Sam Southern - TN What he's saying is that the land is already lost so it's best to segregate before we are diversitied out of existance.

Balkanization is inevitable, unless the unspeakable happens.

Unspeakable being Deportations.

All of them

@Sam Southern - TN I wanted to get a laugh out of someone, but this whole chat seems tense.

What about that weather?

@NITRODUBS I find it hard to talk to either of my parents about anything IE related because they both adamently watch CNN, msnbc, BBC, and 'the view' for my mother. Every time I point out that they often outright lie and state opinions as facts, they both say how theyve been accurate for however long and why would that change? I just say they never were. Wat do?

@NITRODUBS I've shown my mother the video of all the local news stations reading off scripts in sync and I'm pretty sure she still trusts the mainstream news.

Is anyone keeping up with what is happening in Ukraine? I think we're at the foot of a world war if this escalates how I think it will

To anyone in the chat right now who has a drink of any sort nearby, I propose a toast!


If anyone care's to rewatch.

@Flint I'm pretty sure it was a signifigant tax increase from the climate accord, not 7 cents at all. More like 7 percent or more.

Here's a video from red ice on it

@Asatru Artist - MD Speaking of Mel Gibson

"Babies are their premium brand of high-grade caviar cocaine diamond steak."

@Deleted User
>letting the tanks sit there and do nothing while Mexicans and illeglas hop over the fence in other areas

@Deleted User Once we get a wall and 1000000 deported a month, then I will be okay with Trump.

So, in reference to the coming econmic collapse, which will be due to the massive unpaid dbets from various things, does anyone think there will be extremely currency devaluation, like that of the Weimar republic, or even as bad as Zimbobwe? Everyones a billionaire in Zimbobwe.

@Papa Pizzagate
Well, it's been a long time coming. The housing market wouldve imploded in 2008, not to mention various banks imploding, if it were not for the government patchjob of a 'stimulus package' which just allowed the bubble to grow even larger. I say we're pretty well due for one.

Well...first you need some flint and some soap...

@Sam Anderson
Well idenity politics are bad for society, sure. But in a healthy society it's only one idenity and thus no 'politics' only 'politic'

The politic of the people.

I'll do so after work, don't have time right now

The following post was made under a misunderstanding of the date of the video posted: Trump does not care for you. You are his enemy. He seeks to destroy you and all that you stand for. Fair trials, the consititution, freedom of speech and all.

The following post was under a false assumption about the date of bthe video posted: Watch the video. It's a clip of an interview of Trump's opinion on James fields being convicted on false charges.

Only he believes James fields is evil, just like he would with anyone in this movement.

The following post was made under a misunderstanding of the date of an interview: So him calling James fields evil when it was plainly obvious what James' intention was is not an honest or decisive opinion?

And I don't think Trump watches much CNN.

So what happened to all those times he called for CNN to be shut down and calling it fake news? I think his main source is FOX, rather then CNN

I'm sorry. I didn't check the date on the interview clip. From a year ago. I'm sorry for any disinformation I posted about it, I've been up for far too long.

I'm sorry again. I'm gonna get some sleep.

I just don't like getting upset over a false belief, it means I passed a lie as the truth because I was uninformed and I find that unacceptable. I want to find and spread truth, not spread lies, lest I become what I despise.

The millitairy is great but only if you have no means of getting training or education otherwise. I was once told by a former SEAL and seabee that they feign organization for intimidation and god do I know it's true.

Happy Hanukkah! Death to the Greeks and Syrians!

No, not at all. I thought I posted a book which had significant influence in preWWII Germany so his friend could read it. I understand why I was put here.

It's not like I was openly spouting the greatness of the Mein Kampf as the Bible, I was referring to it as a book which had significant influence as well as historical context, which would be a good gift for someone interested in WWII

I was about to post Churchill's memoirs too, provided I could find them.

What's the point of optics when your enemies, who have complete control over the mainstream media, as well as major alternatives to them, would call you the same thing anyways, no matter your action?

Slander you in the same way and ruin your life just the same.

No, I am not pursuing a failed ideology if the past, I only posted a book from which it had influence. James fields Jr was charged and convicted on the basis of media slander and a rigged court system, not evidence, what do you think will happen to you?

I thought we were talking about optics, correct? That is a case where optics mattered so little because we do not control the narrative, such that it does not matter what we discuss.

All the evidence was in complete defence of fields but because of what the media said and they convicted him on blatant false charges.

I was accused of bad optics and that is such a phrase to defer discussion or action. While I think actions and discussion should be well thought out, it should also be genuine, rather then suppressed because of fear of the enemy. I'm not discussing violence or anything that could be considered as such, only a book with historical significance.

What about Mussolini's 'My Life' is that aslo banned?

I'm bringing up books of historical significance with regard to the second world war, which was my intention and as well as the context.

I was responding to someone who had stated they needed a book gift for their friend who has interest in WWII so I posted that and was going to post various books about it, not just ones from the axis perspective.

I was also going to post a book Patton wrote.

Okay, I understand, I apologise for the infraction. Do what you will, I am not the judge or jury.

@TMatthews and is highly suseptable to corruption.

@Axel I heard about it, didn't actually see it. On wcpn npr they said it turned into a shouting match where one side shouted louder and then said 'guess who?'

They also said they weren't the enemy of the people then immediately segwayed into promoting child transgenderism.

I wonder if they can actually getting a bill through the house that funds the boarder wall? I hope we at least get something.

@VinceChaos We did happen to pay for it...

@VinceChaos I think Tucker is touting the line to say what needs to be said and not getting suicided by mossad.

@VinceChaos They'll want amnesty of every black in prison, every Mexican that's ever been deported and immediate welfare for all non-whites, after doubling taxes, of course. And then the wall could only be 4 feet high and a fence.

@metasophocles The president has the authority to deported en Mass but he won't because he's best friends with our greatest Ally.

@Axel Didn't Trumps administration say it would cost 25billion not 5billion?

@metasophocles I think you mean, h.w. BUSH'd

@Axel I'm surprised he hasn't used the boarder funding meant for a fence to dig the groundwork for the wall's features and tunnel detection fiber optic cables.

@Asatru Artist - MD You mean a restitution of the Constitution?

Just an update on south africa before I go to sleep


Unless you get it from fruit and natural sources.

@Kingfish I think gaming was white men's way of rejecting and ignoring the destruction of society happening around them and a we have to do is show them that Vidya does not matter and the world around you does. I know I played Vidya because I hated the world outside.

@Perihelion - CA Create Pacifica, the sister city to Atlantis.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN There is a really good song by paddy Tarleton about South Africa but it's likely been memoryhol'd off the face of the internet. I'll post it when I get back to my workstation at home

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN do you know if he's made anything since Christmas 2017?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I'll have to download it and listen. If it's paddy AND Byron it has to be good.

@Goldstein Riots
>Tells anything resembling the truth
It'll be the day hell gets 100' of snow

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